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As a former jewelry industry practitioner, you must answer it.
Want to see the brothers written by the master, please move the necklaces that are very high-quality and suitable for boys?

Some of the answers in the previous paragraphs are quite good. If you answer the questions, you will be able to write them up. If you want to improve your style, it will be a matter of opinion.
The female version will also be written in the future, because the female jewelry is really complicated and varied, and the length of the essay is absolutely not short.
PS: Men’s models are just the tip of the iceberg in the jewelry world. In fact, the strength of answering the Lord is on women’s jewelry ~~

First of all, from the material points, the men’s bracelet is divided into several elements, namely metal, leather, beaded, as well as textiles, mosaics, textiles and beads, metal and leather, and so on.
Sometimes a variety of elements appear in a bracelet at the same time, as well as a mix and match style, which will be mentioned later.

Metal bracelets are divided into precious metals and base metals.
Precious metals are platinum, gold, silver, etc. (compared to others, silver is not very expensive).
Base metals are copper, stainless steel, such as domestic titanium steel (excluding titanium, in fact, stainless steel).
It is possible that Thai silver should also be counted as a base metal. Because there is some Thai silver jewelry in China, in order to save costs, the silver content is far below the 925 standards.

Platinum bracelet

Gold also has a color, an authentic golden yellow, and rose gold.
Gold bracelet

Needless to say, Cartier is considered to be one of the most intensive brands in the domestic TV series.
After all, the international jewelry brands that the domestic public is familiar with are just a few. You have to make some low-key high-end goods, they don’t necessarily know how to do it.

Tiffany also failed to escape the same fate.

Rose gold, which is Rose Gold, the respondent personally feels that there is a lower grade and taste than the local gold.
Cartier has a lot of design in the men’s Rose Gold bracelet series, the domestic imitation has been flying all over the sky, just a search everywhere is the same paragraph of Cartier.

Cartier Rose Gold Bracelet Collection

Then, silver.
Don’t say it looks like stainless steel.
Perhaps in the eyes of non-industry people, stainless steel jewelry and silverware can hardly be distinguished, but in fact, the gloss of silver is higher than that of stainless steel.
Silver is relatively easy to oxidize and belongs to very delicate metals.
Wearing a long sweat will also cause it to oxidize, and soon it will be covered with a layer of black.

You can use silver cloth or silver water to clean the oxidized silver. In fact, the jewelry is removed to indicate the oxidized silver.
But no matter what, both will have slight damage to the surface of the silver, it is impossible to restore the original light and smooth.

There is a saying in the country that if the silver jewelry is black after wearing it, it means that the person wearing the body is not good, and it is completely nonsense.
I think people who know a little bit about chemistry can easily explain this principle.

Then, Thai silver, both vintage and old style silver.The old part is eroded with sulfide on the silverware, and the cover layer is formed in a vitreous state. The black-silver cover layer is loose and black, which is in sharp contrast with the bright silver of white, and produces a special visual effect.

Compared with the clean silver, Europeans and Americans prefer rough and simple Thai silver jewelry, retro and versatile.

Although Thai silver is not a precious metal, the individual is still more inclined to love it.
It’s just that there are not many girls wearing Thai silver jewelry in the country, let alone boys.
In fact, the wearing effect of Thai silver is very atmospheric.

Thai silver bracelet

To add to the problem, Dai Taiyin’s sister is very gas-filled. The Lord is very fond of Thai silver elements.

There is a Chrome Hearts element in Thai Silver. Chinese is called Croce or Kangha. It is also a well-known and popular style. Derivatives based on it are also very much.
Chrome Hearts Thai Silver Bracelet

Chrome Hearts Men’s Ring

Copper bracelet.
Basically, it is also a rough route.

Stainless steel bracelet.
Don’t think that the stainless steel used to make the kitchen knife must be on the low-end route. Even Armani has a stainless steel bracelet.

