Mobile Game Fire Button, PUBG Mobile Joystick Controller, Pubg Phone Gaming Trigger L1 R1 Shooter Controller, Universal Metal Smart Phone Mobile Gaming Trigger, PUBG Phone Gamepad Trigger Fire Button, Sanwood Portable Mobile Phone Game Controller, The chicken suit is finally gathered! Comment on the limited edition of Sai Rui PUBG game

The chicken set is finally gathered! Comment on the limited edition of Sai Rui PUBG game

As a well-known manufacturer of gaming gaming peripherals, Sai Rui has launched a number of game-related and e-sports customized versions of peripherals in recent years. Through close cooperation with some of the world’s top professional teams, Sai Rui peripherals are also constantly improving. Products, its Rival, Sensei series gaming mouse, Arctis series gaming headsets, and QcK series mouse pads are the most popular peripherals for professional players.

The “Jesus Survival: The Great Escape” game has been one of the hottest shooting games since it was launched in 2017. Correspondingly, many professional teams have been born around the game, and many large-scale international competitions have been held, such as the 2018 Global Invitational Tournament (PGI2018, OMG win), and the Sai Rui Arctis Pro series headphones are the official earphones for the competition. It is clear that PUBG officially recognizes the products of Sai Rui, and this set of PUBG limited editions will naturally become a matter of course.

At the GAMESCOM 2018 Cologne Game Show in August, Sai Rui and PUBG jointly released the PUBG limited edition game peripheral product line. These limited edition product kits include: Apex M750 TKL keyboard, Arctis 5 headset, Rival 310 gaming mouse, QcK+ PUBG MIRAMAR Edition and QcK+ PUBG ERANGEL Edition mouse pad, a total of five products, through the limited edition of the Sai Rui PUBG game theme, can stimulate From the enthusiasm of players to PUBG games, to help players achieve better results in the game, the most important thing is to hope that they can become the best collection of players.

Nowadays, this limited edition PUBG peripheral has all been listed in China, and Xiaobian is also in the full set of income pockets that can’t wait to be enjoyed. Let’s take it out and enjoy it with all the friends.

First take a look at the packaged Sai Rui PUBG set, keyboard, mouse, headphones, two mouse pads, style is also full of chicken elements.

After unpacking and connecting to the computer, I saw that I also have a lot of people who have a variety of Sai Rui peripherals. Is it a cult?

The host is the ROG G21 gaming desktop, GTX 1080 graphics card, eating chicken properly, the only regret is that the display is relatively slag, you can skip it. This mouse pad is actually big enough for me. Fortunately, the Apex 750 TKL keyboard is 87-key, and it doesn’t conflict with the mouse. Ice 5 headphones, connected to the CHATMIX knob can control the language chat and game sound in the game, it is very convenient. With so many Cypress peripherals, you can also set up the Persm RGB function of the peripheral linkage, think about the feeling of a touch, it is still very cool.

Next, we will introduce this Sairui PUBG limited edition custom set one by one, each one is a classic continuation, with PUBG blessing, more value.

Two QcK+ PUBG limited edition mouse pads

The mouse pad includes the limited edition of Sai Rui QcK+ PUBG ERANGELEdition, and the limited edition of Sai Rui QcK+ PUBG MIRAMAR Edition. As you can see from the name, this is the background of two different maps. One is the desert and the other is the airport map. The characters on the two mouse pads are similar but the color is different. The lower left corner of the mouse pad is the SteelSeries logo, and the lower right corner is the English name PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. The size of the mouse pad is 450mm*400mm*4mm, which is close to the square. The material is smooth cloth + non-slip rubber bottom, adhering to the excellent characteristics of the Sairui QcK series mouse pad, which can effectively optimize the performance of the laser sensor and optical sensor on the mouse pad, and the non-slip rubber base to avoid the movement and influence in the PUBG game trigger in Pkbazaar

Apex M750 TKL PUBG Jedi Survival Limited Edition Game Mechanical Keyboard

Jingdong Mall Sai Rui official price of 1199 yuan, click to view details>>>

For the chicken player, this Apex M750 TKL limited edition keyboard is definitely an artifact. From the keycap of the keyboard, you can see the full chicken elements. The shortcuts and function keys have been specially designed, equipped, and firearms. , explosives, etc. are printed on the keycap, I feel that brother is eating chicken, but also feelings.

