I find the right assets
In cosmetics, there are marketing assets, with complex names and beautiful stories around, and others, which are not new but have been proven: hyaluronic acid that replenishes the epidermis, antioxidant vitamin E or caffeine anticellulite. But faced with more and more informed consumers, brands have reacted. Conclusion, formulas simpler, clearer … Labs now prefer formulas containing a single “active star” highly dosed rather than cocktails cumulating dozens of assets. This is the case of the brand Pure State, which plays the game to the end by launching 40 “pure assets”, and Vichy, which capitalizes on its molecule queen, a sugar extracted from birch, and pushed its concentration to 10% in his new serum.
Idem at Lancôme, which weighs the promises of his care Visionnaire LR 2412, a molecule mimicking the effect of jasmonic acid on healing of plants, dosed at 4%.

The advantage of the “less but better”? Tolerance of formulas increases. “If you put a lot of ingredients in a cosmetic, it can overstretch the skin and be counterproductive,” says Dr. Sheldon Pinel, dermatologist, founder of the brand SkinCeuticals. “The skin can not bear it all: you have to master the ability of the assets to live together,” he concludes. This is why the expert brands of sensitive skins are now relying on even shorter formulas, such as Avène’s extreme tolerance cream DEFI, and on packaging that minimizes the use of preservatives, such as La Roche’s Intense Hydraphase Cream. Posay, equipped with an airless bottle with a retractable pocket.

I buy in pharmacy
Supermarkets are unbeatable in terms of low prices, but the pharmacy-drugstore sector is a serious challenger, a real place of beauty become more glamorous, with brands like Nuxe or Caudalie. No wonder a brand like L’Occitane has decided to locate in 750 pharmacies in the provinces. And just take a look at the drugstore area of Monoprix or Leclerc: promo boxes, 2 products purchased, 1 product offered, loyalty cards. What to do sacred business.

I play the multifunction card
To consume cleverly is also to know how to divert our products from their original use. And, in this regard, studio makeup artists are experts. Miky, at Lancôme, likes to use a pink lipstick as a blush: “The creamy side gives a very soft result.” His other trick? Use a pearly white pencil as an illuminator by hatching the areas that need to catch the light. We fade on the finger and presto, the shine is there. Good to know: we can also divert other everyday objects, such as socks or a toothbrush.

Side Diversions, Tips of Girlfriends
Recycle a slightly dry mascara into an eyeliner by spreading it over the back of your hand, then adding a drop of cream. By the way, we get the brush, we clean it, and we make a great eyebrow brush.
To use a cream too rich, bought by mistake, like a mask, to apply in thick layer the evenings when the skin is flapie …
Recycle a shampoo that we do not like the smell to wash his sponges and make-up brushes.

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