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Men’s underwear 

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Online Men’s underwear 
The men’s underwear on the market has different styles, and men can come together to learn how to choose the style that suits them.

Triangle underwear – the first choice for sports

Suitable for the crowd: men who love sports and have varicocele.

Triangular underwear is a common style for everyone. Because of its high design and packaging, it is not easy to dissipate heat and perspiration, so it has been rejected by some people. However, for some people, triangle underwear is their first choice. For example, men with varicocele need to choose triangle underwear, and it is best to tighten the body, which can reduce the pressure of venous return. In addition, friends who like strenuous exercise should also choose briefs, especially sports underwear that is specially designed. It is based on small briefs and comes with a pocket, also called a pocket panty. It is sports underwear. representative.

Breathable and breathable, it is the best choice for sportsmen.

Sorghum underwear – suitable for thick legs men

Suitable for the crowd: men with thicker thighs.

For those with thick legs, you can choose full-height briefs (that is, the sides of the briefs are directly open to the upper part of the waist or cheekbone, and the thighs are less tied). In the design concept of women’s underwear, sorghum is generally a modification, so that the legs look slender, but the starting point of the sorghum in men’s underwear is not sexy, but to take care of the male with thick legs, compared to the pants. Loose, briefs will make these friends feel compact. When the thick-legged man walks, the friction will be even greater. If you wear tight-fitting boxer pants, the leg will easily make the blood circulation at the root of the thigh worse, and the choice of stiletto briefs will provide better protection. Moreover, it will not cause friction and overheating between the trouser legs, nor will it run and cause damage. Thick-legged men are prone to sweating. When choosing stiletto briefs, do not choose pure cotton. It is best to choose 15% to 30% cotton. There are some fabrics such as modal and silk, which can effectively wick away sweat and dry faster.
Boxer pants – recommended by male doctors

Suitable for the crowd: sedentary office workers and drivers.

Compared to the compactness of the briefs, the looseness of the boxer pants has won the favor of many people. The looseness of the boxer pants makes the male more comfortable and healthy when sitting for a long time.

“A good one-minute recommendation”
What brand of men’s underwear is worth buying?

1. Shuya

SCHIESSER is the legendary lingerie brand in Germany. It has been in existence for more than 140 years. Has always been synonymous with high-quality underwear. Has a number of new materials and technology patents on underwear. Shuya’s underwear is generally lighter and thinner than other brands. The overall performance has always been the champion of all major underwear evaluations, and the wearing experience is very comfortable. If you must say that there is something wrong, it may be that the style design is not attractive enough.


JOCKEY has many titles, such as the inventor of the world’s first triangular underwear, the designer of the US moon landing astronaut custom underwear, the highest-selling underwear brand in the United States and so on.

The JOCKEY with such a big price is very close to the people in terms of price. Generally, you can buy one for fifty or sixty yuan. The actual wearing experience also reflects the configuration of the big brand. Whether it is breathable or wrapped, it is outstanding, and it is not easy to wash the ball. Is the preferred brand of cost performance.
3. Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear is the underwear brand of Calvin Klein and one of the most well-known lingerie brands in the world. CK’s men’s underwear is relatively high in price, the price of a single piece is around 300, and the overall performance is not bad. Especially cutting, the package is at the top. Fabrics are also generally made of very high-quality materials, breathable and elastic are very good, repeated washing is not easy to pilling, many times not easy to deform.

CK’s underwear has always been a wave between men, revealing Calvin Klein’s underwear is still a small trick that men are keen on.


HUGO BOSS is a famous luxury brand in Germany and has always given people a stable brand image. HUGO BOSS’s men’s underwear prices are lower than CK. The color is mainly black and white, and the style is simple. Generally, the package is flat, but the water absorption and breathability are very good. The overall wearing experience is very comfortable.


LA PERLA is Italy’s top women’s underwear luxury brand, men’s underwear is also very top-notch, the price is higher, the price of knitting is 300-500. The woven money is about seven or eight hundred. LA LERLA has always insisted on innovation in fabrics and has continued to research on cutting, making this women’s underwear brand also have great achievements in men’s underwear. Whether it is wrapped or breathable, the wearing experience is the top feeling, only one is short, it is slightly more expensive.

6. C-IN2

C-IN2 is a famous American fashion underwear brand, founded in New York in 2006, and 2 (X)ist from the same designer – Gregory Sovell. The biggest advantage of C-IN2 is fashion and design sense. Whether it is cutting or style, it is often ingenious. The main low-waist, three-dimensional cut, hip design, highlighting men’s sexy. C-IN2’s men’s underwear is not cheap but not expensive, the price is about 150.

Although LEVI’S is a professional cowboy, men’s underwear performance is also good. LEVI’S men’s underwear is available in both knit and woven. The woven models are mostly priced at 139 RMB, and the knit models are around 80. The cut is more general and the wearing comfort is good. For those who like LEVI’S, there are many classic LEVI’S designs available. Overall, the price is OK.

Uniqlo’s underwear is just like any other category. Most of the boxer briefs, fabric elasticity is generally better, but the cutting is very general, the package is not strong, but in the Uniqlo has always been conscience, the water is not easy to pilling. The overall performance should be said to be decent, but Uniqlo’s underwear is cheap thirty or forty dollars.

9. Hot air

Hot air is a fast fashion brand in China, and it’s business scope covers all categories of apparel. Hot air men’s underwear mainly has two price points, 39 and 59. 39 is made of pure cotton, and the elasticity and wrapping are more general. The 59 has been greatly improved, and the fabric elasticity and breathability have been greatly improved. Hot air is not a professional brand of underwear. The wearing comfort is definitely worse than the traditional big name, but there are many choices in the style and the price is cheap. The disadvantage is variability and pilling.
Tips for abortion
The daily care of men’s underwear is equally important!

Panties are best to change half a year

In an interview with the reporter of the LifeTimes, Yu Jing, deputy secretary-general of the China Knitting Association, said that under normal circumstances, it is best to change the underwear with a higher frequency. If the underwear is deformed, the material becomes dry and hard, and the stain is not cleaned, it must be replaced in time.

Change underwear: no longer than 2-3 days

In life, you must develop the habit of washing your underwear and changing your underwear. It is recommended to change it every day, especially in the summer, not longer than 2-3 days. Separate from the outerwear when cleaning, try to wash with soap. After washing, do not expose to direct sunlight, first dry in a cool place, and then disinfected in the sun. Otherwise, underwear tends to be hard and deformed. In addition, the underwear is best placed separately, you can buy some special storage bags, or put them into a clean plastic bag to get dust and bacteria, affecting health.




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