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A handbag commonly known as a purse in North American English, is a handled medium to large bag used to carry personal items and many things. A bag is a lightweight, flexible container meant for carrying things.You can also refer to a suitcase, handbag, or purse as a bag. When the word is used as a verb, it can mean “to put in a bag,” but also “to catch something.” Figuratively, you can “be left holding the bag,” which means to be swindled or cheated. A backpack is spacious enough for books and a laptop.

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compartmentalised so that you can organise your belongings. It’s not as quick to access as a tote or a satchel but if you are moving from place to place and you have a lot to carry, it’s probably your best bet. Handbags play an essential role in the life of modern women. … Going to another place without handbags are too hard for women. Handbags are not only used for style purpose but are also useful in carrying daily items manageable in it. Women keep their different belongings such as phone, keys, money etc in bags. Imported Women Bags in Pakistan. Bag is very practical, because it can carry all the things a woman needs, plus a laptop or tablet. A classic shaped, leather shopper will hold for many years. Good brands are so sure of the quality of their bags, that they offer 25 years warranty. If this is what you are looking for a variety of premium leather shopper bags, at affordable prices. I think bags are the great accessories to complete your look, no girl would step out without a bag whether it a small clutch or a handbag. But yes! Every girl faces this problem of where to buy things from!

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It totally depends upon your budget and choice. If you prefer going to a local market and buy bag then you can go to Hill Road or Linking Road at  you will get a varieties of bags but your bargaining skills should be strong. Here a still from the local market. If you prefer going to mall and do shopping. You can find multiple brands for bags in these malls. Here are some brands you will find at mall. f not mall and local market then the only options remains is online shopping as there are multiple shopping portal like.  ce to go for. I personally go for online shopping if I need a bag for regular use. Imported products in pakistan
And I also have few design. Lots of places sell them, but if you want something a bit more Stylish, I recommend Red Polka. They sell designer bags at a great price so you’re getting something a bit more substantial in quality (and at a better price even!) try them. Check out some bags from Red Polka. How it works: The Real Real accepts luxury and designer goods, but not just in fashion — they’ll also take home decor and fine art. Simply choose to have your goods pick up at home (for free), ship them in to be authenticated with a free, prepaid label, or visited one of their Luxury Consignment Offices for a free valuation and drop-off. Their team of over 90 experts (including gemologists, art curators, and horologists) will evaluate and authenticate your pieces. Then they’ll photograph, price, and list your items on the site for you.

Why you’ll love it: If you have a lot of luxury items to sell, The RealReal is for you. They offer rewards for different commission levels, so the more you sell, the more you’ll earn. You can also choose from three different payment options: direct deposit, a mailed check, or site credit which rewards you an extra 5% each month. Branded products in Pakistan If you like to shop on the site, this is a nice bonus. Most items on the site sell within three days, so you can expect a quick turnaround on your pieces — and the accompanying gratification. The RealReal also frequently offers heightened commissions on certain categories, which can work in your favor depending on what you have to sell.

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How it works: Rebag accept bags from an exclusive group of less than 50 designers. Check the list and the guidelines on conditions to make sure your bag will be accepted. From there, you’ll fill out a quick form to get a quote. You’ll need to list the designer, any comments on wear and tear (say, a small discoloration on the handle), as well as six photos so the team can authenticate the bag. Amazon Products in Pakistan Once authenticated, they’ll offer you a quote. If you accept the price, just send your bag in to be vetted in person, and if it passes, you’ll receive your quote and payment immediately.

Why you’ll love it: If you want to get rid of an old luxury bag so you can buy a new one, . When you sell a bag, you can choose to be paid by electronic transfer, check,  credit. If you choose the credit, you’ll get an additional 10% added to your quoted price. This means more money for you to spend on something new.

For work: I carry a tote that has several compartments, including one for laptop. Since it’s big enough to handle everything else, I don’t have to carry a separate purse like I see a lot of women doing.women Bag 1

– For weekends: I usually carry a small/medium purse for daytime essentials (phone, wallet, headphones, sunglasses, keys). If I’m running errands where I know there will be a wait. 

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