Well, there is CK, taking the minimalist route, stainless steel is a frequent visitor to his family.
Generally speaking, these jewelry are only the big brands of secondary products, and jewelry products generally do not use expensive materials. It can be said that the price is too high, because it is necessary to make money, because the brand value-added because the sale is the design, the sale is the rich people.

What the local tyrants of the industry are not pursuing are often these cool brand logos, not the value of the jewelry itself. Do not believe that you let him buy a similar imitation, I am afraid he is not happy.

Local tyrants with certain tastes often do not choose such jewelry with obvious brand LOGO eclipse. Instead, they will choose some low-key brands, even private designer brands, you may not have heard, but the price is absolutely not cheap.

CK stainless steel bracelet

The effect of metal wire drawing will appear to be textured.

Growing into this is Cuff Bracelet

Cuff Bracelet can be used in formal occasions.

The following is called ID Bracelet, which is about equal to the name bracelet. Be a custom.
Some brands will also have lettering services.

Below, this is Charm Bracelet

Next, talk about leather.

Funny male god can be said to be the iron bracelet of the leather bracelet, and the two strings of heart-shaped bracelets, it is really a mix and match.

The more popular and popular styles in leather bracelets should be the scorpion.
To be precise, Braided Bracelet.
The scorpion is very versatile, and Europeans and Americans prefer to mix and match all kinds of scorpions.


Then, the beading class is also a lot of mixed routes.

The general order is due to the OEM production of mass production. Most of these beaded main stones are mainly cheap stones, and generally, do not have expensive stones.

Because expensive stones are generally less mineralized, mass production is impossible. Even if mass production is carried out, the quality of shipment cannot be guaranteed to be stable. The final result must be based on the sample.

Below, Google is swaying, white is a fossil, red is red agate, yellow-brown is yellow tiger eye, green should be turquoise (thanks to the comment area)

Ma Haotian

The correctness of the classmates, the answering of the Lord at first thought it was Tianhe Stone, did not notice the crack characteristics on the stone)

Tianhe Stone Bracelet

The bottom one is a turquoise bracelet.

The Lord can only distinguish about a hundred kinds of stones but basically can see that others can wear a gemstone bracelet to know the quality of the stone, the approximate cost price, and sometimes the place of origin, such as the Amazon of Russia and Peru. The texture of the stone is different and can be easily distinguished.
The picture below, casually found on the Internet, tiger eye stone (red-brown) and grass coral bracelet (positive red), are relatively cheap stones.

This mix and match. . .

The picture below is also casually looking for, and it is also a beaded mix.
The green one is Malay jade, which is a dyed jade. The color of the artificially dyed stone is different from the natural one. The dyed one looks like plastic, and the color looks fake. In general, the owner does not recommend wearing dyed stones.

Black may be unpolished black agate or black tourmaline.
There are many pure black stones, and the similarity is also very high. There are no signature features, and it is generally difficult to fully recognize them.
The yellow-brown is the yellow tiger eye stone, um, or the yellow tiger eye with a poor grade. The good tiger eye stone will have a beautiful cat-eye effect.

They are all cheaper stones.

Let’s take a look at what a good tiger eye with a cat’s eye effect is.

Then, textiles.
A textile bracelet represented by Friendship Bracelet.

Friendship Bracelet is also a must-have item for all kinds of hipsters. Fashion is young.
Don’t miss the bohemian style of the girl.
The main person also likes Friendship Bracelet very much. Bohemia style is also mentioned in the previous answer about girls dressing.

The picture below is a Rope Bracelet. The weaving technique is different from the scorpion bracelet. It can also be said that it is a two-piece scorpion.

In addition, there is a nautical style in Rope Bracelet, which is still very popular.

The mix of various element bracelets is unisex, and the front of each bracelet is basically introduced.

Leather with beads and metal elements.
The thick rope at the side is cortical.

Textiles are beaded.

Wait a minute, etc., a variety of random combinations of mashups.

Now everyone should be able to distinguish every bracelet.

Above: Upper left MIANSAI
Bottom left DOLCE & GABBANA

BOTTEGA VENETA at the bottom right.


