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Harry Potter Women’s Book

A few days ago, hundreds of millions of “ha fans” were heartbroken online.

The reason is that earlier, there was news on the Internet that Warner plans to shoot the “Harry Potter” series of derivative TV series, which is currently being prepared.

Just as netizens around the world rushed to report this good news, I did not expect JK Rowling to stand up and face:

“Harry Potter has no filming plan, and any such report is a pure hypothesis.”

A basin of cold water is poured down! Weibo’s home page is crying!

The influence of “Harry Potter” in the world need not be said. In its hometown of Britain, there is even “the life of the British actor who did not appear in “Harry Potter” is incomplete” This joke.

After 22 years of “Harry Potter”, it has brought hope and strength to the growth of countless people.

What charm is it that can still cause such a sensation?


Without her, there would be no Harry Potter.

Speaking of “Harry Potter”, the topic is always around JK Rowling.

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Harry Potter Women's Book

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Before the publication of Harry Potter, her life was once in trouble:

Studying hard to study at a prestigious school, the result was taken away by another girl from a private school with the same score;

After graduating from college, my mother’s body went from bad to worse, and soon she passed away;

It’s hard to talk about love, but her boyfriend doesn’t support her writing dreams, so she parted ways;

I thought that there would be a good marriage, and I ended up with a husband who was drunk and violent and simply divorced;

Life after divorce is extremely embarrassing, and all kinds of pressures have caused her to suffer from depression…

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Harry Potter Women's Book


In just five years, from the poor single mother who received government support to the best-selling writer in the UK, her life story has been compared to Cinderella by many humans.

But I don’t agree with this analogy, because she has achieved today’s achievements and wealth, not by acquainting with the prince of crystal shoes, but by her own efforts and talents.

The more she knows about her, the more she will find that the female image in Harry Potter has her shadow more or less.

It is precise because of this, those female images will be so moving.


Harry Potter Women’s Book

When it comes to “Harry Potter”, everyone notices that it is often a male character, Harry Potter, Ron, Dumbledore, Sirius, which is not as good as the ear?

However, there are also many female characters in the works that are not inferior to the dazzling degree. Even if there are only a few strokes, it is also deeply rooted in the image of dare to love and hate.

Today, I want to share these favorite female characters with you.

– Bellatrix Lestrange –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

She is probably a person who hates toothaches, cold-blooded and vicious, has a sadistic nature, and has near-perverted worship of Voldemort, and is willing to do evil for Voldemort.

But I always think she is very pitiful.

She was the product of child marriage. When her father was 13 years old, she had her, so she rarely got the love and teaching from her father. This made her very insecure, extremely lacking in love, and too naive.

Once this character falls into love, it will be extreme and will only pay blindly, just like she did to Voldemort.

Because I didn’t get good love, I tried my best to give love to others.

– Nicola Tonks –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

One question that knows is, which character do you like most in Harry Potter? Nifadola Tonks is on the list.

I have always preferred this role because of her truth: lively and cheerful, dare to love and hate, brave and perseverance, especially in love.

Her love with Lupin is known as one of the biggest tragedies in Harry Potter. As a werewolf, Lu Ping, after suffering years of prejudice and insult, decided that he was not worthy of love, immersed in self-pity, but Tonks did not care about his identity, facing Lupin’s hesitation, borrowing Furong’s It expresses love:

“Look! She (Hibiscus) still wants to marry him, even though he (Bill) has been bitten! She doesn’t care!”

Their love can’t talk about the beginning and the end because of prejudice and war, but Tonks loves the love, and the image of “the brave woman” who asks for the benevolence makes me unforgettable.

In the final big battle, when Harry saw Tonks again, she was already dead, lying side by side with Lupin, and even if she died, she did not separate them.

– Luna –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

Roman Roland once said: There is only one kind of true heroism in the world, that is, still love life after knowing the truth of life.

This sentence is Luna’s most true portrayal.

Seeing the mother’s death with her own eyes, or being ridiculed by her classmates endlessly did not let her lose her good nature. She is the only goodwill that is mixed with many malicious people.

Many people think that Luna is out of tune with the world, but it is only because she has been living in her own rhythm and will not be disturbed by outside noise. I think this is quite worthwhile for many women to learn because most of the reasons for women’s anxiety today come from the opinions of others.

I always hear women say that they want to grow and change, but in fact, many times they should change their ability to work or independent, but the ability to “live in their own world.”

Because only you really don’t care, you will really feel happy.

– Professor McGonagall –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

Anyone who has seen Harry Potter will not like Professor McGonagall?

As a teacher, she was harsh and harsh: even though she was very fond of Harry, she did not give Harry special care; even if her college students violated the school rules, she severely punishes her. To this end, she has won the respect of all the students (and some are afraid).

