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The sportswear footwear is here to stay, it is no longer just for the gym. This style guide for men from our online sportswear store will be your best tool to know how to wear sneakers. They can be part of a fashion look as much as they do for sports. Keep reading and learn how.

Basic rules about sportswear shoes

Regardless of the type of shoes you like, there are certain principles that will help you make your shoes look good. We will mention them below:

The first of these principles is that you buy sneakers that go with your wardrobe. This applies to any piece of clothing because you’re welcome spending on the latest fashion Shoes Price in Pakistan if they don’t go with your style. Do not fall into trends, because they are precisely that, fashions that will happen. Better choose a pair that complements your style. Our second rule is that you wear the shoes according to the occasion. That is, if you go to a formal event you should not wear them, because, although they are very versatile, they do not replace formal leather footwear. Wear shoes for casual or smart-casual occasions. The third rule is: keep your shoes clean. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest fashion footwear, or if they are the most expensive, all this will be lost if they are dirty. Do your shoes good maintenance, clean the shoelaces, eliminate odors, wash them.

Related to this point, we must mention that you should rotate your shoes, do not wear them every day. Maybe you have a pair that you want to always use, everywhere, but it is best that you have more than one, so they will last longer.

Know your shoes

There are many shapes and sizes, there is leather, with metallic elements, white, and more … But, to know which one is better with your style you must know which ones you have. These are the most used models know them to buy Sports Shoes in Pakistan that best suit you:

  • Basic: these shoes are the ones we have all had, such as Converse, Vans, Adidas Classic, among others. Although within each model there are different forms, such as leather, fabric, various colors. They are generally shoes that are not expensive, easy to combine and use.
  • Luxury: they are similar to the basic ones, similar models, but much more expensive and made of better materials. From brands like Tom Ford, Saint Lauren, among others. They are not for the day today, but for special occasions.
  • Classic sports: models of the eighties and nineties that have become fashionable again, such as the Nike Air Max, Reebok Pump, Asics, among others. Before they were only used for sports, now they are fashionable.
  • Modern sports: they are models of classic brands such as Nike, Puma, and Adidas, but with slightly more modern styles. They are the sport’s classics for exercise but they jumped into the streets.
  • Couture: they are sneakers of the most famous brands of the catwalks, such as Givenchy or Christian Louboutin. Much more expensive than luxury and with more modern styles.
  • Technological: they are those that are not easy to buy, they are not very popular because of their high cost. Those who have technology devices in them.

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From these popular models, we will create a fashion guide so you know how to use your shoes.

Men’s style guide: How to wear sneakers

Follow this style guide and you can look good for any occasion. Ideally, you have a defined way of dressing and that you adapt these tips to your look, everything should go accordingly, shoes, pants and shirts or shirts.

Combine basic shoes

When buying Vans or Converse cloth shoes, this whole range has something in common and they are very versatile and at a price that everyone can afford. They go well with denim, Chino and shorts, also combine with any color; The only way they don’t look good is when they go to formal events or work where formal dress is requested.
That is why it is key that you know that this model of shoes does not always look good, but is ideal for informal occasions. Therefore, it is recommended to wear them with shirts, if you want to look a little better put on a blazer. A button-down shirt with jeans doesn’t go bad either.
Classic sneakers are excellent for this casual look, prefer low cut. To see you better, wear them with a button-down shirt, and if you dare mix the textures a little. It’s winter you can combine them with a good coat.
Some ideas to wear basic shoes are:

  • Wear them with jeans and denim, either wide, slim or skinny.
  • Take them only for casual occasions.
  • Maintain them, make sure they are always clean.
  • They look better in young men, although older men also use them for their comfort.

Style with fancy slippers

As we mentioned earlier, luxury shoes are a turn to the basics. This has allowed the shoes to go from street style to casual Smart, without men looking like teenagers.
This model does look good with dress pants and casual outfits, but they also go with jeans or Chino. Ideally, do not wear them with shorts, because in general, they are more formal.
Wear basic single-color shirts, shirts or polo shirts. For a slightly more prominent look, you can opt for a bow tie and a blazer.

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They look good with suits of simple cuts, one of two pieces blue or gray, and opt for luxury sneakers, leather, low cut, preferably white or the same tone of the suit. Make sure the pants are slim cut, and that they reach just the ankle.
You can choose to wear low socks, which are hidden, a simple white shirt. If you go to formal events you can add a tie, or put a silk scarf in the suit pocket.

How to wear fancy slippers?

  • They are slippers to dress well, do not lose the style confusing the look with that of the basic shoes.
  • You prefer to buy these shoes in black. It is a good investment. If your budget allows it then buy other tones.
  • Take good care of your shoes. If they are made of leather or suede, do not use them as often and give them the proper washing.
  • Opt for the brightest colors for summer.

Classic sneakers combinations

The classic sneakers are those novenas that returned to fashion, like the Jordan.
These offer a street style, partly because of how colorful they are. To combine them well, the ideal is to complete your style. You can wear slim fit jeans, loose shirts, and a jacket or bomber jacket. But, they also combine with some Chinese pants for the summer.
The idea is that you find a balance, that you don’t see yourself as a hip-hop singer but as a normal person. Those of this high cut style is a good choice of shoes to wear in winter.

Learn to wear your modern sneakers

You should know how to use them well because badly used they could make you look like your dad, but if you combine them with the correct pants you will look totally fashionable. They don’t have to be a fashion model, but it doesn’t seem like you’re going to run. Wear them in a similar way to classic sneakers, that is, with Slim Chinese or with joggers, and with T-shirts. This type avoids white shoes. Don’t wear classic shirts or jeans either. He prefers a sporty look that complements the shoes. See these as the models you should take to the gym alone, but they look so good that you don’t want to limit their use to a single activity.

Combine the couture shoes

These designer shoe models are expensive, so they are not for every pocket. You must combine them with tight jeans and simple shirts, with shirts above them. A style to the Jay-Z or Kayne West. But, this is not the only option, you can opt for a more Parisian look, which includes blazers to see you more formal. Black jeans are going very well. Prefer black or white shoes using in Karachi, because you can combine them better. Let the shoes be the ones who speak, your look should be based on these. The only detail is that they are very expensive and you can probably have only one pair in your closet.

White sneakers: A wardrobe classic

White sneakers are a classic of the modern wardrobe, they are almost as classic as a cowboy. But, although they all have them, not everyone has been able to choose the best model nor can they get along.

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These shoes have become fashionable because they look good, and go with anything. They improve any outfit at the moment, they even look better than casual shoes. But, it should be noted that you should take good care of them and always keep them white.
You’ll find white designer, luxury, or classic shoes in Lahore, such as the Adidas Stan Smith or the Converse.
How to take them? A simple look is with jeans, a t-shirt, and a bomber jacket. They also go well with blue Chinese and a polo shirt with a similar tone. And, as we mentioned above, they look perfect with a blazer and jeans.

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