How to take care of her breasts? | Caring for your breasts in 6 lessons | How to take care of your breast before, during and after pregnancy?

Along with the feet, small breasts are a part of the body that women often leave out. And yet, it is a sensitive area that needs to be pampered to stay firm and toned. The care routine for small breasts is first performed in the shower. Once a week, apply a gentle exfoliation or body scrub on your skin, so as not to weaken it. Avoid the very sensitive halo area. This step prepares the skin for moisturizing treatments, ridding it of dead cells. Then rinse off the exfoliating product with cold water. Not very pleasant, it does, however, improve blood circulation and prevent the skin from drying out.

Hydrating care for small breasts

Once the skin of your chest is rid of dead cells, you can then apply moisturizers. Hydration should be provided daily, preferably in the evening, using products adapted to the body. Opt for milk against drying out for example or an oil. Apply the product in circular motions, going up to the neck. If you are exposed to the sun, choose a sunscreen with a high protection index. The skin on your chest and neckline is thin, it is important to protect it from attack.

Choosing the right lingerie for your small breasts

Even if you have small breasts, they should still be well maintained. Opt for a bra that is neither too large nor too small, in which you feel comfortable and which does not compress your chest. If you are athletic, choose suitable accessories, such as a bra or bra specially designed for physical activities. A step is often forgotten in the routine of small breasts, massage is nevertheless of great importance. Indeed, even if you have a small chest, it should stay in place, and not sag over the years. Take a massage oil, and perform inverted 8 movements on your chest, daily for a few minutes.

Caring for your breasts in 6 lessons

Ah, the chest! This specifically feminine attribute is the subject of much attention, both feminine and masculine. Sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, we make it with or we forget it, each its relationship with her breasts because if so, it is indeed a relationship! But whether we like it or not, it is essential not to forget that we are no more fragile than the breast, whose extra-fine and sensitive skin changes at high speed over the years. Add to that the absence of muscle in this curvaceous area and we understand why time is its enemy in the same way as the absence of regular care. So how to Take Care of Her Breasts, what are the essential actions to be taken to guarantee firmness and health?

1. I hydrate, I protect

Pretty breasts are pampered breasts! Like any other part of the body, the chest and its thin skin need to be hydrated every day. After the shower, we conscientiously pass our body milk or special bust milk on the chest in gentle, circular movements and we don’t forget to go back up to the neckline and neck, since it is this skin, precisely, which keeps our chest high and firm!

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Of course, when you are exposed to the sun, you do not forget the shock sunscreen, this thin skin is particularly sensitive to the sun and pigmentary tasks, we protect it like the apple of our eye to keep it firm and sharp.

2. A cold spell, a good massage

To pigeon your neckline, you finish your shower with a jet of cold water (yes, hard in fall/winter!) On your chest, to boost blood circulation and tone the skin.
We follow up once or twice a week, when there is time, with a deep massage, without being aggressive. With a fine oil or a firming treatment for the bust, we massage as we please by going up again on the neckline.

3. Gentle exfoliation for beautiful skin

As mentioned above, the skin on our chest is extremely thin, but if that does not dispense with a weekly exfoliation to promote the elimination of dead cells and the renewal of the skin, we put on the other hand on a very soft exfoliating product and it is applied gently.

4. Muscular pectorals: high perched breasts!

No secret, especially when you have a large chest, to keep your breasts firm and proudly perched, you get muscle! The pectorals in priority, but also the back and shoulders more generally. So we put on soft sports: swimming, yoga, and pilates or even some special bodybuilding sessions bust on a regular basis.
Namely, also, we monitor its position: we avoid being constantly curled up or hunched, we stand up straight and we take out our shoulders and chest at the same time.

5. Good bra = good support

The Essential Bra in Pakistan is for beautiful breasts, even small ones, they need to be maintained. So we choose it adapted to his chest, neither too big nor too small. Nothing too compressive, but nothing too loose either, and, if for some reason the size of your breast changes, do not delay in adapting your bras. We would be frightened, it seems, of the number of women who wear bras which are not their size, and nothing worse than a whale which compresses the chest or underwear which does not maintain properly! So for your comfort and that of your breasts, choose your lingerie wisely and ask a seller for advice if necessary. Finally, bet on specific support when you play sports, bras or sports bras are certainly not super glamorous but provide flawless support to prevent your chest from being damaged.

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In addition, we avoid:
Prolonged and unprotected sunbathing, baths that are too hot, violent sports, significant weight loss, and gain.

6. Healthy breasts under surveillance As

we now know, breast cancer can affect women at any age and it is essential to have your breast examined by your gynecologist every year. We also benefit from mammograms prescribed from a certain age and can be applied to self-examination once a month.
In practice, we carry out the breast self-examination just after menstruation when the breast is no longer swollen by our friends the hormones.
We simply start by observing her chest in the mirror to check that we do not see anything abnormal: note any changes that you would notice both in the nipple as in the shape of the breast, its size or appearance skin.
Then we lie down, a cushion under the shoulder on the side of the breast that we are examining and the arm raised above the head. Then, with the flat of the fingers and not the tip, we palpate the entire breast, “squaring” the area if necessary. We pay attention not to forget its center: nipple and mammary gland as well as the hollow of the armpits. If you notice any anomaly, such as a lump, for example, contact your doctor, without panicking, it can be much more than cancer!
Finally, let’s specify that this self-examination has its detractors, studies would tend to prove that they do not really have an influence on the number of cancers detected but that they would give rise, on the other hand, to much more biopsy-type examinations are ultimately unnecessary. Self-examination, therefore, does not in any way exempt annual visits to your gynecologist and must be explained to you in detail by the latter, so do not hesitate to talk about it with him.

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