How to increase the traffic of its E-commerce site: 5 high-Impact strategies

“How to increase the traffic of my online sales site? “

This is the question that runs through at any given moment the spirit of every E-merchant.

It may be that you have invested time and effort in creating your online store; to then toil to make sales. Your business may have grown in the last 6 months, but then plateaued. Or maybe you have already built a successful business, and now want to set your next big goal.

Whether you’re trying to attract your first customer or your 10,000th customer, driving traffic to your online store is critical to growing your business. If your website is optimized to maximize conversions, an increase in traffic could result in more customers and sales.

To help you increase the traffic of your online store, we present in this article 5 high impact techniques that will allow you to attract more visitors, and hopefully, to increase sales.

1. Post a paid advertising campaign on social networks
To increase the traffic of your e-commerce site, you must be able to reach a qualified audience. With paid advertising on social media, you can create highly targeted campaigns to display personalized ads to potential customers who are more likely to click on your ads and buy your products.

If you plan to run paid ads on social channels, here are some options to consider:

With 1.65 billion monthly users, Facebook is the largest social platform in the world; providing you with countless opportunities to reach new customers to visit your online store. Facebook’s robust advertising platform allows you to target users based on their interests, behavior, geographic location, and more.

By using Dynamic Facebook Ads, you can view automatically generated ads to people who have already visited your website, highlighting products they have already viewed or added to their cart. These powerful ads can inspire visitors to return to your website, helping you to take full advantage of the traffic you already receive.

Instagram is a very popular platform – especially among millennials – with nearly half a billion active monthly users. 73% of these users are between the ages of 15 and 35; the platform is therefore particularly suitable for advertisers targeting rather young audiences.

Thanks to the professional tools provided by Instagram, the platform has quickly gained a name in the paid advertising space on social networks. Instagram revenue generated by mobile advertising alone is expected to reach $ 2.81 billion in 2017, outperforming both Twitter and Google.

If you’ve already built an audience on Instagram, you can only take full advantage of it using the social media platform.

Pinterest greatly influences the purchasing decisions of its users; Recent survey results show that 93% of Pinterest users have already used the platform to plan their orders, and 52% of them have already purchased an online product after initially discovering it on Pinterest. The platform is also very popular among communities in some niches such as DIY, interior design, and fashion; which is ideal for advertisers targeting these markets.

Pinterest’s sponsored pins are a paid way to display your pins at the top of organic search results to set you apart from the competition. Promoted Pins blend seamlessly with Pinterest’s organic content; making it an effective promotional tool to capture the attention of Internet users and redirect them to your e-commerce site.

2. Optimize your SEO to generate more organic traffic
Can your potential customers really find your online store?

When people are looking for products that are comparable to yours online, it would be ideal for your store to appear first in the search results, as one-third of the total number of clicks is captured by the site ranked first. This highly prized position is therefore vital for consistently generating qualified organic traffic to your online store.

Search engine optimization – or SEO – refers to the process of optimizing the content and structure of your website so that it appears in the first search results for relevant keywords.

SEO is a subtle art and will prove useful only if you devote time and effort to studying the rules governing the operation of search engines, such as Google and Bing; so that you can optimize the structure and content of your site accordingly.

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3. Reach new audiences with influence marketing
Influence marketing refers to the process of making contact and creating partnerships with influencers; for the purpose of promoting your website to new audiences.

Through influence marketing, you can leverage the creativity and reach of relevant influencers in your niche; as well as the trust they have already established with their audiences.

Bloggers and social media celebrities like Estee Lalonde are highly respected by their fans; therefore, successfully partnering with these influencers can be a very effective tactic for generating organic traffic. According to Nielsen researchers, 92% of clients place more importance on word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted people than any other form of advertising.

4. Organize quizzes to generate excitement
While many of these methods may seem like long-term traffic generation solutions, there are also ways to generate ad-hoc traffic peaks on your website.

With viral quizzes, promotions and raffles, you can easily drive more traffic to your store by offering great prices to encourage customers to participate. Offering prizes and awards is an effective way to get current and new customers to visit your online store.

By using tools like Gleam or Woobox, you can embed offers in landing pages or blog posts in your store. By choosing social sharing as a means of participation, your contest will be more likely to gain virality on social networks. Once participants have arrived at your store, you can use different techniques to guide them to your products; like using an exit intent pop-up displaying a discount code.

5. Attract customers with content marketing
Content marketing is not just about having a blog.

By creating interesting, informative and engaging content, you will be able to attract customers to your online store for free. From videos and podcasts to guides and e-books, you have countless opportunities to immerse yourself in the world of content and reach new audiences.

Engaging and original content will allow you to position yourself as a thought leader in your niche and associate a lifestyle with your brand. Do not limit yourself to articles or guides highlighting your products; Your company’s content strategy can also be built around the interests of your customers. Therefore, consider all topics and resources related to your niche that may be of interest to your customers.

Content marketing will also allow you to generate traffic from long-tail keywords (usually 4 or more terms). By using free tools like Google’s keyword planning tool and, you’ll be able to identify new keyword opportunities and make the most of them to rank in the best positions. research results; strategically extending the reach of your online store to reach new audiences.

Generate more traffic, get more customers
With these e-commerce marketing tactics, you should now be able to create more traffic on your online store.

More traffic will result in more opportunities to convert your visitors into customers. Once your traffic has increased, consider focusing on optimizing your conversion rate.

Still have questions about the process to increase your website traffic? Let us know in the comments below.

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