How to increase Adsense Earning – Adsense earning tricks – What is C4C?

What is C4C?

C4C stands for (click for click), a user send you his website and you send him your website. He make clicks on your website after page views that you ask to him. For example user ask you 50 pages, 3 ads clicks and 5 minutes stay on his website, in short user send you this figure (5/3/5).

Why C4C important?

When you create google adsense account, you are not able to earn enough money from google adsense, so you ask people to increase you page views as well as page impression. For this your website also rank. If you not do C4C you cant earn money from your website.

Is C4C is legal? 

Yes of course, c4c is legal because you are giving impression to advertisers, you are opening their website. You are doing struggle to open others website and clicking on others ads and opening advertisers website.

How to do C4C?  

Post your website at C4C Clicker, people click on your website after every 72 hours, you will click their website, so when other users visit your link, they will send you screenshot in comment you must return him within 48 hours, or request him to delay for any reason otherwise we sill remove your link from c4c listing.

How c4c work?

Simply visit “How c4c work” to get idea how it work.


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