M.A.C Cosmetics An Effective and Original Marketing Strategy

All ages, all Races, all Sexes


Yes we say so, this article is not only for caffeine, we are not going to talk brushes and contouring, highlighter and tan. Not since MAC is a little more than that, especially from the point of view of the marketing strategy implemented both internally and externally: capsule collections, partnerships, HR pampered, let’s go together discover the keys of the marketing strategy from MAC!
M.A.C Cosmetics, the Apple of makeup?

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The brand originated in Toronto, Canada in 1984, with two photography and make-up professionals: Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. At its creation, Make up. Art. Cosmetics is a high-end brand aimed at professionals and allowing to magnify all ages, all “races” and all genres. Make up artists, photo studios are the first targets.

But quickly, thanks to the word of mouth the brand knows what will be called the Apple syndrome: initially targeting professionals, the quality of products and celebrity craze for MAC products – Eva Evangelista or Madonna entrusted plebiscite some Canadian brand products – quickly attracted the general public to MAC products Thus, the target is today composed of professionals and general public, between 16 and 30 years on average, mostly a female and urban target.

A high-end logo

A black monochrome logo (or white on a black background for the variant), geometric and elongated curves, a sans sherif round font.

The choices in terms of colors are black and white: the colors of luxury, elegance and sobriety. The writing font plays it with the forms; very flattened and stretched, with the two points levitating between the letters. The stretched shapes can remind the world of makeup (like a line of eyeliner), the points representing the fanciful and sharp touch made to a make up look.
Mix Marketing at M.A.C Cosmetics


M.A.C offers us in its blinds both products and services. The product line is quite classic: makeup, skin care, accessories, brushes and perfumes. Capsule collections are regularly released, as well as charity products (MAC Viva Glam) created in collaboration with celebrities: Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Pamela Anderson, Nicki Minaj …

In-store salespeople are also there for service delivery, in addition to simple sales; they can perform demonstrations at the request of a client, on the client and free of charge. Three types of presentation: “Just a look”, “Improve your technique” and “False eyelashes”.

Other creations are proposed: from 50 € of purchase, a client can ask to be made up and advised according to the products bought by a saleswoman – the salesmen and salesmen having obligatorily a training of make up artist, to see lower – all at no extra cost. It is also possible to ask for a make up look in particular (make up of evening, or the make up Kim Kardashian, the most requested shop), the price will vary depending on the Required products.

M.A.C Cosmetics is initially aimed at professionals, and offers cutting-edge products and tools to elevate makeup to the status of art. In fact, prices can seem excessive, ranging from about 10 to 100 €.

Online, the delivery is offered from 30 € of purchases and in store, recycling and savings are combined: for 6 tubes of empty lipstick brought back in shop, each customer can be offered a new lipstick.


Like the majority of cosmetic brands, MAC Cosmetics products can be purchased in stores and online (brick and clicks: the company initially sold in stores, then in line with the rise of the Internet – to see also brick and mortar, and pure players, more details here in the Glossary).

Distribution via these two modes of distribution is direct, without intermediary, as is often the case for high-end brands. Finally, the shops all have the same aesthetic: lacquered black front, parquet floor, black walls also lacquered, displays combining these two materials, lights worked … a luxurious atmosphere in every detail.

In the early days, the Canadian brand made extensive use of television, outdoor and magazine advertising. But today, the success of MAC cosmetics is mainly due to word-of-mouth, especially on the internet: social networks, tutos and hauls youtubeuses widely followed continue to expand the success of these cosmetics.

Mr.A.C Cosmetics has 16 million Facebook fans, 12 million Instagram followers, and more than 300,000 YouTube subscribers.


Co-workers, a golden employer image

We end up with some crisp “anecdotes” about HR, and terribly strategic from M.A.C Cosmetics:

– To obtain a place in the shop, you must have a training make up artist (previously acquired or during a period of training in-house), this allows in particular to select only the best, most motivated and passionate; in shops each salesperson and salesperson must then put on make-up by putting a scene a look, products of the brand from where a very worked and sophisticated look for each salesman.


– Vendors can put on make-up on each other before starting the day. This promotes good teamwork, but also the exchange of advice on the proper use / combination of products. This stage of makeup is essential because the sellers are the first ambassadors of the brand.


– In the shop, sellers do not wear any badge indicating their identity, or their function. This favors a certain equality with the customer, each employee is considered competent and fit, no more and no less than another. Simply during a promotion, a rose gold necklace is offered to the collaborator concerned, but no additional information is indicated to the customer, making the hierarchy horizontal and invisible.

– Lastly, employees are entitled to exclusive privileges: as MAC make-up artists, they can benefit all year round from 60% discount on all products, and can order products of the brand once a year, in a completely free way in addition to accessing the samples of new collections in preview to be able to test them. This has several advantages for the brand: reducing turnover internally by involving the teams, developing and maintaining the passion of employees for the brand, first ambassadors (in shops but also in their personal lives, on social networks …) or have direct feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of each Product.

More interesting stories can be found on the dedicated article on Les Éclaireuses, to discover here and that made me want to share with all the caffeinated girls the reasons for this Canadian success story.

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