In front of her power, she still upholds justice. When Umbridge ruled Hogwarts, many teachers were unassuming, and only she dared to face the “just gun.”

If it is just harsh, it will inevitably appear rigid. Fortunately, Professor McGonagall has the “inside heat” side:

She is an avid fan of the Quidditch movement, and she won the game after winning the Academy Cup.

In “The Deathly Hallows,” after seeing Harry’s fake body, she sent out a scream of Harry that she had never heard before;

It is worth mentioning that Professor McGonagall is the first wizard to appear in the whole work – the tabby cat lying on No. 4 of Nuwa Road.

– Lily –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

Lily is the mother of Harry.

Just because she blocked Voldemort’s spell with her body, Harry was able to survive, and this magical story that was loved by hundreds of millions of people was developed.

So her impressions are often stopped here, surrounded by admirable words like “mother for mother”. But in fact, her combat power itself should not be underestimated: she is one of the few people in the Order of the Phoenix who can fight Voldemort three times and successfully escape from him.

In addition, her unique personality and character also made her a very good woman.

She never followed the rules and was very rebellious. This is a glimpse of her willingness to fall in love with a lost campus bully.

At the same time, she is also a person who adheres to the principle very much. She likes James. It is from the time when he no longer bullies his classmates and rehabilitates himself. He gave up Snape, and he was scornfully licking the “mud,” he was despised, and he was His repeated selfish disappointment began.

Lily’s kindness deeply attracts everyone around her, and because of her kindness, she can escort Harry’s life in the next few decades.

– Hermione –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

Born in a low-profile “Muggle (an ordinary person who can’t be magic)” family, Hermione has always been looked down upon by a noble “pure breed” wizard.

Did not win at the starting line, they used hard work to catch up with the track. Before the start of the school, Hermione read countless books, and soon became the smartest student of the whole year at Hogwarts.

She has excellent grades but is not complacent, she is generous and confident, and she is helpful. Although her way of helping others is mostly uncomfortable at first, her starting point is good.

Many people may still have questions: Why is Hermione not like Harry?

Rowling said in her interview in 2014 that she hopes that Hermione and Ron will be together for the sole purpose of private.

In the eyes of Rowling, Hermione is very similar to her. Hermione is her incarnation; she is full of emotions, cares about the non-mainstream group, and is angry when she sees a weak or child being cruelly or unfairly abused – almost Hermione in the book Expressed compassion for the house elves.

Rowling personally said that she likes a man of integrity and kindness. After many years, she further admits that she is not resistant to humorous men. She likes people like this to let her relax.

Kindness, integrity, and humor are the reasons why Hermione fell in love with Ron.

-Ginny Weasley –

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Harry Potter Women's Book

Although in the original work, Rowling did not use a lot of pen and ink to describe Ginny, but Ginny is still a character I like very much.

In the hearts of the public, her image was solidified: Ron’s sister, Harry’s girlfriend; seems to have always been the same as the accessory, but she is actually a very good woman.

From the age of 6, Ginny’s brothers did not let her play Quidditch with them. Her brothers did not pay attention to the brooms that broke into their homes and stole their broomsticks, showing her determination.

Ginny fell in love with Harry at first sight. The secret of such a “big star” is somewhat self-defeating, but Ginny does not, she chose to work hard to improve her strength.

At the Christmas ball, she reluctantly agreed to the invitation of Neville. Out of credit, when Ron tried to get her and Harry to go to the ball, she didn’t think of giving up Neville as her partner – she was more committed than chasing love.

Later, the driving force of her efforts is no longer to “be worthy of Harry,” but to make herself better and to achieve the state she wants.

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Harry Potter Women's Book

She gradually grew into a woman who is just, brave, and determined. It is not surprising that Harry is obsessed with her in turn.


Not perfect and very cute

In a blink of an eye, “Harry Potter” has been around for 22 years. Every time you reread, you will feel different things, sometimes friendship, and sometimes team spirit. This time I feel JK Rowling’s solid feminine charm. .

For 22 years, JK Rowling has been telling us in her way:

Women are not all the same. Different women have different flash points, or courage, or kindness, or paranoia, or independence. No matter which feature, they will shine with gold.

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Harry Potter Women's Book

I think this is why Harry Potter is so popular.

Compared to other books that bring us unfair and evil values, Harry Potter has been teaching us dialectically and looking at the world with real and vivid characters.

So don’t be so tired, don’t blindly pursue a comprehensive independent woman: the family is good, the cause has to be taken care of, the advance and retreat, and the choice is made… Where is there a perfect woman?

You only need to have your own characteristics, it is enough, you can be cute, can be hardworking, can be kind… no matter which features, you are you, always unique.

Be born, be happy, don’t be trapped by yourself.



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