To go to work or go OnlineĀ  shopping in Pakistan with your friends, makeup is your ally to always look good. You do not know how to make up? Want to learn how to make a quick beauty? The Make Up for Ever Academy offers several training’s for beginners to learn how to make up everyday. Discover our tips for making a perfect day makeup.

What are the characteristics of a successful day Makeup?

For special occasions, it is possible to wear a sophisticated and bold make-up. But everyday, whether to work or go for a walk, it is not necessarily very suitable.

A successful daytime makeup must be both discreet, natural and bright. It must help you highlight your assets and erase your imperfections. For example, using a concealer will help you erase the signs of fatigue that are near your eyes. And if you find that your eyes are too small, you can make a thin line of eyeliner to enlarge your eyes.

By using suitable make-up products and keeping your hand light, you can easily make a discreet makeup, ideal everyday.

Our advice for makeup everyday

Knowing how to make up everyday, it is not necessarily very complicated, provided you have the right actions. Here are our tips:

After having well hydrated your skin with an adapted care, you will be able to start the beauty.

To erase small imperfections and signs of fatigue, you can use a concealer or concealer. You can then opt for a foundation to unify your skin. Have a light hand and you will get a unified, zero defect complexion. If you want your daytime makeup to hold all day without any touch up, you can put some loose powder in order to properly fix the foundation.

For an immediate good-looking effect, do not hesitate to add a touch of blush on your cheekbones.

For the make-up of the eyes, we do not advise you to have the heavy hand either: eye-shadow beige, taupe or pink will dress your eyes in all delicacy. Do not forget to apply mascara to make your look more mysterious. If you have a little time in front of you, you can also apply eyeliner, but be careful: a fine line will be more than enough for daytime makeup.

And what about the makeup of the mouth? Here again, we must focus on discretion. After applying a moisturizing balm, you can add a touch of color to your mouth using a nude or slightly pink lipstick.

To make your Makeup Successful every day, we advise you to choose your products according to the complexion of your skin, but also the color of your eyes.

Know how to make up thanks to Make Up For Ever Academy

Thanks to Make Up For Ever Academy, makeup is within the reach of all women. Simply register for one of our beginner courses to learn how to make a daytime beauty.

For example, the training “Weekend course: beauty day and evening” is perfect for makeup enthusiasts who want to learn all the techniques of beauty professionals. The program addresses essential points of the world of makeup:

– Complimentary and morphology of the face;

– Morphology of eyebrows, mouth and eyes;

– Professional techniques: contouring, stroking, eyebrow makeup, mouth makeup, mascara pose, halo, doe eye, smoky eyes …

At the end of this training, you will know how to make daytime make-up and make-up for special occasions.

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