This PUBG limited edition keyboard is custom-made on the basis of the previous Apex M750 TKL. The appearance of the keyboard is the same, and it is also a compact 87-key model. In terms of experience, I prefer a small keyboard to the full keyboard, which is easy to carry, and also reduces the space occupied by the desktop, which can leave enough space for the mouse. Of course, the sturdy 5000 series aluminum alloy frame, QX2 linear esport mechanical shaft switch, and RGB lighting efficiency adjustment can not be less.

Key parameters, compact 87 full key layout, 100% full no punch, 4mm key stroke, 2mm trigger, 45 CN (about 45 grams) pressure grams. QX2 mechanical shaft body, each button can withstand 50 million strokes, long life and durability. In addition, each button is equipped with a separate backlit button that minimizes false touches during use.

Sai Rui Arctis Ice 5 PUBG Jedi Life Limited Edition Gaming Headset

Jingdong Mall Sai Rui official price of 999 yuan, click to view details

“Great luck, eat chicken tonight!”, all players want to see this language that represents victory, you can see the outside of the earmuffs of the Sai Rui Arctis Ice 5 PUBG Jedi Life Limited Edition game headphones, always Can accompany you to win chicken.

Oval earmuffs, printed on the outside of the “Great luck, eat chicken tonight” English, the light effect in the outer circle for a week, connected to the PC can be adjusted through the Celeron SteelSeries Engine 3 software to adjust the various lighting effects.

In terms of connection, the headset is connected to the PC through the USB port and implements all functions such as DTS, RGB lighting, and ChatMix. The total cable length is 3m, which is enough for use. In addition, the headset also comes with a 3.5mm 4-seg plug for connecting devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

It is still the ski headband used to adjust the tightness, and the internal test is printed with the English name of the Jedi survival.

The retractable microphone can be hidden into the earphone when not in use and pulled out when used. This CLEARCAST directional microphone provides studio-quality sound clarity and background noise cancellation, making it clear to the other player’s ear even in noisy gaming environments.

The interface of the earphone is located at the L end, including the opening and closing of the microphone, and the volume adjustment. It should be noted that the Micro USB interface here is specially customized, and is not common with the data line interface on the mobile phone. To be smaller and thicker, the special customization can be very firm and will not be easily loosened.

The earmuffs are made of AirWeave fabric and leather stitching. The interior is filled with memory foam. It has a delicate touch and soft pressure. The oval earmuffs are also wide enough to wrap the ears, even if they are worn for a long time. Will not feel oppressed.

40mm neodymium magnet speaker unit, 32Ω impedance, 20-22000Hz frequency response, when set to 7.1 surround sound, the sound is wide and thick, more immersive in the game, the engine of the car and motorcycle in the chicken game is powerful and powerful. The footsteps of walking are delicate and slight, and they are in the ear.


Sairui Rival 310 PUBG Limited Edition Mouse

Jingdong Mall Sai Rui official website flagship store price of 499 yuan, click to view details

The Seri Rival 310 itself is a classic gaming mouse. Although the shape has not changed, the shell has a blue background and is the most iconic airdrop box in the game. It became a logo with PUBG games. So visually compared to black, I feel a little brisk. In addition, the anti-fingerprint semi-smooth matte surface is also one of my favorite aspects, and almost no fingerprints are visible on the day.

The appearance of the mouse is 127.6 mm × 57.2 mm × 41.98 mm, and the weight is about 88 g. This mouse is medium-sized, which is suitable for most palms, and the weight of the body is also very moderate. When moving, It is neither fluttering nor tired, so it is actually not only in the game, but also a good hand in the office. But since it is a professional gaming mouse, it is used for office work but kills chicken but uses a slaughter knife.

In terms of performance, Sairui’s classic TrueMove3 sensor, 12000 CPI, and true 1:1 tracking, can perfectly represent the player’s hand movement trajectory, and “find where to play” is very suitable for shooting games.

