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This is probably the most complete collection of global classic men’s hat brands

If a person wears a hat, whether it is a man or a woman, the tone may be completely different, but they can all be described as handsome. The premise is that you have at least a decent hat. China does not seem to have a hat tradition. I can only remember the melon cap. Wearing a hat and wearing a suit can be regarded as modern Western culture. Suits are now the world’s formal dresses. In most countries, formal suits are almost always worn, and hats, like gloves and ties, are accessories for suits. They were one of the standard accessories for suits decades ago.

It’s just that in modern society, everyone seems to be very busy, and everything is simplified. First of all, the gloves are completely functional accessories, which are only worn when the weather is cold and cold. Hats are also becoming more and more fascinating. Modern people seem to be in trouble, even if they wear hats in Europe and America. In my opinion, the thing to be simplified next is the tie. I saw that many people don’t wear ties, including Europe and the United States, and even the most elegant Britain. Unless it is a special formal occasion, or because of work needs, the average person has omitted this accessory. As a greedy person, I like to wear a hat.

The quality difference of hats is much larger than expected. Although I bought a lot of hats in 7788, not all well-known brands have tried. The following are brands that are considered good according to kk’s personal experience, including women’s hats. And professional hats, for reference only (the street style like baseball caps is not included).

Lock & Co. Hatters

Lock & Co. (full name is James Lock & Co. Ltd), founded in 1676, is the oldest hat shop, ranked 34th among the world’s oldest family-owned companies, located at St James’s Street 6, from The address of this store has not been moved since 1765. The founder is Robert Davis and his son, but the store name is from the apprentice James Lock of Davis, which is still owned and operated by the Lock family.

The history of this brand is too long. If you have the chance to go to the back of the store, you can see a lot of celebrity-signed wooden head models. Many celebrities you know, such as Wilde and Churchill, are here. The store has bought or custom-made hats, and Beau Brummell, the father of modern menswear, also uses Lock’s hat to enrich his clothing warehouse.

Lock & Co. has also made hats for the current Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Kate, and since 1995 began haute millinery. But the main reason is that the traditional male hat is famous. Among them, the winter hat is considered to be the best in the world. The current two royal certifications are issued by Prince Charles and the Queen of the Queen, Prince Philip.

Christys’ London

Christys’ London is also an old British hat brand founded in 1773 by Miller Christy. After his apprenticeship in Edinburgh, he founded his own company, the only surviving still top hat and bowler hat in the world. the company. (There is also a famous towel brand in the UK called Christy, which is missing an s)

Unlike Lock & Co., Lock is a high-end top-of-the-line bespoke service with a small scale and limited product line. And Christys’ is a factory-based product line that includes mid-range to high-end, and the scale is much larger. Over 200 years of competition and acquisitions have been the largest hat factory in the UK. It was the world in the middle and late 19th century. The largest hat manufacturer.


The experience of the hats that Christys has accumulated over the past two hundred years is very different. It has many unique crafts. Because of its large output, high quality and low price, there are many brands, including luxury brand hats, which are manufactured by Christys. Lock & Co. also has a part of the hat made by Christys.

CW Headdress

Christys also has a sister company called CW Headress, a hat for police and troops.


Founded by Edward Bates in 1898, Bates has a history of more than 100 years and is still a family business. This is a small hat shop on Jemming Street in London. It is the only store in the world. It is very low-key. It is not as famous as Lock. In the past few years, it was forced to find suitable stores and expensive rents.

Bates is not big, but the production process is excellent, the styles are complete, from ordinary flat caps, to the most formal top hats, high-grade smoking caps, and the best Panama hats, you can find almost all of you in this store. The style you want.


Founded in 1865, Stetson is a symbol of American independence, the oldest Cowboy hats and the largest hat manufacturer in the United States. Unfortunately, cowboy hats are not very practical for Chinese people. Fortunately, after so many years of development, Stetson’s Fedora and Newsboy newspaper hats have done a good job. Stetson’s Fedora has its own style. Most of the hats are bigger and the crowns are better. Europe is slightly larger and looks like a type of American outdoor.

Stetson’s newsboy hats and English flat caps have different fabrics and styles. They have their own style. Although the English flat caps are used for outdoor hunting in the countryside, they look quite awesome, Stetson’s The hat obviously has a lot of American hardcore.