The individual is a silver bracelet lover, I saw this article of GQ when I found a Dolce&Gabbbana bracelet some time ago.

I feel that the single item mentioned in this article is really a good quality entry option for those who love the bracelet~!

PS: GQ has a total of 4 categories and 16 types (the above 4 are the first type of leather bracelets). Original: Wrist fashion 16 beautiful men’s bracelet recommended _GQ men’s network

For the convenience of everyone, but the remaining 12 kinds of Pounder:

Metal class:



Bottom left LE GRAMME

Bottom right DOMINIC JONES

Beads class:

Upper left LUIS MORAIS

Upper right YUVI


Lower right LUIS MORAIS

Mashup class:

Left upper VALENTINO

Upper right BALMAIN

Bottom left BALENCIAGA

Bottom right MIANSAI

Recently I feel that Cartier’s Spartacus is good.

PPS: If the subject’s hobby for the bracelet can be extended to the bracelet, the choice is even more. Because it does not match the question, it is not listed.

PPPS: Boys actually wear watches as orthodox. But if you are a student like me, you don’t have to be too particular.

Such as bracelet + watch mix and match. Personally, feel very good. Feel the following:

Seeing someone recommend Goro’s, I will also introduce a few silver jewelry bracelets.

Goro’s deerskin rope (a few hundred dollars or so)

In recent years, GoPro’s red in China, the first Golden Retriever, Tang Cao Bracelet, Golden Eagle, those who can not afford the price, you can try the deerskin rope, suitable for men whose wrists are not so thick (such as me). The characteristic is that the leather rope is cut out from a whole piece of leather, the middle is seamless and has no interface, it can be waterproof, and the color is very beautiful.

Goros leather bracelet, 5500+
Werkstatt: Silver Chain and Silver Bracelet at Munchen (Munich Hand Workshop)

Werkstatt: Munchen is a pioneering silver brand in Germany. In addition to the silver chain in the picture above, I also wore a silver bracelet. The position of the button is unique and the impression is better. Although individual silver ornaments are relatively small, the irregular shape of the arc in the silver bracelet does not give the impression of a female gun, and the overall weight is very large.

Locomotive wind: Stop Light Alpine Long Lightning Silver Bracelet

The golden eye one-eyed bracelet
stoplight is the locomotive style that has been insisting on its own hand for so many years and the rough silver jewelry brand. Father supports a variety of custom styles, truly unique silverware you deserve. Father’s fvck Goro’s, fvck money is also a disappointment to the later goes (this is a post-word, saying that the father is quite self-willed, looking for him to order things have the feeling of eating omakase). There has been a recent trend of price increases.
Bill Wall Leather (BWL US silver brand)

BWL is the master of the imitation goods Chrome Hearts. Speaking of silverware, I have to mention a god-class brand Laboratory. BWL is a leather-made brand. At that time, it was one of the world’s top leather tailors. I once worked with Gabor, so I started to make silver and used many Gabor models. BWL features fine, expensive materials can be found by the main sapphire bracelet, the price is not high, and went to Los Angeles to see his studio friends said that the machine there is extremely advanced and expensive. As far as I know, there are a lot of bowl and Gabor players who look down on each other and feel that the other party is very low. In my opinion, but is compared with Gabor, just like the relationship between the latest super-running and antique sports cars. There are different ways to play, there is no difference between good and bad. Bowl has not yet been fired in China.
Laboratory silver king

The Gabor’s life was very expensive, and the new one was almost two or three grades. Thicker than Chrome Hearts. Countless friends who played good in the early years or ch platinum and diamonds later turned to play Gabor. It is recommended that old players go to play, novices should not touch a life.
Chrome Hearts
no map
there are always hundreds of people say ch how low-level, bad street Tide brand, nothing lower than gvc, I said, you do not know ch. Ch was born to be a leather coat, custom leather for Hollywood stars, and then to do silver. From the division of Bill Wall Leather, the style is biased towards the Goth, heavy metal. Ch silver, the gold price is high, especially 22k gold and gold diamonds, 22k ring breaks 10w, which is about 20% more expensive than Cartier’s stuff, but the weight is much better. (Cartier is a joke, except for Gooding and diamonds) The material used is thick. Ch silver bracelet can be won about 2-3w, gold bracelet work a little better 7w starting price.
Bloody Mary

Japanese silver jewelry brand. The offer price is quite high, but the discount is quite large, about 3k.

