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Myth 1: Leather should not be a selling point, and low-end goods are made by hand-emphasizing materials.

There is a reason why leather is a selling point. First of all, all the high-end leather materials are not available at all. Can you just buy a horse in the mall? Can you buy a genuine TOGO from the accessories city? In recent years, these leather materials have finally had more purchase channels. In fact, just three years ago, many leather materials in China were only known for their names. Although there are more now, it is not as simple as buying an order. I want to buy the top grades I need in time. I don’t think about it. In addition, the advanced material is sold on 10 by 10 cm, and every 10 times 10 cm is called 1DS. Such a small piece is 20 to 100 yuan according to the quality. Big, don’t say, to be a regular wallet, you need 9~15DS. In other words, do not look at the work, single on the leather, this is also the cost of many customers can take it out.

Good leather is very valuable, and it is wrong to use the price of the defective leather as the price of all the leather.

Since you have used good materials, you must take it out as a selling point. Using thousands or even thousands of materials, and turning back to the customer thought that this is a hundred and a large, it would be boring.

In addition, why can a good material come out as a selling point? Because the processing is difficult, most people can’t do it. How hard is the horse? Even if a hole is made in the leather, the pliers are often used when sewing. A line of seams is sewn down and the fingers are soaked too often. With the style of hard high-grade materials, generally the latter half is tolerant of pain. This value is not worth selling?

Some people may have said it, and there is softness. Good soft leather is so elastic that you can’t see the hole in the hole. Do you know? The light that shines to the glare is hung on the top of the head. The light is far away and it is impossible to see where the needle is coming from. What should I do with the eyes of the manual? Standing up! It’s also a good day to sew, isn’t it worth selling?

Some people may have said, there is no machine. You can’t use the machine with good hard materials and soft materials. When you don’t want Hermes to go to the machine? When are those horses not going to the machine? The hard material is not a fine needle, and the thick needle has passed the leather surface. When the presser foot of the sewing machine is pressed on the soft material, the leather surface will be slightly misaligned. In the later stage, it takes more time to level the leather edge, and the leather edge of the high-elastic soft material can be killed. The machine method is high temperature treatment. After cutting, the leather texture near the leather edge was finished.

OK, good leather should not be sold? It is deserving. Of course, it is not good to use bad materials but nonsense.

Myth 2: The processing method of the edge of the wallet is good, and the overlay is directly attached to the garbage.

Tod’s is a traditional way of handling. The outer black skin is bigger than the blue inside. It is wrapped. It should be noted that the layer of leather that comes over must be straight, not too much, not Less, more can not be twisted. At the same time, in order to avoid the edge of the hand, the side of the package has to be thinned. Especially on the four corners, please look carefully. The advanced treatment method is stacking and flattening. Please remember that you can see that all the wallets that use the cutting package in the corner processing can almost be determined to be rubbish. Sub-brand, even if Hermes did the same, it is also the garbage of Hermes.
This edging method is a non-physical practice in high-end leather goods. Simply put, it is the bag used in the scene. Both Japanese and British people like to do this style. But this style has a fatal flaw. You didn’t say it, it’s not strong.

In order to make such rounding, the wallet of this kind of wallet needs to be thinned to 0.4MM or even thinner. There are only a handful of hand-workers who can do this. The Japanese especially like this technique. . I have just the information in my hand, to show you the craftsmanship of the manual division: the newspaper has a knife that changes two.

I wonder if you understand it? How thin is the package that does this without explaining it? This kind of bag was used by the craftsmen and big customers in the past to show off, and did not want to use it. Modern machines use the edger to imitate this practice, and the edge is also extremely thin. Can it be said that it is a superior product in the general sense? Hermès high-end bags including Kelly Platinum have not done so? Not strong! It’s that simple. When the user buys it back and wears the wrap angle in one year, how can it be a luxury item?

Of course, I bought it back for it, and I also took it out when I got it on the scene. But now the machine can also do this process, the manual teacher can dazzle this process once, and starve to death a few times, because it is really too slow.

Can I do it? Is it just that you can’t practice a mouth cannon? See photos. The 60 cm long leather edge is thinned to 0.2 mm. The reference is my own hair.men wallets


Genuine Leather materials
Genuine Leather materials

Myth 3: The details of the handmade wallet are not enough

BALLY’s zipper compartment edge joints in HD. Please see his complexity. It’s not the kind of handmade wallet, a few pieces of ready-made leather, and it’s done in parallel with a seam. There is also a zipper compartment, huh, huh.
You didn’t see anything good. Don’t waste time explaining, the pictures, of course, are all I do.


