Imported and branded Digital Cameras In Pakistan

Imported and branded Digital Cameras In Pakistan


A digital camera is a camera that can captures photographs in a digital memory of human being However, unlike the film cameras or digital cameras can be display images on a screen very immediately after it being recorded, and be store and delete images from the memory. A digital camera is a camera which can stores pictures in a electronic memory and instead of film. digital camera can be hold many more of pictures than a very traditional film camera. A digital camera can be sometimes hold hundreds or thousands of pictures or pics They can send their pics or pictures to other cell phones and other devices.

A digital camera can takes light and be focuses it via the lens are into a sensor made out of silicon. It is made up of a grid of tiny photo sites that are sensitive to light. Each and every photo site is usually be called a pixel
What are uses of digital camera


Unlike analog camera, which can exposes a film chemicals to a light, a digital camera cab be uses digital optical components to be register the intensity and color of the light, and converts it into pixel data modulation

Different Types Of Digital Camera
Compact digital cameras. Bridge cameras are most often mistaken for single-lens reflex cameras, Digital single lens reflex cameras (DSL) , Electronic viewfinder (EVF) , Digital rangefinders, Line-scan cameras.
The Two Types of Digital Cameras. Some of digital cameras have built in or out memory, but most of use an Compact Flash card.
Since the images are captured of digitally, wanted or unwanted images can be having deleted directly on the camera.


In the past, people would like to need to drop of their film at the photo processing location in a order to be get their pictures of developed. With digital cameras, we or you can simply import the pics or pictures to your computer system with USB cable.
Digital cameras range greatly in size in quality.. In the mid range are are standalone point-and-shoot cameras that have additional features and picture taking modes.


Digital cameras come in an array of sizes, features and prices, including the following: Compact digital camera: Portable, easy to use and small with limited picture quality. Built-in low-power flash. Images are usually stored as JPEG files. Also known as a point-and-shoot camera. Digital single lens reflex camera Uses live preview for image framing. Mirror less interchangeable lens camera (MILC): Combines superior quality sensors with DSLR lenses. Introduced in 20(DSLR): Design is based on the single lens reflex camera. . Bridge camera: Shares some DSLR advanced features. 08, the MILC is simple and compact because of its ergonomic design. Integrated camera: Built into multiple digital devices, including mobile phones, PDAs and laptops.

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