Mexican style, Japanese silver jewelry brand, is also very good.
Lone ones

The style is similar to chrome hearts, and the bell is its signature product.
Justin Davis

Justin Davis can be seen from other accessories, its style is more gorgeous, like the crown and more styles, more royal style. Just getting in touch with this brand, I feel that it is not well known in China, and the price is not very expensive.

Justin Davis ring
Undercover Takahashi Shield Sawtooth Bracelet

Undercover produced, not many people wear, it is relatively valuable, second-hand prices can stand high, interested to play. There are also a lot of imitation goods.

Sterling is a silverware brand in the United States. The shape of several rabies gives me the impression of the American comics style. It is also a very good brand, Schwarzenegger’s favorite brand. Starlingear is an apprentice of Gabor.
Cody sanderson

I can’t appreciate this style myself, only a few years ago saw a Japanese star start playing cody sanderson and started to follow suit to buy it. I don’t understand why it can be fired recently, is it a cosmic group? Anyway, I am going to burst red, and I have entered a few rings and bracelets to raise the price of hiahiahia. I think the selling point is as follows. Cody sanderson is also Indian style like Goros, and it is an artificial hand. The most important price is very cheap. (The GD necklace will be received for 2000 yuan, and then it will reach 5500+. The price of many agencies or buyers is now at 4000+).
A little player, I hope my answer can help you choose a bracelet that suits you. Players are also welcome to share their experiences and improve each other.

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Recommend two high-quality brands specializing in men’s bracelets and accessories

Specific to men’s bracelet, from the choice of style, is divided into Nordic exquisite wind, Japanese style Ami American locomotive wind, oriental South Asian handmade wind.

1 Nordic AWNL, Swedish Seiko and Swedish meteorite (it is said to have a strong transshipment spirit), plus a unique style. There are many stories and highlights behind, you can check it out.

Men’s Bracelet | Know these hidden rules to bring out high style

Human beings have entered the “male age” in an all-round way. If you want a trend, you have to be armed to the wrist.

How to bring a small bracelet to the high force, you must first understand the hidden rules of these fashion circles

How to wear a bracelet

Europe and the United States are popular with small beads, which look refined

Many people think that the bracelet is a summer accessory. In fact, the bracelet is also suitable for autumn and winter. You only need to know how to wear it:

1 Bracelet with a watch—-Select a bracelet that fits your skin so that they can lurk in the sleeves in a low-key manner. Also ready to pay handsomely.

More than 2 sets of bracelets are worn, the effect is better . (But pay attention to the bracelet of the wrist, the heavy metal bracelet is not suitable for stacking).

3 watches and bracelets match each other, is the most fashionable accessory skills. (With a fine bracelet, it will be very tasteful and detailed.)

3 Fashion always has some routines, mastering a principle; “A wrist is empty, if it is more than two hands, come handsome! “. Note that the bracelets on both the left and right hands are stupid.

Second-hand chain and dressing principle

In autumn and winter, you need a good bracelet to match

The charm of a man lies in the details. The bracelet can express your taste and texture as a man when you don’t talk.

Careful selection of a good bracelet will always achieve the effect of “finishing the finishing touch”.

Remember, the bracelet is a “taste” for your entire look, meaning that the bracelet style you choose will match the style of your day’s clothes.

Matching colors, doing more with less

If you are wearing a suit to take the business route today, the precious metal and high-grade gemstone bracelets will be very good.

Leather, rope and bead bracelets are preferred if your wardrobe is more casual pants and tropical style shirts.

The heavy all-metal bracelets should be carefully selected, but the lightweight beads and rope bracelets make it easier to control and mix.

