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There are 3 main types of helmets : open, closed, intra-auricular.
An open helmet is a helmet that lets a part of the sound filter out through an acoustically transparent grid. Rarely used in the field of mobile helmets for obvious reasons, we find this technology especially on sedentary helmets, singularly on the high and the very high end.

On the other hand, a closed headset keeps all the sound inside the headphones . We distinguish between the supra-aural (or above-the-ear) headphones that are placed on the ear and offer a variable insulation, and on the other hand the circum-aural (or auricular circumferential) headset that encompasses the ear and generally offers better insulation.

Finally, the headphones in -ear , which, as the name suggests, is housed in the pavilion of the ear. This type of helmet has acquired its nobility with the explosion of nomadic readers and smartphones. In-ear headphones come with several pairs of tips that perfectly fit your morphology.

There is a fourth type of headset, ear buds , but it is losing momentum. Often provided originally with smartphones or mobile readers, they too often fish with a very average quality and ergonomics perfectible. Their main asset is a price in general very accessible.

The listening is very different on an open helmet or on a closed helmet . On a closed headset, the sound is theoretically waterproof while an open headset lets the sound filter outward, usually through an acoustic grid. The first offer better sound insulation and a serious often more present. The latter have the advantage of a more open and airy sound and a more natural bass although less obvious. Closed helmets are more suitable for mobile listening whereas open helmets are generally intended for sedentary use.

Expressed in Ohms (Ω), it measures the resistance to the passage of an electrical signal . Since the sound is conveyed by an electrical signal, the nominal impedance of the headphones will necessarily affect its audio rendering. Thus we find impedances between 16 and 64 Ω in general on the headsets dedicated to nomadic readers, and up to several hundred ohms on professional headsets. Plugging a headset for sedentary use into an MP3 player may drain the battery quickly. Conversely, a mobile headphone plugged into the headphone  Pkbazaar.pk input of a hi-fi amplifier will give a distorted sound. For more details, find our article on helmet impedance. Just remember that a 600-ohm headset will not be suitable for mobile use, and that a 16-ohm impedance headset will be inaudible on the headphone jack of a hi-fi system.

Expressed in Hz for the low frequencies and in KHz for the high frequencies, it measures the range of the bandwidth of a headset. More simply, this measure is supposed to tell you how much the headphones go down in the bass (the lower the number in Hz is lower it goes down) and goes up in the treble (the higher the digit in KHz is better). In reality, this figure is more of a business case, with an excellent headset that can display a small response while a poor headset will rise high and go down very low. Musicality is not just about numbers! Not to mention that MP3 files so often used in mobile listening are largely limited at both ends of the bandwidth. Let it be said, what is lost when compressing files can never be recreated by a helmet, was it the best in the world. It is therefore a technical indication to be taken into account but it does not bode in any way the audio quality of the headphones.

Expressed in decibels (dB) , it is also called yield , a term more telling in my opinion. Indeed, the sensor measures the sound level that can be obtained for a given power. To make it simple, at given power, a higher sensitivity headset will give a higher sound volume . We find this same principle on high fidelity speakers . The advantage of this measure is that a high sensitivity headset will be easier to power than a medium or low sensitivity headset.

We talk about 3.5mm jack for the connection of mp3 players , smartphones, tablets or computers. As for the hifi and separate elements, the connector 6.35 mm jack , bigger, is much more used. There are adapters, sometimes provided in the packaging for that matter, that make it possible to switch from one use to another. Other accessory sometimes supplied in the box, the airplane adapterwhich allows you to connect your headphones to the jack jacks on the aircraft seats. Needless to say, the sound reproduction of the commercial helmets is almost always superior to that of the mediocre helmets provided by the airlines. Last, on mobile headsets, opt for an angled jack, like the one shown below. In a pocket, they are less exposed to friction and traction than a straight jack.

Ideally, prefer the helmets whose cable is removable . In case of deterioration, simply change to continue to use your helmet. Regarding their length, we often turn around 1m10-1m20. Sedentary helmets are logically supplied with longer cables, sometimes up to 3 m. On most mobile headsets, there is also a remote control and a microphone for navigation between the tracks and for taking telephone communication. Unfortunately, the compatibility of these devices is still too often limited to nomadic devices Apple , to the detriment of Android products, yet the majority

Some headphones offer an active noise reduction function. This process, very useful for listening to music in a noisy environment or for isolating oneself, consists in analyzing the ambient noise and opposing the opposite noise, both canceling each other out. Some brands, Bose in mind, are more effective than others on this criterion. It is also necessary to take into account the autonomy of these headphones and to check that listening will remain possible once the battery or the battery discharged. Depending on your needs, also consider the type of diet . In case of prolonged trip without access to the sector, a battery-powered headset will be preferable to a battery-powered headset for example.

Wireless listening is another strong trend of the moment. The Bluetooth headsets are now offering a comfortable autonomy that allows holding a whole day or even several days. Keep in mind, however, that this comfort of wireless is paid by degradation of sound compared to wiretapping. As much as possible, prefer Bluetooth AptX compatible headphones, Pkmarts. come a more qualitative and less destructive audiophile standard. Among the wireless headsets, there are number of sports helmets. Often in ear clip format, they adopt fastening systems that differ depending on the manufacturer. They must remain firmly fixed in the effort but also comfortable for several hours. Sound quality is often logically behind. In this matter, there is no secret, you have to try them. Latest type of wireless headphones, UHF headsets. Recharging on a base connected to the sector, these headphones are used to enjoy the soundtrack of a film or its television program without disturbing his surroundings or his neighborhood, especially in the evening. But there are also an audiophile, especially at Sennheiser.

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