Makeup Tutorial for Beginners Eyes!

Today I present you a new video which is the second of a series “educational”. To see the first part that explains how to make your complexion, it is here: Makeup tutorial for beginners: the complexion! I am talking about the different basic products that exist for the eyes but also ways to apply them. We will discuss together: primer, eye shadow and mascara. Of course, you are under no obligation to do all that, I am only trying to explain a maximum of things to answer basic questions! If you ask others, do not hesitate to put them in the comments! I was asked for a video explaining the eyeliner, I perform as soon as possible! Below the video, you’ll find a lot of little tips!

Tip # 1: Put a “primer” before putting your makeup helps to get a better performance in the course of the day but also gives them more intensity.

Tip # 2: There are different types of primer: they are usually cream but know that a long-lasting eye shadow cream also does the trick!
Tip # 3: If you need to invest in a palette of blushes, start with a palette of neutral and nudes that are easier to wear and associate with each other but also with your outfit! I recommend the Naked 2 Urban Decay, it has a good value for money, lasts a lifetime (or almost!), Is sold with a double tip brush essential for beginners and is easy to carry.

Tip # 4: For more intensity, apply your makeup by pressing on the eyelid with a flat brush rather than sweeping it.

Tip # 5: On the other hand, for a natural and subtle effect, brush your face with a bristle brush like a stumping brush.

Tip # 6: To give more definition to the look – and therefore more intensity – you can: define the hollow of the eye with a matte and a little darker than the one worn on the rest of the eyelid (or your skin if your eyelid is bare) or set the eyelash line (lower or upper) with the tip of your flat brush and a medium to dark blush.

Tip n # 7: To give relief to your eye, deposit an iridescent and clear eye shadow on the entire eyelid, increase the definition with a darker matte shadow in the hollow of the eye and on the lower line of the eyelashes, use a blush a little darker in the outer corner and highlight your upper lashes with liner.

Tip # 8: To bring out your eyes and “lifter” the area, drop what is called a ‘light touch’ under the break in your eyebrows. Whatever is matte or iridescent, always take a lighter tone than your skin. I never put a touch of iridescent light if I already have a lot of glitter eyes on the eye, but it’s a matter of taste!

Tip #9: Avoid the iridescent shadows of the eye, it tends to have the opposite effect of the desired one …
Tip #10: For the mascara: take the black for a glamorous effect, brown for a more natural effect especially if you are very fair blond. Insist on the external lashes by stretching them on the side so like me your eyes are round enough and you want to stretch your eyes (effect “cat eyes”)

Info: – All products mentioned and used are written in the info bar on YouTube – I do not go into very technical details like laying the liner since it is a special beginner tutorial … but I will do a this video since it was requested!

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