It is no secret that men and women have different attitudes toward Online shopping. Women are ready for hours to choose the goods they need and spontaneously make unplanned purchases, while the strong half of humanity seeks to acquire the necessities as quickly as possible.

Psychologists explain this phenomenon through the theory of archetypes of a male hunter and a female gatherer: women compare different offers, look for inspiration and take care to “collect” suitable goods, and men “hunt” for basic necessities and leave the online store right away after making a purchase.

Today we will talk about how to choose an individual approach to customers of both sexes and make shopping in your online store convenient and psychologically comfortable for both women and men.

Female shoppers spend more time

A woman spends a lot of time looking for the perfect purchase for her – “that same dress” or “those shoes”. The weaker sex is ready to spend on the selected product a larger amount than originally planned. Women can also spontaneously purchase a product they like instantly, even if it is not objectively required. According to statistics, 79% of women are not inclined to carefully study the product card before placing their online shopping order.

Women Online Shopping in Pakistan

While men often choose products for themselves and know exactly what they want when they go to the website of an online retailer, women make purchases for themselves and for the whole family and have an idea only about the approximate image of the product. Women are more open to marketing impact – they can be attracted to the online store through colorful emails and advertising banners. The likelihood that a woman will get something on a sale, discount or stock is 20% higher than in the case of a male buyer.

According to Mercurytide research, offline and Online Shopping Trends are changing, and women are increasingly choosing to Shop Online in Pakistan, rather than in classic offline stores.

Male buyers spend more money

For a man, buying in an online store is an applied task that needs to be quickly solved in order to leave time for more important and enjoyable things, so a man will buy the first product that suits him according to the basic characteristics and finds it on the site.

According to Bigcommerce research, the overall level of monthly Online Shopping in Pakistan costs for men is almost 30% higher than for women. These figures can be partially explained by the fact that men receive higher wages – their average monthly income is approximately 28% higher than that of women.

Men Online Shopping in Pakistan

In addition, the percentage of conversion for male buyers is significantly higher than for women (40% compared with 27%).

Men prefer to make all online purchases in one place: 52% of men most often buy on marketplaces, 75% – on the sites of large retailers, 39% – in multi-category online stores.

According to statistics, men began to spend 17.4% more money on clothes than they did five years ago. Moreover, male buyers spend even more money on Online Shopping in Lahore. According to forecasts, the popularity of online stores of men’s clothing will grow every year.

Today we have prepared a series of tips on how to optimize the website of your online store, taking into account gender differences of customers.

Bet on functionality for male buyers

Tip 1. Make your site search as simple and convenient as possible.

Men want to find and purchase the specific product for which they came for as quickly and easily as possible. Give customers the opportunity for online shopping. Work on the accuracy of the search function by keywords, add options for filtering search results, implement convenient categorization of products.

Add search recommendations that can be used to complement site search results.

Tip 2. Add the ability to place an order in one click

The simpler and more convenient the order process in your online store will be, the higher the likelihood that the male buyer will have a positive impression of interacting with the site and he will return to you again.

Optimize the basket interface so that it is easy to remove or add an item, proceed to checkout or return to viewing items. Minimize the number of fields that need to be filled in to place an order.

Take advantage of the experience of major online retailers such as Amazon and add one-click ordering options to your product card.

Tip 3. Simplify product selection through recommendations.

It is important to help men navigate the assortment so that they do not have to search the site for a long time. To do this, the directory must be logical and understandable, and navigation – convenient.

Personalized product recommendations can make the choice of goods easier for the buyer – offering the user interesting product items for him depending on his behavior on the site in real-time. For example, the introduction of personalized product recommendations on the main page of the website of the online store brought a conversion increase of 12.85%.

For women buyers, rely on emotions and a penchant for impulsive shopping

Tip 1. Use social proof.

Social proof perfectly demonstrates the popularity of the product and creates a feeling of excitement and increased demand. When making a purchase, women pay attention to the reviews of other customers, counting on their more competent opinion.

To increase the popularity of your brand among women, engage in active account management on social networks: reward customers for posting their purchase reviews, post new photos, publish information about promotions and sweepstakes. In this case, buyers activated psychological trigger is described in the book by Robert Cialdini “Psychology of influence”: people tend to obey authority, even if not originally planned to do this or that action.

Another tool for social proof is the counter of the number of buyers who viewed and bought goods. The increase in the size of the product card and the introduction of the “Purchased Today” element enabled the QUELLE online store to increase conversion by 37.8%.

Tip 2. Implement discounts and time-limited offers.

This marketing technique involves the psychological trigger of fear of loss and helps to attract even the most rational customers to online shopping because it not only affects their emotional sphere but also shows the objective benefit of the acquisition.

An excellent incentive for unplanned purchases is time-limited promotions or special offers with certain conditions (for example, 3 products at a price of 2).

Tip 3. Deliver a WOW effect with real-time personalization.

The most important thing in impulsive purchases is to make a really interesting offer that cannot be refused. Recommendations of related and alternative products relevant to specific users seem to them the most useful, which increases the chance of adding additional items to the basket.

For example, the use of two blocks of recommendations (“Personal recommendations” and “Popular products from categories of interest to the user”) on the main page of the Finn FLARE online store increased conversion by 10.1% and revenue by 8.57%.


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