Women Wallets Genuine Leather
Women Wallets Genuine Leather


Women Wallets Genuine Leather
Women Wallets Genuine Leather


Myth 4: The size of the handmade wallet is large, the inside is exposed, there are potholes outside, there will be wrinkles.

1 Don’t let me see the back of the cowhide anywhere, the flesh of the profile! ! !

2 There is also a leather surface, don’t be pitted, don’t worry about a small pit, a pit or two pits! ! ! 3 Scratch cracks are not good. If it is a natural trace of leather at the beginning of production, then such leather should be discarded, at least not on the surface. If the finished product is scratched, then you are not buying a broken back. . . There should be no traces at all times. Unless you are using your own traces. 4 wrinkles can not be there, no wrinkles can be done. Don’t worry about doing old things and feelings. Let’s close our eyes and think about it. Is there any picture in the luxury advertisement that dares to do this? The leather can be soft but not wrinkled. In summary, regardless of the leather or synthetic leather, the high-grade products are flat, whole, light and slippery.
The cowhide back is the practice when using hard-faced advanced materials, especially the practice of high-grade harnesses and Japanese-style premium wallets. Because the materials used are advanced and expensive, in order to prove to the customer that they have not stolen the material, it is normal to expose the back of the cowhide in the high-grade product.

Photo on:

The leather saddle saddle owned by the founding father of Mexico, Pancho Villa, was hidden in the Viter Museum in San Antonio, Texas, and the South Texas Museum of History in Edinburgh, Texas. It was auctioned in 2012 for $250,000. His life is seen in the biography film “And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself”

Note that the leather section of the saddle is a single layer of open back leather.
Takahashi Goro produces Japanese-style wallets, and everyone knows the status of Takahashi, at least as a national master.


leather wallet
leather wallet

Ok, the explanation is over. Some craftsmen should condemn the need to save trouble in the place where the leather is not exposed. However, if the practice of peeling the skin is bluntly interpreted as “poor”, it can only be said that the knowledge reserve is not enough.
The two hands of the leather pits and cracks will not do this. This is a black master with a low quality example. No need to explain.

Wrinkles can’t have?

As long as it is a hard material, there are pleats in a few bends, so it is a little difficult to think of the hard material. It can be a little wrinkled when finished, but it is a performance of craftsmanship, can not be used to request all handmade leather products.

If this statement is true, the craft that can be done with the craftsmanship now becomes a commodity, and it should be the case. The veteran is good to say that no one can debut.

“The leather can be soft, but it can’t be wrinkled.” This is very common sense. The soft material is hard to wrinkle. The only possibility of wrinkling is that the leather is not sticky.

In addition, the leather that has no wrinkles in the bend must be a living skin.
In summary, regardless of the leather or synthetic leather, the high-grade products are flat, whole, light and slippery.
It should also be pointed out here that synthetic leather is not a high-grade product in handmade leather goods. At least the masters I know and I know are dismissive of synthetic leather. Putting the words synthetic leather and high-quality goods together is not a practice for the practitioner.


Paradox 5: The thickness of the card position must not be thick

e continue. In addition to the edge you need to pay attention to what, the answer is the thickness of the card . For example, BALLY, this stack of cards has come to test the workmanship: 1, each card will form a vertical intersection with the edge. 2, absolutely can not be thick, the thicker the card is, the more thick it will be, the more the deformation will be. Do you believe that you can try 100 cards? It will break up and I will understand it when I think about it. Another way to save trouble is to open a number of parallel holes directly on a piece of leather as a card slot (the inside will be sewed inside, or the card will fall in).

There is no red leather in the cash bag . Black is polyester cloth. Dunhill’s carbon fiber section also sews a very soft and thin skin. If you have the conditions, you can pick it like this, and the workmanship is better and more advanced. Do not forget to try the zipper with a zipper. 1 zipper is not easy, 2 stitching has no problem 3 hardware is not enough light. This is also very important.
In fact, I only left three brands after comparison, and the price is very high. BALLY, Dunhill, LV. (Fendi, Hermes, Chanel, I didn’t see it… It looks like a good look)
The card position of the leather wallet is mostly a single layer of leather. If there is no certain thickness, it must be used more and more. The unsmooth and thin one is the method of adding seams to the seams, and the cloth strips with accessories are added inside.


