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How to determine the size of a bra on Aliexpress

Where, no matter how on, girls can buy underwear for any occasion and at any price? Among the 109,550 results for Bra, various accessories are offered that make life easier for girls, sports tops, lace bras, seamless, invisible, and many others.

Prices start at a few cents for accessories and $ 1-2 for a bust, but end up, of course, in hundreds and thousands (you can even find carnival costumes and underwear with LEDs). In general, the range of was not even worth doubting. But the only thing that confuses is not a very simple system of Chinese sizes, and often American and other calculus systems are added to them.

But everything is not as scary as it might seem at first glance. Let’s see how to determine the size of a bra on

Choosing a bra size on the product page


Quite often, sellers on, realizing that customers live in different countries with different measurement systems, help with the choice of sizes. To do this, on the page with their product in the size line there is a button Sizing Info (information about sizes).


By clicking on it, you will enter the world of centimeters and calculating the number of your cup. By the way, the cup size is displayed in an understandable and familiar format for us – a number and a letter, 75B, 70C and so on. That is, in this paragraph for those who at least once in their life bought clothes in a store, there will be no questions. For those with a purchase for the first time, we’ll tell you.

Cup size determination

To calculate the size of the cup, you will need an assistant with a centimeter tape (tape for measurement). An assistant is needed due to the fact that you are measuring the volume of the chest, which means that this part should be in a relaxed state.

So, the assistant should measure 2 parameters:

  • the most protruding part of the chest (in centimeters),
  • chest volume under the chest.

In practice, as shown in a tip from (except that the Upper Chest is not the part above the chest, but the most prominent part of the chest).


In practice, as shown in a tip from (except that the Upper Chest is not the part above the chest, but the most prominent part of the chest).

You will get 2 values in centimeters of Upper Chest (the most prominent part of the chest) and Underbust (volume under the chest). Using this size chart from, you can determine which cup size is right for you.




This is the third parameter. Moreover, on most often its dimensions are indicated in inches (32, 36, etc.).

How to calculate your “Chest circumference” in inches. Measure with a centimeter the part above the chest and divide by 2.54. The resulting number is the necessary parameter.

How to determine the size without a table

Then we strongly recommend that you write to the seller in a personal message those parameters that you measured (3 sizes that we analyzed above), and ask him to help you choose your size. This will help to avoid disappointment and a small bra (after all, quite often the Chinese have smaller sizes than ours).

Well, we figured out the dimensions. We hope that you will find linen at a reasonable price and with the right size! And remember that for each product you always have.

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