How to choose the bracelet that suits you?

The bracelet that is usually hidden in the sleeve, when you sit down, automatically shows, is a low-key masculine

Consider your skeletal architecture

What is said here is not whether the bracelet is the right size. Now many bracelets have an adjustable designs, so don’t worry.

Need to pay attention to your body size, arm thickness, wrist bones, bracelets need to match the whole body

Choose the bracelet that matches your appearance by choosing the width of the strip, the size of the beads, the visual sense of the bracelet (simple or complex, heavy or delicate);

For example, a man with a small wrist is more suitable for a stylish double-layer 6mm bead bracelet. This will make him more refined and refined. Unlike a huge rock-and-roll metal bracelet, it feels like the whole person is overwhelmed.

Many Chinese consumers think that the bigger the beads, the better, the ones are not tall with a string of large beads, you are not greasy, who is greasy?

Master the art of stacking and mixing

Swedish AWNL is known as “king of bracelets”

Fashion circles are all mixed in the popular bracelet. A bracelet is relatively thin, no matter the spring, summer, autumn and winter, the mix of two or three bracelets, the more casual the better. The only thing to note is that one metal bracelet is enough, too much.

Hand strap with the watch

This AWNL bracelet looks low-key, but in fact, the silver in the middle is the legendary Swedish meteorite.

The style of the bracelet is the same as the style of the watch, so don’t make much difference. It would be strange to not match it.

simply put

Steel strap: You can try the volcanic stone or black agate bead bracelet. However, do not operate the 8mm bead size. Otherwise, it will take the lead.

Dark leather strap: The silver bracelet with the chain is the best match.

With a stylish, colorful strap: leather rope bracelet, free and easy to use.

Sporty driving style watches: tiger eye stones, dragon bloodstone, and other colored gemstone bead bracelets will be a more appropriate choice.

Of course, if you wear a relatively expensive gemstone bracelet, you can bring the watch in one hand and the bracelet in the other.

Four: four types of bracelets

1 woven bracelet

Shopping advice: a Weaving class should try to choose its colorful colors. Youthful fashion and vitality are the characteristics of this bracelet. Of course, it is more suitable for summer.

Style: Brave, personality dare to tell others how you feel.

Match: Can be mixed with all bracelets.

2 beaded bracelets

Shopping advice: Of course, I am not talking about the domestic uncle with greasy beading. The beaded bracelets launched by many foreign brands have added trendy accessories and many intent details, which are completely different and very popular.

Classic surrender, and dragon blood

Style: freedom, trend, mysterious leisure

Matching: The popular beading in foreign countries is basically 4mm~8mm in size. You can mix and match randomly from the color, shape and size of the gemstone. One of the tricks is that the color of the beads and the color of the clothes you wear are uniform. It can also be mixed with a leather rope bracelet.

Metal bracelet

Silversmith series launched by Swedish AWNL brand

Buying suggestions: Because of the high requirements, stainless steel or copper material is free and too inexpensive. Gold, silver, or silver gilding are good choices.

Special description of shopping tips : If you want the effect of real gold, but money is not enough, you can buy silver-plated products, but be sure to ask if the brand has color or refurbishment service before buying, this is very important, because silver plating is definitely It will oxidize and fade, but if there is color retention service, it will be true gold after renovation. If you can’t renovate, it’s best not to buy it.

Style: tough, masculine, rock

Match: Watch with a leather strap.

Leather bracelet

Detachable leather men’s leather bracelet from AWNL, Sweden

Leather bracelets are rich in color, so you can wear a variety of colors. The tan of natural leather bracelets is the most textured color, and it’s easy to pair with jeans, khakis or suits.

Shopping advice: If you wear jeans, you’d better make sure that the color of the bracelet matches the color of a part of your body. The color of the bracelet is best matched with the color of the belt and the shoes so that the whole shape is coordinated and tasteful. Note that if you wear a tie today, the leather bracelet is not very suitable.

Style: casual, cowboy, not afraid

Matching: Mixing with the bead bracelet is very good

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