Paradox 6: Vegetable tanned leather is not suitable for wallet

here are too many types of leather, and I don’t deny that good leather will be thick, wearable and durable, such as high quality vegetable tanned leather. However, such a skin is not suitable for making a wallet that can be conveniently placed in a bag or in a pocket, which is easy to carry around. It is a question worth pondering – hey, how much is a piece of skin. . . How much is a cow? . . You buy it yourself by hand, and the luxury goods company buys it in large quantities, but it is not worth it. (How to solve it, raise the price.. More money)
Didn’t we buy good things for “wearing, durability”? In addition, please explain the fact that countless masters at home and abroad are using vegetable tanned leather as a wallet.

COCOmeister vegetable planting long clip, high grade should be more than 5,000 yuan.


men Wallet
men Wallet

How to choose a leather wallet: Most of the shopping malls are chrome-tanned leather. It is better to touch the leather with a soft and not very slippery feel. If it is vegetable tanned leather, look at the fabric to see if there are any bumps on the fabric.


Paradox 7: No value for raising cattle

Oh, yes, there is still a problem I have not understood. Who knows please help me answer, for example, the jeans “raising cattle” is to make the pants more and more fit to their legs, become a pants that are exclusive to them. Turning walnuts is to make the walnuts brighter and brighter. I don’t understand the wallet. What is the more leathery taste, the leather is protein, it will absorb sweat, it will absorb oil, it will decompose, it will be moldy, it will smell, and it will wrinkle, it will grind, it will be old, Unrecoverable. Is the “feel” determined not to decompose the rancid smell of leather under the combined action of air, sunlight, moisture and bacteria? Don’t everyone like to buy new things? Don’t you use all means to make things “bright as new”? I have worn a bad wallet for 10 years. Can I sell a higher price? Anyone willing to pick up? What kind of jokes, there are sweat oils and dirty things that I secrete, but the irresistible corrosion characteristics of leather materials have been beautified by people’s mouths. It is inevitable that the wallet will be updated. It has the same cycle as the mobile computer. What the protein does can’t be passed home, haha.
This paragraph throws people’s feelings into the clouds, everyone can listen to Eason Chan’s song “Your Backpack”, this song is better than I explained.

I won’t say the two map guns in the back. I don’t mean anything about the spray. I am not good at it.

I remember that there is an old saying in China that the newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.

I still just say it, not afraid of offending people. I admit that the handmade wallet has bigger bigger, better workmanship and more private design, but the premise is that the best hand-made work – the master of doing things is OK! ! ! ! Moreover, the master has devoted himself to doing this for me. Such a wallet is a good thing. Then the question comes: 1 Where to find a good master. Advocating the hand wallet is good, do you tell me that you are this “good master”? In addition, the word of Linyi Wang Xizhi is not worth the money, and the authentic value of Wang Xizhi’s own is even the city. Do you admit that “good master” comes with value attributes? Brand brand, too. What is the work of the reissue version you have done, and the name of the name of the name of Wang Yizhi, also said: I wrote as beautiful as Wang Xizhi, but I sell it cheaply, this is a shame – it’s a day, this is if I am early Hiding in the bed and stealing a smile, the design of the unauthorized copying of others is low-key. 2 Even if you have a good master, does the master have the time to customize it for you? Everyone wants to buy the master’s work. Do you know that you are not an apprentice? How is the master so busy? You are not afraid of his exhaustion. 3 Even if the master promised to customize it for you, do you know how many LVs you can buy? Not wrong with you, enough to buy LV, and generally a LV is not enough – cost you do not consider it. Unless you are not short of money.

As for the work of domestic handmade wallet makers. . . If you follow a method I teach you to look at a wallet, most people: the materials used are not bad, but they can’t do good things. (Give you a piece of pure silver, can you polish the silver mirror? Give you a clean sand, can you blow a high-grade glass? This is the meaning of processing technology.) 1 workmanship is one aspect, the word craftsman Like the teacher, they all use rotten. Remember the teacher Kevin in the village, who is the hairdressing director. 2 The attitude towards you and your things is one side, 3 and the product itself, leather selection, 4, price. There is too much to say, and the water is too deep.


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