This set of Sairui PUBG limited edition set peripherals, each is a continuation of the classic products, but with the blessing of eating chicken elements, it adds to the collection value, not to mention the global limited, the chicken game is still hot Today, in addition to super-hardware performance gaming PCs, a better set of peripheral equipment is also essential. Want to have it? Tmall, Jingdong’s Sai Rui flagship store is available for sale, a full set of equipment, one can not be less!

For the majority of experienced gamers, if you haven’t played the game of “The Jedi Survival: Big Escape”, which is known as the world’s best-selling chicken, then I’m afraid it will be jokes by other players, whether it’s a professional team or a normal The players and friends believe that they have been attracted by the highly free world setting and the complicated and varied world of Jedi survival. It is no wonder that this game will have a high popularity and a large number of enthusiastic fans around the world.

The death loyalty powder that survives as a Jedi will naturally be attracted by its surroundings. However, it is worth mentioning that there is almost no genuine peripheral customization of the game in the domestic world. Fortunately, the well-known peripheral manufacturer Sai Rui has finally united. PUBG officially launched the limited edition peripheral set for the dream of survival. The limited edition includes the Apex M750 TKL mechanical keyboard, Arctis Ice 5 gaming headset, Rival 310 gaming mouse, and two QcK+ mouse pads, all based on the customization of popular peripheral products released by the game, with PUBG game theme elements The blessings of this set of professional peripherals not only help the game to eat chicken success rate, but also the high-value suits are also very collectible value, as a deadly loyalty to survive in the Jedi is not to be missed.

As an avid fan of PUBG, the author naturally failed to hold back the pickpocket. So I started the limited edition peripherals for the first time. Then I will share the complete set of products with the majority of the chicken friends one by one.

Rival 310 PUBG Limited Edition Gaming Mouse

This limited-edition mouse inherits the performance of the classic Rival 310 and is designed for the popular right-hand ergonomics. It is complemented by a silicone side skirt that ensures long-term play whether it is like grip or grip. Provides comfort.

The anti-fingerprint semi-smooth matte coating on the mouse surface is more delicate than the original one. The details of the entire airdrop box theme painting are also handled very well. In addition, the familiar Seri Rui LOGO is replaced by the tail. A PUBG emblem that matches the theme. Of course, it also supports Prism RGB lighting with up to 16.8 million colors and linkage with other peripherals with Prism RGB lighting.

Not surprisingly, this limited-edition mouse from the Rival 310 also uses the TrueMove3 optical engine based on the PMW3360 deep customization, which is compatible with Pixart, with low latency, high IPS and 1:1 tracking. For competitive games, real 1 to 1 tracking can be achieved within 3500 CPI, which perfectly shows the player’s hand movement track. It really means “where to play”, which is very suitable for shooting games. However, there is also a great optimization improvement for the jitter problem of 3500 CPI or more that is not used much.

By the way, this mouse has been dismantled by the author and found that the left and right buttons are equipped with the Omron D2FC-FK (50M) micro switch with higher click life specification. The button has a click life of up to 50 million times, so it can be Rest assured toss.

Two QcK+ PUBG limited edition mouse pads

There are two limited edition mouse pads in the set, which are the limited edition mouse pad of Seriui QcK+ PUBG ERANGEL Edition and the limited edition mouse pad of Sairui QcK+ PUBG MIRAMAR Edition. The name includes Erangel and Miramar. (Murama) Two classic background elements for eating chicken maps. The theme of the actual realism is indeed beautifully printed, and it seems very fanciful.

Workmanship, adhering to the QcK series of consistently excellent process performance, the size of the mouse pad close to the square is 450mm × 400mm × 4mm, its surface feels delicate, reduce the friction of the mouse to improve the smoothness of the mouse sliding, and then effectively enhance the optical sensor And tracking accuracy of laser sensors.

It is a pity that there is no seaming around the circle, but if you use it for two, you can still stick to it for many years. The non-slip rubber base, equipped with a special non-slip texture, can firmly lock the mat to the tabletop, thus avoiding the drift in the game and then affecting the normal play.

