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I recently read an article shared by a childcare official, a child almost lost, reminding me of a scene that was also performed in my home a few months ago. The 4-year-old son went to Wanda Baby King for the first time. The sound is deeply attracted, and I usually don’t leave him in the sight of me. At the moment I communicate with the staff, no! see! Now! I found a circle and didn’t find it. It felt like the last second was still in the world, and the next second fell into hell. The more I wanted to be afraid. I found him in a few minutes, and my tears couldn’t help but brush the flow. I really didn’t want to experience it for the second time.

That article gave a lot of advice on preventing loss. When I was determined to strengthen my child’s awareness of safety and security, I suddenly wanted to buy a children’s watch, thinking that I might be able to help at a critical moment.

Because I am also managing a childcare public number (a little rain), so I am making a whim, why not do a child watch evaluation, can help some parents who want to buy a watch but do not understand the performance of each brand, style (can also increase powder

If it is just a simple loss, we can use the automatic connection function of the watch to tell the child not to move there ( daily education, exercise is more important ), waiting for the parents to look for, you can also use the mobile phone to control the watch to take a picture Photo, view the surroundings. But once you really encounter a trafficker, the possibility that the watch can function is very small. Imagine which the dealer does not know that the watch can be positioned, and it is impossible to make it work.

The purpose of I want to buy a watch is very simple. If I encounter such a simple loss, I can find the child as soon as possible. The longer the child stays, the more dangerous it is. Others have to rely on us to do parental education and drills.

While doing the assessment, I also found a very useful feature of a watch (for me) – listening, in fact, is the phone and the watch to call, but the watch end does not respond (no bright, no sound), and the phone can hear the sound around the watch. It is very practical for preschool children, but older children are not very recommended, and children need space and privacy.

The following is a comparison of the network, comfort, appearance, positioning ability, endurance, waterproof, flow, and highlights.

Friends who don’t have time to read the details can pull directly to the final to see the summary.

First, the network

If you are using a telecom card, you can only use the small genius Z series in these 6 watches. The differences between 4G networks and 2G networks are mentioned below.

Second, wearing comfort

Each one was put on the hands of a 4-year-old son. The card was slightly larger than the one in the innermost one. The feelings of the son and I were integrated. I arranged the order of comfort. The difference is not very big)
Because the little genius uses the active strap, that is, the dial and strap contact can be active, while the Xiaomi Mi rabbit and 360 use the integrated strap. The overall difference is not very large.
Third, the appearance of the watch


Because the surface of the watch is so large, unlike the mobile phone, there is a need to watch it frequently, so the pixel can be satisfied as long as it has no graininess.

Little genius Z3, Z2, Xiaomi Mi rabbit has no graininess;

The small genius Y3, Xiaomi Xiaoxun, 360 (W-608) screen has a grainy feeling (Y3 grain feels small, compared to the other two models is better).

Dial size

No matter which watches the overall dial looks almost the same size. The LCD screens range in size from 0.9 inches to 1.4 inches, but the overall dial is almost the same size. Wearing a look at my 4-year-old son’s hand:

Fourth, positioning ability

There are several mobile phones that are obviously exaggerating their propaganda and positioning ability. The opponents promote 8 relocations, then I will come to a 9-relocation (promotion of 9 relocation which is not in our products today), but take a closer look and use it back and forth. That’s the kind, which requires us to recognize the core capabilities of the product.

The positioning technology that each watch publicizes includes GPS, Beidou, WIFI, base station, and A-GPS. The small genius Z series has more acceleration sensors, Russian GLONASS, indoor positioning experience version (I did not experience indoor positioning in my test, it may be Shantou, welcome parents who have experienced the correction).

Summary of positioning capabilities:

1. From the overall performance, the positioning ability of these watches is not much different. I tested at home, on the road, on the road, in the shopping mall. The error of the home and the unit is 10-30 meters. The error on the road and shopping mall is slightly better.

2, the newer products of the genius (Z series) promote the precise positioning of the mall, airport and other buildings, support more than 3,000 in the country, but I did not experience the local Wanda Plaza.

