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Our eyes are the main source of information received by the brain. Because the screen is the most important part of the mobile phone and tablet. It is from him that we read information and manage the interface. In this issue of the hard column, we will understand how the Mobile Phone LCDs in Pakistan devices work, what they are and how to choose the right smartphone based on this parameter.

If the principle of a cathode ray tube (CRT) was used on television and computer monitors at the dawn of technology, then this approach to image formation was unacceptable for mobile devices because of their small size. In the 70s of the last century, the first liquid crystal monochrome screen was introduced. At first, it was used mainly in calculators and electronic watches. With the advent of mobile phones, the technology for manufacturing liquid crystal displays has migrated to them. After a while, new technologies based on organic Mobile Phone LCDs in Lahore appeared, the screens became touch-sensitive, flexible.

Almost any liquid crystal screen (LCD or in English LCD) consists of the following components:

  • A layer of liquid crystals that transmit light.
  • The active matrix responsible for image formation. Its most common form is TFT, which is controlled by thin-layer transistors.
  • Color filters for color image. Typically, this is an RGB system – red, green and blue
  • Light source. It can be either active (smartphones, televisions, monitors, etc.), or passive – calculators, electronic clocks.

Mobile Phone LCDs In Pakistan

There are many varieties of Mobile Phone LCDs in Karachi. The simplest and cheapest of them are TN (Twisted Nematic). It has poor viewing angles, contrast and color reproduction, but a high response time. It is used mainly in budget devices and gradually leaves the market. A more advanced technology is IPS (in-plane switching). Unlike TN, it is characterized by high viewing angles, excellent color reproduction, increased contrast. There are many varieties of IPS that different manufacturers have their own names. The main ones:

  • Just IPS  – gradually dying, the main drawback is the long response time of the active pixel. But it is still very often used in budget smartphones.
  • AS-IPS – Advanced IPS, characterized by a higher degree of contrast
  • IPS-pro is the next step in development with higher brightness and color reproduction. This display is mainly used in flagship gadgets.

The widely known Retina display type is a variation of IPS, but with high resolution and reduced sub-pixel and pixel size. But Samsung has a PLS – the same IPS modification, which is designed to reduce the cost of production.

In addition to IPS, there are also LCD displays called Super LCD (HTS development), Super Clear LCD (Samsung), VA / MVA / PVA (mainly used in monitors).

Another round of development of displays is a technology that is based on organic LEDs – OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Its essence is to use organic LEDs instead of liquid crystals, which need backlighting.

How to Choose a Mobile Phone LCDs in Pakistan

Mobile Phone LCDs In Pakistan

Among all the parts for which they are contacted by service centers, the first place is occupied by the display – it is he who most often fails due to physical damage or operational wear. Most smartphones are mostly equipped with a screen combined with a protective glass, as a result of which even if the protective glass is damaged exclusively, the display and front panel have to be changed.

Choosing a Mobile Phone LCDs in Islamabad is a fairly simple task, however, requiring a careful approach – sometimes buyers of the display after installing it notice that the image quality is significantly worse, or at the last moment, they find that the edging of the display does not match the color of the case. A display for a mobile phone in an online store can be bought with delivery to all cities of Ukraine, but before you make a purchase, get acquainted with the main features that you need to pay attention to when choosing a product.

When choosing a Mobile Phone LCDs pay attention to it:

  • The manufacturer.
  • Quality.
  • Color.
  • Match with your phone model.

All mobile phone companies produce displays. You need to choose a Mobile Phone LCDs
in accordance with the phone manufacturer and its model – displays from certain phone models are not suitable for installation in another phone, even if they have similar technical characteristics and dimensions. This incompatibility is due to the fact that the cables for connecting the display can be located in different places, and if the screen is integral with the protective glass, the overall design of the front panel will differ significantly.

In addition to displays produced directly by phone companies, the market offers a large selection of copies from third-party manufacturers. Copies are distinguished by lower cost, but their quality is not always the same since copies are produced by various manufacturers. If you want to buy a Mobile Phone LCDs in Multan inexpensively, then a copy will be an excellent choice, as the range of AKS.UA online store contains exclusively high-quality copies.

Mobile Phone LCDs In Pakistan

When choosing a new display, do not forget to pay attention to the color of its frames.
If you need to replace not only the display but the entire front panel, be sure to pay attention to its color – even if the specifications indicate that the screen is suitable for your mobile phone LCDs, the front panel may be painted in a different color. A display with a front panel painted in a different color will connect to the phone without any problems, provided the model matches, but ruins the design, which is unacceptable for connoisseurs of aesthetics.

Exclusive series of displays will completely transform the look of your smartphone
In addition to the classic displays, the color of the frame of which corresponds to the standard colors from the manufacturer, the range includes exclusive series that have a unique color. Such a Mobile Phone LCDs in Rawalpindi with a touch glass and a frame will give the smartphone a fresh, unique look.

By 2020, there were two main types of screens: LCD or LCD, and OLED. As mentioned above, the former is based on liquid crystals, the latter is based on Mobile Phone LCDs Price in Pakistan. TN is the simplest and most affordable LCD technology. Such displays are characterized by instant response and low cost. On the other hand, TN-screens do not have the largest viewing angles (about 120-130 degrees). As a rule, such displays are installed in affordable budget smartphones.

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