Imported Sun Glasses in Pakistan

Imported Sun Glasses in Pakistan:
Here are some adjectives for sunglasses: slim purple, dark wrap-around, blind metal, dark, wrap-around, oversized, triangular, fully reflective, impenetrable, black, top and large, expensive and very weird, oval, able dark, You could probably categorise all sunglasses under the umbrella of five basic styles: Aviator sunglasses, round sunglasses, square sunglasses and cat-eye sunglasses. Sunglasses or sun glasses are a form of protective eye wear designed primarily to prevent. In the basic impact test, a 1 in (2.54 cm) steel ball is dropped on the lens from a height, In the high velocity test, a 1/4. Imported products in Pakistan 

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There are various words referring to eyepieces with darkened lenses. Show all. her sunglasses were on her head. Sunglasses are more than a fashion accessory. Sunglasses or sun glasses are a form of protective designed primarily to bright sunlight and high energy visible light from discomforting the eyes. Normally the sunlight reflects on the surface like water horizontally. Which creates a wave that cause trouble and difficulties to our eyes. Even High and more exposure of this glare can reduce and release our eyesight.
Here sunglasses are designed and made vertically that direct the horizontal wave reflection into a flat way or direction.
of sunglasses is different thing. Some people thought that normal sunglasses as these are reducing and release the brightness of the sunlight. But it is not about only brightness. Normal sunglasses are design flat. And these cannot direct the wave of the glare into a flat direction and reflection..
So, this made the polarised sunglasses different than normal sunglasses.
Acrylic is quite soft and scratches easily. CR-39 has a high Abbe number and good optical clarity but does scratch easily, and it does not block 100% of UV. Typically a scratch resistant coating needs and wants to be placed over these plastics for higher and best quality sunglasses.
Sunglasses are being used to protect your eyes from harmful rays, coming from sun. These rays can even cause blindness and some other serious problem. That’s why sunglasses are preferred because they protect your delight eyes from those harmful rays. galsses2
YOU think the materials are cheap, but that isn’t necessarily the case.
No glasses are made by machines. There is a lot of the production and manufacturing that has to be done by hand.
Mostly in China, fabricates the glasses then sells them to the importer or distributor in far off countries. So right there is a large markup to cover all costs involved plus shipping plus a profit margin for the manufacturer.
Then that distributor has to advertise those glasses and get them out with sales reps to optical stores and optometrists all across the country. Branded products in Pakistan The distributor has to make a profit to cover all their costs and have some left over. The distributor has to pay shipping, import taxes and duties and delivery services from the docks in NYC or California to their offices, where ever that may be. They also have to pay $12- $20 to the design house for licensing fees for EACH frame sold.
The glasses the manufacturer sold to the distributor maybe cost only $20 but by the time the distributor sells it to us, then those are put on the shelf for sale at maybe $195 because there are lots of overhead costs to cover in any brick and mortar business. Rent, City business taxes, employees,

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That is why they are costly.
If you think glasses are bad, you would really cringe if you knew the wild profits made in clothing!
I have a theory that I came up with after and seeing and observing how my own and myself mindset and body language changes when I’m wearing sunglasses on my face.
When you’re happy, you smile. That’s pretty obvious. This works with any emotion. The emotion will induce and reduce certain body language, body language will induce and reduce the related emotion. Ali express products in Pakistan
so what does this have to do with sunglasses on our face?
When I’m walking down the street without sunglasses on, my head is lowered and my face is sort of scrunched up. When I’m wearing sunglasses on my face I don’t need to hide or take away from the sun shines, my face relaxes. My body language has instantly changed from a reserved, inward state to one of someone confident and relaxed.
This body language makes you feel good and best, confident, cool, which in turn around amplifies your body language even further and more. Amazon Products in Pakistan From an outside point of view, you look like someone who’s got together, hence you look pretty damn cool. Try lowering your head right now and then open up. You’ll feel the difference.
There’s also the fact that most people think they look cool in sunglasses so act it when they are wearing them. Perception is reality.glasses1
Sunglasses lenses are made out of different material like plastic, glass, etc.
Plastic has a variety in it like, the lenses are of Plastic called CR.
While mercury lenses are made up of Acetate.
For more information regarding sunglasses
The shade number tells and describe how much light is allowed to pass through the lens . The higher and more the number, the darker the filter and the less light radiation allowed through and from and the shade necessary and permanently depends on the task being performed and these are the best invention for us to save us from sun shines

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