3, the small genius has the “acceleration sensor” function, you can get the current state of motion of the watch, I experimented with 3 scenes, standing, walking, taking the car. Static (the result of recognition is: static or irregular shaking) and walking can be accurately identified, but it is delayed by about 1 minute, and it shows static or irregular shaking when riding.

4, the small genius Z series supports 4G network, while other products only support 2G network (many brands have also produced 4G new products, but the battery life of 4G watches generally does not reflect well, waiting for optimization), under 4G and 2G networks The positioning speed is slightly different, but the difference is not obvious when I use it.

5, 360 (W-608) watch is a high German map, Xiaomi Mi rabbit can switch between Gaode map and Baidu map; small genius Z series will display the current positioning method (such as using GPS or WIFI)

Below are the actual positioning tests for two representative watches.

First, the little genius Z3:

When the watch is at home, it can be located in the community. Our home is Building No. 10, and the location is displayed with errors.

I took the watch to the unit and could identify if I was walking or still, but there was a delay, around 1 minute. The picture below shows that I am waiting for the elevator in the unit building. The map shows that I am outside the building. When I sat down at the station, the display position was also near the outside of the building.

Shopping malls, because the small genius watches in the online sales details page is particularly prominent, positioning in the building, so I went to the Wanda Plaza (3 line city) in the evening, but unfortunately, there is no publicity Accurately located at a certain level of the mall, a store.

(2) Xiaomi Mi Rabbit

When the watch is at home, it can be located in the community. Our home is Building No. 10. The location shows errors, but the error is not big. My family is the most Dongjia, and I am located in the building on the east side of my house. Note: The map can display satellite mode and map mode. Please ignore this difference.
In the unit, I was at the station, positioned to the side of the road down the road, the error has to be more than ten meters.
Going out, I was sitting in the car, the position was changing, and the refresh rate was 2-3 seconds.

Five, battery life

Test time is one day and one night, each watch follows the same operation, calls for 20 minutes, operates for 10 minutes, and starts up 24 hours (navigation is turned on)

The small genius Z3 has 20% remaining power;

The remaining electricity of Xiaomi Mi rabbit is 85%;

360 (W-608) remaining power 86%.

I tested it myself, combined with a buyer’s feedback from a certain treasure and a certain East, summed up the battery life:
Sixth, waterproof ability

Small genius Z series: waterproof grade IPX8 (can swim);

Little genius Y3: Waterproof grade IPX7 (can rain, play with water);

Xiaomi Xiaoxun: Waterproof grade IPX7 (can rain, play with water);

360 (W-608): Waterproof rating between IPX5-6 (short-time rain, play with water);

Xiaomi Mi Rabbit: Life-grade waterproof (washing hands, a small amount of splashing water, no problem, dry as soon as possible).

Seven, other highlights function

Several parents use more or feature features: monitor, take photos, touch and add friends.

Monitor: The phone operates, the watch talks with the parent’s mobile phone, the watch does not respond, it will not shine, and there will be no call sound. Preschool parents can use this feature to understand their child’s situation in kindergarten.

Photograph: The mobile phone operates the watch to take a photo and send it to the mobile phone to understand the situation around the child. It can assist the positioning system to judge the child’s position according to the picture.

Touch and add friends: It is convenient for children to make friends. Currently, they can only be used with brands. This function is a double-edged sword. For a primary school student, if a brand uses a large number of people, it may form a small circle.

Eight, the use of traffic

I did not go for a long time to measure, but according to the feedback of the purchase user (a certain treasure and a certain East), if only positioned, about 100M a month. If you frequently use the network function may be about 300M, I think this problem does not need to be entangled, each operator is pushing the unlimited amount of packages, handling a secondary card, enjoying the traffic of the main card, it is very cheap and convenient.

Everyone’s needs are different. For example, if you need advanced waterproofing, then the little genius and Xiaomi Xiaoxue are more suitable.

I finally chose the Xiaomi Mi rabbit with photo and monitoring functions (only for personal choice).

This article is definitely not a soft text, no one gives me money. The evaluation of these watches is also because of a few high-volume sales in a certain East search. Finally, it is emphasized that don’t trust children safely to products, and parents’ and children’s safety awareness is more important.


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