How to Shop Online Without Unpleasant Surprises? | How to Shop Online Safely? | How to Make Purchases in Online Stores? | Tips for Buying Online and Not Taking Risks

How to Shop Online Safely

The popularity of online stores is growing. This is due to the lack of time from consumers who are convenient to purchase goods without leaving their computer or smartphone. In addition, due to the high cost of rent, many companies go online and trade from warehouses. In order for Online Shopping in Pakistan to be fun and not lossful, it’s important to know a few online shopping rules.

Compare Prices

If you intend to purchase goods that are available in several stores, then start by comparing prices. For example, if you choose household appliances, then you can use the services of cost comparison on Internet resources.

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However, there are items for which prices cannot be compared in this way. For example, if you choose some kind of jewelry. In this case, monitoring will have to be done “manually”, by going to the websites of various sellers and manufacturers and looking at what you like best, where the combination of price and quality is best.

Read Reviews

Before purchasing anything you need to carefully read customer reviews. And not only for the product that you have chosen, but also for the online shopping itself, as well as for the manufacturer. Of course, your opinion may ultimately not coincide with the position of the majority. But still, to learn from the mistakes of others is much more profitable than from your own.

View Seller Information

Before deciding to buy a product, ask what the seller is. The site should provide information about the company, given its actual and legal address, phone numbers. By the way, it will not be superfluous to call the given numbers and make sure that they work. This, of course, will not protect against scammers, but still, it is a small guarantee that the outlet is valid, and in case of any question or claim you will know where to call and write.

Read the Terms of Delivery and Payment

On each website of the Online Shopping in Lahore, there should be a section “Delivery and payment”, where the conditions are carefully written that you automatically agree to when making purchases in this organization. If this information is hidden from the consumer, then it is better not to contact such an online store. Otherwise, read carefully whether delivery is included in the price of the goods, whether it is necessary to pay the courier upon receipt of the purchase. Do not give the money until you are sure that you received exactly what you ordered. If possible, do not use the cash on the delivery system. And if it is necessary, then print the parcel immediately by mail, so that if the order does not match the declared qualities, you could draw up an act in the presence of postal workers. It is better, of course, if possible, to take advantage of courier delivery.

Separately examine the issue of payment. It makes sense to find out if there is a possibility of cashless payments with a courier. Next, specify what discounts you can get in the store, for example, if the purchase price exceeds a certain amount or to regular customers. If the store is selling, then take an interest in its conditions, find out what products this promotion applies to, how many products at discounted prices are available. If all this information is not on the site – this is an alarming signal, it is likely that you are viewing the site of an unscrupulous company.

Information that should be reflected on the site, and the seller’s obligations when making purchases from him are described in the rules for the remote sale of goods, which are approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. Typically, a contract of sale is deemed valid upon receipt by the buyer of a cash (goods) receipt from the seller. But only when additional conditions are either not specified or the law does not provide for them. When making remote sales, the contract also starts from the moment the seller is notified that the buyer is ready to make a purchase from him. Sellers have the right to determine the moment when the contract becomes effective. Therefore, each time gets acquainted with the terms of the offer agreement, presented in the Online Shopping in Karachi of the seller.

Caution, scammers!

  • Do not pay for the goods until they are in your hands.
  • When receiving the goods in the mail, carefully check the weight of the parcel – they may send you something wrong, and you will recognize the forgery in advance.
  • Do not give your card details, except for the number, if suddenly the seller says that he should transfer you a bonus or change.
  • Try not to let couriers into the apartment. Cases have become more frequent when delivery service employees turn out to be scammers.

Will the Money Be Returned for Delivery

On the site where you purchase the goods, it should be written whether it is possible to return a particular item, under what conditions, who will pay for the delivery, if the goods are heavy and without special transport you can not return it.

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The law provides a procedure for the return of quality goods, while certain services (for example, courier delivery) must be paid. But upon receipt by the consumer of low-quality goods or if they do not comply with the form, type, size of the order, payment for the service to ensure the delivery of goods is not charged or is returned if the consumer paid at the time of purchase.

Return Policy

  • Returns of used goods are not allowed.
  • The item must have a presentation.
  • Production packaging must not be damaged.
  • Factory tags, labels, and seals should be in place.
  • You must have a receipt confirming the purchase of goods.

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