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We connect the cell phone via Bluetooth to the machine.


Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows you to create wireless secure local area networks, which makes this technology ideal for short-range connections between devices such as a telephone and an infotainment system, or between a telephone and the Bluetooth hands-free system that vehicles are equipped with.

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The process of creating a network to connect the phone to the car is called “pairing” or “pairing” (since the network consists of only one pair of devices). Despite the fact that theoretically one device via Bluetooth can be connected to several other systems and gadgets, each connection is reliable and unique for one specific pair of devices.


pkbazaar1In order to successfully create a “pair” between the cell phone and the car’s infotainment system, both devices must be Bluetooth compatible.


Most car entertainment systems feature Bluetooth wireless technology, which is compatible with most mobile phones on the market.


This allows the driver to create a wireless communication channel in the car that provides hands-free operation with which you can receive and send calls from a mobile phone without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Also, connecting the phone to the car allows the driver to receive and send SMS messages, listen to your favorite music from the phone on the car’s audio system, and even access the Internet using the mobile Internet from the car’s screen. car Bluetooth in Pakistan Best car Bluetooth In Pakistan New Model car Bluetooth In Pakistan

  car Bluetooth

1) Check your equipment for Bluetooth compatibility


In order to use your mobile phone in the car using the speakerphone, you need to:


  •  Bluetooth enabled cell phone
  •  Bluetooth infotainment system or car audio system
  •  A PIN number for infotainment or audio system


In addition, connecting the phone in a car is useful to have the following things:


  •  Car phone mount
  •  12-volt charger for cell phone


2) Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your phone


Most mobile phones and smartphones have a Bluetooth system. But, nevertheless, before connecting the mobile phone to the car, you should check the availability of wireless technology.


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mobile Bluetooth 

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The exact process of pairing the phone with the car audio system depends on the make and model of the phone and the car’s infotainment system. Therefore, in this guide we will use universal tips to help connect the phone to the car, regardless of its type, make and model. However, when connecting the phone to the car, make sure that you use the correct  Bluetooth setup features by reading the manual for the car.


And so to connect the phone via Bluetooth to the car, you first need to make sure that the system is activated on the phone. To do this, you should find in the settings of your mobile phone a menu that is responsible for enabling/disabling the Bluetooth wireless data system.


If you do not know where Bluetooth is turned on in the phone, refer to the device’s manual, which should explain in detail how to turn on the wireless system.

When you find in the phone’s menu a function that activates or deactivates the Bluetooth system, you must also make sure that the option “detect the phone is detected by other devices” is on. Depending on the make and model of the phone, you can also set the visibility time of your device for other devices. For example, you can configure the phone to be visible to other devices for only a few minutes.


In some phones, you can configure the device to be visible all the time.

Also, in some models of mobile phones, the Bluetooth system automatically turns off after a few minutes of searching for other devices, if no external connection has been made during this time.


3) Make sure the car’s infotainment system is ready to connect to the phone


Many cars have a button (TEL, Phone, Bluetooth and others), which if pressed, the process of connecting the car to the phone will begin. In some vehicles, the process of “pairing” the phone with the machine can be started using a voice command. There are also many cars in which the process of connecting a mobile phone to the infotainment system is started by activating a special function in the menu on the screen.


In our example, we will consider the most difficult option, when you need to use the menu on the screen of the car infotainment system to connect the phone to the car.


We would like to note that if you did not find the Bluetooth button in the car or if your car does not support voice commands, then you will have to find in the car manual a section that talks about connecting the phone to the infotainment system or setting the sound transmission from the phone to the audio system cars.


4) Search your phone infotainment system car


You should start this step only if the option “the phone is visible to other devices” is enabled on your phone, the Bluetooth system is activated (if you want the infotainment system to detect your mobile phone) and the search function works on the phone devices “(if you want the phone to find the infotainment system).

 apple Bluetooth 

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However, no matter which device you want to enable the search for the connected equipment, both systems must be ready to search for a connection within 2 minutes.


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In our example, we used the car’s infotainment system to search for a phone. To do this, we found the Bluetooth icon in the entertainment system menu and clicked on it to start searching for a cell phone over a wireless communication channel.


5) Search for car infotainment system on your phone


If you want to make a connection from your phone, then you must activate the “search for devices” function by activating Bluetooth. After that, the phone will begin to scan the network for any visible Bluetooth devices.


So do not be surprised if, after searching, on the phone screen you see various wireless gadgets (laptop, someone else’s computer or other people’s phones).

After searching for devices, your task is to select your infotainment system or your speakerphone system on the screen.


6) Select your car speakerphone from the list of detected Bluetooth devices



After the phone has detected the speakerphone system of your car, then on the device’s screen you will find in the list of detected equipment available for connection is “Hands-Free” or the like.

In our example, the phone detected Toyota Camry’s “Hands-Free” system. After that, in our example, we had to click on the inscription “Hands-Free” to start the process of connecting the phone and the car.


After you select the desired device to connect on the phone screen (or after the infotainment system detects your phone), you will need to enter a password (PIN code) on the phone to pair the devices.


As a rule, all cars equipped with a speakerphone or a system for listening to music from wireless devices come with a password generation system for pairing the car with the phone.

If your car is equipped with an infotainment system screen, then after the devices find each other, the password should be displayed on the car screen, which you must enter on your mobile phone to finally pair the devices.


If your car is not equipped with a screen but has a speakerphone option, then refer to the vehicle manual, which should indicate what password must be entered to connect the phone to the car.


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For example, many cars often use simple passwords set at the factory: “1234”, “1111”, etc.


You can also set a password manually if you search for devices directly from your phone.


7) Successful connection


If you entered the correct password for pairing the phone and the car, then you will be able to successfully connect the phone to the speakerphone of the car. If this does not happen, you need to repeat all the steps from the beginning. You may have entered the wrong password during pairing.


Please note that in some used cars you may encounter the problem of connecting the phone to the car due to incompatibilities or malfunctions of the equipment. Therefore, the connection process may need to be repeated several times.


8) Outgoing and incoming calls using the speakerphone in the car


After you have successfully connected the phone to the car using Bluetooth, you should check that everything is working properly. Depending on the specification of your car, receiving and sending calls is different.


In our example, we used Toyota Camry, in which there are buttons on the steering wheel with which you can control your cell phone while receiving calls.

Pay attention to many modern cars, the function responsible for making calls using the speakerphone is located in the menu of the infotainment system or on the center console.


iPhone Bluetooth

Some vehicles have just one button, which, in addition to activating all the voice control functions, is also responsible for setting the navigation points of the satellite navigation route, radio control, and for incoming and outgoing calls.


In addition, there are cars on the market equipped with a voice control system, with which you can control many functions of the car by pronouncing certain voice commands. For example, in some car models, there is a voice control function for the speakerphone.

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