However, before you go shopping, try to repair the cable for the iPhone with your own hands. To do this, you need a heat-shrinkable tube, a lighter and electrical tape. Restoration does not require knowledge of electrical engineering and will take a few minutes.

The second piece of advice is addressed to those whom the breakdown has not yet found. Do not expect trouble and make an eternal Lightning cable in half an hour. Yes, you have to tinker longer, but pride in the result will remain with you forever. In addition to 30 minutes, you will have to stock up on synthetic thread for knitting, scissors, and glue – again nothing tricky.

Now directly to the iPhone cables. Let’s start with Chinese products presented on the most popular trading floors. We will focus on customer reviews and the authority of sellers. This reduces the likelihood that your new Lightning cable will not fit the gadget or will last an extremely short time. We are not talking about a full guarantee. But the price justifies the risk.

Best iPhone Cables In Pakistan

Then we will go through certified products, after connecting which you will definitely not see the inscription “This accessory is probably not supported.” We will order from the USA through intermediaries. Of course, you have to pay extra for services and delivery, which will affect the total purchase price. However, you will get high-quality iPhone Cables In Islamabad for years to come. And there, maybe Apple will completely abandon wired charging.