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Many men draw a huge wallet when it comes to checkout. Between the time they spend extracting the wallet, picking up what is falling, and putting it back in their jeans or cloak: they would sometimes be home already.

Okay, I’m exaggerating … but hardly. All this to tell you that minimalism is good, and that taking all these loyalty cards, banking, visiting, transport (in addition to your currency) is neither practical nor aesthetic. So you do not need to walk with your house in your pocket.

At first, it distorts your clothes. We’ve been telling you for a while that jeans are a material that loses between 1 and 2 sizes in port: putting too much in your pockets will make them dull, or at best curved because full, which also breaks your figure.

And from an aesthetic point of view, it’s a pity to give as much importance to his look to finally out of his pocket an object that has lost all its shape and resembling more badly than forgery legitimate of your finances (means of payment) and your image (business cards).

Wallet too big cheap leather, early XXI century.
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The winner does not win anything because it’s the kind of item to avoid.

In 95% of occasions, you will only need your credit card, 1 or 2 banknotes, your transport card and the photo of Tatie Lucette. And possibly business cards. Not enough to rent a semi-trailer, is it?

So opt for an elegant card holder or a wallet of reduced size.

Your currency will go in your pockets. If you follow our recommendations on the men’s jeans that must be chosen adjusted, the parts will not fall in sitting position (unless you go pony, but it has not happened to me since the CE2).online shopping in Karachi   Or if you prefer, in a … purse, which is a simple small zipper pocket. With 2 separate items for cards and coins, we avoid the king size wallet.

We come to all these items that are only using a few times a year: loyalty cards, identity cards (but why do French identity cards have double the surface of a credit card? ), passport, et cetera …

All these other things will find their place in your old wallet too big, left at home. online shopping in Pakistan Or in your bag (you can read our file on the bag for men).

What is certain is that given the newly acquired lightness: your old bards will not miss you!

As much to clarify it immediately, you will not find your happiness in the flea markets of holidays and other cheap signs. You would at best have a cardboard / imitation leather object that would lose its outfit in a few weeks. These items age badly, and anyway the presence of a brand does not have more interests for your leather goods than for your clothes.

So prefer a real nice object, cut in a noble material. To ensure the quality of the leather, check that the skin is smooth and even, with fine pores and tightened. Also check the assembly: as usual we should find seams very regular and strong.

The choice of leather is vast. Some will prefer cowhide leather, which is thicker and offers better hold. For my part I was offered a billfold lambskin, finer but less robust (be careful not to twist in the pocket). After 2 years of use, I am still very happy.

Others finally, will move to more exotic leathers such as crocodile, shagreen (ray leather) or even eel leather. Why not, but on the condition of staying on sober designs.

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