Arctis 5 PUBG Limited Edition Headset

In fact, for Arctis 5 (Han Bing 5) this Sai Rui’s cost-effective dessert-class e-sports headset is no stranger to everyone, and since the release of the first generation of ice series last year, this year also ushered in a small change of the 2019 version Ice series. The Arctis 5 PUBG limited edition headphones from the set of PUBG custom-made this season are based on the upgraded 2019 Arctis ice.

The biggest change in the design of the Arctis 5 PUBG limited edition headset is that it draws on the design of the higher-end Arctis Pro series, and the level of improvement is obvious. The overall look is still sleek and elegant, especially the feel of the earphone shell skin coating is very delicate and comfortable, and is also very similar to the high-end Arctis Pro process.

Not the same, the Arctis 5 PUBG Limited Edition headset features an adaptive fabric headband with a PUBG logo, and the most classic “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” on the side of the most eye-catching earmuffs. (Great luck, eat chicken tonight) “Elements, with the surrounding 16.8 million color Prism RGB lighting effect around the circle is very eye-catching. Not surprisingly, the SSE3 driver software can be used to independently adjust the left and right illuminating colors and effects, and can also be linked with the chicken game to display the character’s life and ammunition information on the headphones through different illuminating colors. Cool and practical.

At the same time, the Arctis 5 PUBG Limited Edition headphones still use a separate USB sound card design, and integrated into a soft material knob, can also be used as a function controller of ChatMix. The ChatMix function means that one headset has two input sources at the same time, one for the game and the other for voice communication within the game. Therefore, the balance of the game sound and the voice can be adjusted through the knob, thereby satisfying the player’s demand for the game sound effect or the player’s voice in different scenes, and the user-friendly design is very user-friendly.

Especially worth mentioning is that the Arctis 5 PUBG limited edition headphones are also equipped with the highly acclaimed classic S1 sounding unit with a diameter of 40mm, a frequency response range of 20-22000Hz, a sensitivity of 98dB and an impedance of 32 ohms. With a total harmonic distortion of less than 3%, the unit has been proven on the flagship Siberian 800/840 headphones, and its quality is legendary. In addition, the Arctis 5 PUBG Limited Edition headset is equipped with a new generation of DTS Surround Headphone: X v2.0, which provides players with a more immersive gaming experience by providing more accurate positioning sound and realistic on-the-spot surround sound.

Apex M750 TKL PUBG Limited Edition Mechanical Keyboard

The author put the introduction of the mechanical keyboard at the end, that is because in the author’s impression, the core mouse and earphone models introduced by Sairui are relatively more, but the mechanical keyboard is really one of the few, and the corresponding more rarity. The Apex M750 TKL PUBG limited edition mechanical keyboard is based on its first 87-key Apex M750 TKL

Looking at the whole keyboard, the biggest change is that Sairui replaces some of the commonly used keycaps of this limited edition keyboard with the iconic elemental style of the game. For example, all kinds of firearms and equipment in the game are integrated into it. Chicken elements are very eye-catching. In addition, the most commonly used WASD is also replaced by a more prominent silver directional arrow cap, giving gamers a more immersive gaming experience.

In addition, the keyboard also uses a sturdy 5000 series aluminum alloy frame, which is more convenient for the control of the simple e-sports layout, and its smaller keyboard size also allows for more precise movement of the space when used with the mouse. The keycap is made of a hand-feeling UV-coated ABS wear-resistant keycap.

In terms of buttons, the 100% full-key no-rush is realized. The QX2 linear e-sports mechanical red axis parameter independently developed is close to the CHERRY MX shaft body, with 4mm key stroke, 2mm trigger, and 45 CN (about 45g) pressure grams. And each button can withstand up to 50 million taps to ensure long life. At the same time, each button is equipped with a separate RGB backlight effect, which can also avoid false touches during use while increasing the color value.

In the end, in the author’s opinion, this officially licensed Seriui PUBG limited edition peripheral set, as the only PUBG officially certified first-line brand professional game peripherals currently available in China, not only has excellent game control performance, but also Has a high collection value. I believe that whether it is a deadly loyalty powder for the Jedi survival or a collection of hardware players, it is really worthwhile to start. After all, the whole family bucket from the mouse, mouse pad, earphone to keyboard is also very practical, not to mention the global limited edition. I don’t know if the majority of the chicken friends have moved.


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