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If our iPhone cables in Pakistan charging cable were broken again, we would choose the Anker PowerLine cable. This hits the right note in terms of design, functionality, and price. Of course, it is impossible to test every single Lightning cable. Since Apple replaced the usual 30-pin connector in 2012, we have taken a closer look at hundreds of iPhone Cables in Pakistan. In the test, we compared the PowerLine cable with our previous top recommendations and can, therefore, be convinced that Anker stands out from the crowd.

iPhone Cables in Pakistan

A good charging cable can have a huge impact on the charging time on the one hand and on everyday life on the other… iPhone cables in Karachi

In my view, there is nothing worse than using a half-broken charging cable. Which manufacturer is famous and notorious for good quality charging cables? Unfortunately, in my view, this honor falls to Apple. Sooner or later the insulation of the Apple Lightning cable will break. Then you need a replacement, but again an expensive original Apple cable? Are there perhaps not better alternatives? Yes, there is! Already in 2016, I made a small comparison of various Apple Lightning cables, which clearly showed that the worst cable comes from Apple itself.

I would now like to revive this comparison in a 2018 version. Which is the best Apple Lightning charging cable? Let’s find out about the test!

The iPhone cables in Lahore anchor load everything is based on Lightning – so iPhone cables in Pakistan, iPads or iPods just like all the accessories of Apple – as soon as technically possible (the iPad Pro 12.9 inch with a special cable and charger even faster could load). They also meet the most important requirement for many readers: robustness. Anker builds its PowerLine cables from Kevlar fibers and with a strain-relieved PVC connection head, which should prevent wear during normal use. They are also affordable:   Apple’s Lightning to USB cable (1 m) costs three times as much as Anker’s 0.9 m cable. In addition, there is Anker’s excellent reputation as a hardware manufacturer with fantastic customer service and an  18-month guarantee shines. It becomes clear why this cable is our favorite.

iPhone Cables in Pakistan

With the introduction of the Lightning connector, Apple has created a fairly versatile connector. A Lightning cable is now not only essential for iPhone cables in Pakistan and iPad users, but also for Mac users, for example, to charge the new Magic Mouse or keyboard accordingly. You can therefore almost not have enough Lightning cables in stock. If only it weren’t for the high price that Apple estimates for the original Lightning cable… iPhone cables in Multan

However, it does not necessarily have to be the original cable that we as Apple users use to charge our Apple devices. Third-party manufacturers are now building very usable alternatives that are far more affordable and can be had for a few euros. Some of them even have a certain advantage over the original charging cable due to their properties and last longer.

And since I always have a variety of Lightning cables in stock, I want to briefly introduce my four favorites to you in this article, all of which are a recommended alternative to Apple’s original Lightning cable.

The Best iPhone Lightning Cables 2020

All of the cables in this comparison can initially be divided into roughly two categories, those covered with rubber/plastic and those covered with fabric/textile. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The textile-coated cables feel much more pleasant and generally have a higher quality. The rubber-jacketed cables, on the other hand, are generally a little cheaper and often a little more flexible because there is less layer around the cable… iPhone cables in Islamabad

iPhone Cables in Pakistan

Anker PowerLine II Lightning cable

The PowerLine II cables are Anker’s “standard” charging cables. But in this case, the standard is not a bad thing…iPhone cables in Pakistan

The cables are not textile-covered, but the rubber-covered surface looks sufficiently thick and valuable. The plugs are also very well attached to the cable. In contrast to many other cables, the plugs look more like a single piece here.

In terms of thickness and flexibility, there is a clear difference between the 0.9m and 1.8m cable. The 0.9-meter cable is significantly thinner and therefore more flexible, while the 1.8-meter cable is a good deal thicker. I would almost say this is one of the thickest cables in comparison. But even with the 1.8-meter PowerLine II cable, the flexibility is still sufficiently good. Anker also advertises that each cable can withstand 12,000 bends and up to 80KG. This makes it one of the most robust cables on the market!

Anker PowerLine + II Lightning cable

The Anker PowerLine + II Lightning cables are of very high quality. I don’t just mean the cable. Anker even includes a small “transport box” in the scope of delivery. A nice gimmick, but I’m not going to keep my cables in a carry case. These have to pass normal everyday use and I have no doubt about that!

The Anker PowerLine + II Lightning cables look incredibly high quality and well worked. Here, Anker relies on a textile covering that looks high-quality and well made, as well as on an aluminum housing around the connector. This makes the PowerLine + II cables without question the pretty high-quality cables in this comparison. The flexibility is also okay so far. The cables are quite thick, but they are not “stubborn”… iPhone cables in Faislabad

iPhone Cables in Pakistan

AUKEY Lightning cable

The AUKEY Lightning cable is also textile-coated and equipped with aluminum plugs. This also leaves this cable with a very good first impression! At second glance, too, the AUKEY looks more than reasonable. This seems a bit thin to me, but apart from that, I have no complaints. The flexibility is also absolutely okay… iPhone cables in Pakistan

Rampow iPhone charging cable

The Rampow iPhone charging cable again falls under the “ordinary” category. This has no abnormalities or special features. It’s a simple white rubber cable with plastic housings around the connectors… iPhone Cables Price in Pakistan

However, the cable feels rubberized quite a bit, whether this is positive or negative, I leave you. The thickness of the cable is obviously okay, no complaints here. The only complaints are due to the rather thick Lightning connector. If you have a case around your iPhone cables Pakistan with a rather small cutout for the charging port, problems could arise.

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