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Summer is here, the high temperatures start to wreak havoc and it is logical to want to wear practical and fresh clothes. And, what more versatile for a man at this time of the year than shorts? So Pk Bazaar will teach you all those tips you need to know when choosing and using men’s shorts.

The Basics of Men Shorts

These are basically shorts. They generally go above the knee, some shorter than others. Its use is very versatile. They are preferred for spring-summer because they make the heat more bearable. They are listed as informal garments, but this does not mean that they are only useful for going to the beach, pool or sports. They are also used for outings with friends, informal meetings or simply for a quick visit to the supermarket.

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They are very common garments in a man’s wardrobe. Everyone has one, either because they transform old jeans or long Chinese or because they buy new ones at a store.

How to Choose and Wear Men’s Shorts

There is a big dilemma about the correct use of Bermuda since designers like Tom Ford said that “a gentleman should never be seen in the city with shorts.” However, this theory does not apply when you are in a cement jungle at more than 30 ° C.

That the versatility of this garment does not confuse you if you do not make the right decisions you can end up looking like a lost tourist, an explorer or a child with very short shorts. Thinking about it, we give you some tips that can be useful when choosing men’s shorts.

There are certain factors that should be considered and we show them below:

Choose Depending on the Cut

There are different options for shorts to buy, in many cases, it will depend on your tastes. But, consider which ones fit you best:

  • Chinese cut Bermuda: they are very popular. They are characterized by their side pockets and slightly thicker fabric. These aspects make it very practical for young people and also for going for walks or walks. They look good with polo shirts and casual shoes, but also with sweatshirts and sneakers. They are informal.
  • Shorts with a tailor’s cut: They are a little more formal Bermuda. These have no details, only Slim cut pockets. They are similar to casual shorts. They are not so long, they are usually bought with 8 centimeters over the knee. This is why the hottest months are the best, and to go to the pool or beach.
  • Classic Bermuda Cut: They have a smooth surface and are simple. As dress pants have waist folds and simple pockets. With a good combination, they can look elegant and sophisticated.
  • Sports shorts: There are very varied cuts, everything will depend on your taste. They are made of polyester, for the comfort offered by this fabric for sports.
  • Denim Bermuda: They are made with jeans fabric (denim). They are convenient and like long jeans offer many options to combine. These look better adjusted, straight cut, therefore, they are better for thin-legged boys. Ideally, use them with sneakers and at the top, you can use any option depending on where you are going.

Choose Considering Trends

Bermuda is a basic garment in any man’s wardrobe in the spring-summer season. For this reason, fashion firms have been introducing and changing trends.
It is never too much to keep an eye on the collections and trends of each year before going out to look for promos in Shorts.
For this year you can bet on floral prints. Also by navy style shorts (sailor) where stripes are very common, as well as colors such as white and blue. And, of course, the inevitable denim that besides being always in trend is easy to make combinations and practical for almost any occasion.

Fabric Type

Normally the fabrics change according to the season. But ideally, they fulfill their main function that is to provide comfort and freshness. For this reason, he prefers cotton, drill, polyester, and linen. The fabric will depend on for you to use. For example, if you are going to do sports it is preferable to use polyester. While for more formal walks the best is cotton or linen.

Designs and Colors

A badly combined Bermuda or one that has a very striking design does not fit anyone. If you consider that you are a sober person you can bet on single-colored fabrics, such as beige, gray, black, dark blue, dark green or olive, coffee, among others. You will also look good classic prints such as pictures and stripes that always add a particular touch to the set. While if you are a little riskier you can choose bright colors (red, wine, pastel colors and others) or mini prints (dots, rhombuses, spots, fruits, animals and others).

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It Will Depends on the Occasion

When choosing Summer Shorts in Pakistan remember to take into account the situation in which you will use it. This way you will never look out of place. If you are more athletic or take advantage of the warmer months for outdoor walks (long walks in forests or mountains) the Chinese court and sports are ideal. While for casual or semi-formal occasions, denim and classic Bermuda shorts are a better option.

Choose Considering the Shape of Your Body

Bermuda is a garment that suits all men. But this does not mean that everyone favors the same cut of these pants. Believe it or not, body shape plays an important role in how Bermuda will look.
For example, if you are short, do not use shorts that are lower than the knee, as you will look shorter and heavier. This cut, which is usually seen in the office, is better for tall men.
If your height is average, then you can wear shorts over the knees, you will look great. But, remember that these should not be too short.
Make sure that men’s shorts are not too wide since your legs will look very thin and if they are too narrow it will reduce masculinity and can even cause discomfort to move freely. In addition, you should avoid excess fabric (pocket size and quantity).

Harmony With the Top Garment

The Bermudas with small patterns like polka dots, stripes or solid colors are the best for this summer. In addition, these are combinable with almost everything from t-shirts, to long or short-sleeved shirts, through polo shirts, sweaters and when it is colder you can complete with sweatshirts or blazers.
If Bermuda is a striking color try to add balance to the set by placing a sober colored garment on the top. Avoid combining sports shorts with shirts or polo shirts.
To complement your look, we recommend adding good sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun. While you can add a blazer or jacket when the occasion warrants.
Tailored Bermuda shorts complement each other very well with a jacket or blazer. While the Chinese cut should be used with basic shirts and without prints so that the proportions look balanced.
Another option is to wear shorts with sweatshirts, both pieces fit very well if what you like is summer urban look. To counteract this effect a little, look for clothes without prints or additional pockets

Shoe Style

There are many types of shoes to combine shorts. Everything will depend on the style you choose to wear in Lahore, you will get a casual, sporty, beach and even semi-formal look.
The nautical shoes and moccasin type go well with Men Shorts Price in Pakistan. Especially those without details on its surface such as classic or tailor-cut shorts. It is recommended that they be solid and sober colors. This combination allows for creating an elegant and fresh style.
Canvas shoes, like the Vans, are mainly used with Chinese-cut and denim Bermuda shorts. This helps you get a casual look, ideal for college or a date with friends.
Espadrilles and sandals certainly go well with shorts, as long as you are taking a walk on the beach or a pool day. Avoid using this combination to take walks inside the city (it is only valid if you go through the streets near the coast).

Latest Tips for Wearing Shorts

  • Hawaiian prints in strong or neon colors can be reserved only for the beach or the pool.
  • If your legs are thin, use them in a light color and just where the knee bends. The more skin you show, the thinner your legs will look.
  • Avoid exaggerated and too flashy prints
  • Do not use shorts with long socks, opt for those that reach the ankle.
  • The hem is placed about one to four inches (2.5-10 cm) above the knee. Not above.
  • Do not be afraid to wear shorts. Many people just use them just for sports, go to the beach or the pool.
  • Sports shorts are only combined with sneakers, not with moccasins or sandals.

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