Speaking of hats, the old Italian brand Borsalino is a brand that can’t be opened anyway. The artist returned to Italy after studying in Paris for seven years in Giuseppe Borsalino, and opened his first studio in Alessandria (Alessandria) in the northwest of Italy with his brother. Then, in 1897, Giuseppe Borsalino went to the Battersby hat factory in London to steal the teacher’s art, and secretly brought back the production skills of the bowler hat. Borsalino had a record of 2 million hats per year in the 1920s.

(Seeing the introduction of Borsalino on the Internet, I put Chaplin’s photo in the introduction. Actually, Chaplin’s dome hat is customized by Lock & Co.. Chaplin is a Londoner in the UK. A good hat is not likely to buy the hat of a post-Italian scholar.)

Borsalino’s most famous hat is Fedora, which has been highly popular. It has also appeared in many early movies, and has been blessed by many celebrities and celebrities. Some hat companies even use Borsalino to name their company’s Fedora hats.

In 1970, the film “Borsalino”, starring Alan Deron and Jean Paul Belmondo (Bermondo), and the 1974 sequel “Borsalino & Co.” were further introduced. Borsalino’s hat began to make a name for himself. Borsalino’s hats are more fashionable, the fabrics are excellent, the colors and ribbons are mellow and bright, and they are very popular among fashion people. Only this brand is now taking the luxury route, which is more expensive.

I have seen Borsalino’s hat making video. There are many manual ingredients. On the one hand, it may be because the machines and equipment are not as big as Christys and Stetson. It looks like the previous method of steelmaking, but the quality of the production is still good. Really good, expensive is also excusable.

Herbert Johnson

Founded in 1889, Herbert Johnson is a subordinate brand of the famous umbrella and luggage manufacturer Swaine Adeney Brigg. This brand is best made of various types of high-ranking military caps for the military, and mainly provides the highest specification of customized services.

Herbert Johnson is generally custom-made. The only ordinary hat you can buy in the store is the Poet hat made for the film “Indiana Jones”, of course, called Indy hat. I tried this hat, it was a bit strange to wear, but it was very nice to wear next to a tall foreigner, and this foreigner also wore a dark brown long trench coat. Wearing this hat is more handsome, and I am envious.

Optimo Hat

Optimo is a hat shop in Chicago, USA, owned by Graham Thompson. Originally, this hat shop was called Johnny’s Hat Shop, which is not owned by Thompson. It was because the original owner Johnny Tyus had physical problems and there was no heir to take over the hat-making skills. So Thompson not only learned the skills with Tyus but also took over. The store’s business and a year later moved the store to Beverly in southern Chicago and changed its name to Optimo.

Thompson has always been a blues fan, so Optimo’s hats have a lot of Trilby hats for blues singers. The hats are short and delicate, looking young and beautiful. In addition to full-customization (bespoke), Optimo mainly provides MTM purchase, fabric and color are optional.

Patey Hats

Patey’s history is more complicated, and the official website does not understand. I only know that a family from France dating back to 1695 is a special top hat, a bowler hat, various military hats, and various hunting hats. Mainly MTM (made to measure), Patey is a supplier of the Gurkha Slouch cap of the UK Ministry of Defence.

Patey’s best civilian gear is the various helmets worn on horseback. Since the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Patey has been the official supplier of top British events and horse racing teams. Patey can only order high top hats, bowlers, traditional riding hats, and PROtector’s riding helmets on the official website. Others such as Fedora, Flat Cap, etc. can only go to the store in London’s Ilderton Road to buy.


Wigens was founded in Sweden in 1906. Wigens hats are very iconic. Most of them are striped, woven wool or cashmere fabrics made by Newsboy Cap. The Wigens hat is slightly different from the typical flat caps in the UK. The visor can be clearly seen. The fabric is rough and the color is heavier. It looks like a cold place in Sweden. It looks very warm.


Rachel Trevor-Morgan

Rachel Trevor-Morgan is a hat brand founded in 1990 by hat designer Rachel, located in St James’s, London. Rachel is known for her soft, feminine signature feathers and flowers.

The current Queen Elizabeth II is the biggest and most loyal fan. The Queen has been wearing Rachel’s hats on many occasions since 2006, including her 80th birthday celebration. In fact, the British royal family only It is a woman who is almost a fan of her family. In 1999, Rachel won the Bridal Designer Award for the Bridal UK Wedding Award and received the Queen’s Royal Certification in 2014. This is the only female hat brand certified by the Queen.

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