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Electric Men Shaver In Pakistan 

Are you still using Gillette knives to spend time with 007? Or is it an efficiency electric shaver?

Ever since we had Haitao, we finally know that Philips’ electric shaver is only 1/3 of the price in the United States. Dongge sells the 790cc flagship of Braun at ¥5595, and Amazon has sold it for $90 and more than 600 RMB.

Women love electric, who says men don’t love it. . .

According to the latest shopping analysis report, the proportion of male users of all ages is higher than that of women. So we understand who is the one who always grabs the electric razor at the end of the year. . .

Electric shaver purchase guide:
The three major brands of electric razors: Philips Philips, Braun Braun, Panasonic Panasonic. (You don’t fly with me.)

They represent different technical fields. For a user, the most important thing is the feeling. The three main elements of the electric shaver: the cutter head, the feel, the sense of technology.

Knife head:
Philips’ technology is a rotating blade. The Philips razor you saw, the head is round. Both Braun and Panasonic are reciprocating cutter heads with long strips.

For Asians, most people’s beards are softer, and reciprocating cutter heads are easier to cut, and they are done once and for all. The rotary cutter head has only one cutting direction, and the hard beard is suitable.

feeling of using:
Among the three brands, Braun feels the thickest and the vibration is not obvious. Philips’ plastics are strong, and the vibrations are rotating, and the three are the smallest. Panasonic’s feel is also good, the vibration is not obvious. Spike men’s elements of technology, no doubt, Panasonic’s strongest. However, after the release of Philips’ new flagship 9700 , the value of force has increased a lot.

Before looking at each product, the basic problem of buying an electric shaver is not difficult to solve.

First of all, their voltage is universal, 220v no pressure. Second, the razor has a cleaning problem. All three offer automatic cleaning bucket accessories, and the flagship product has cleaning tips. When necessary, put the razor into the washing tub, press the button, and clean the cleaning head in minutes.

Therefore, whether you want to clean the bucket is also a problem you need to consider. Recommendation: Lazy people must enter. It is not difficult to wash it by hand. It is difficult to wash it for a lifetime.

Product line guide:
Philips Philips Norelco electric shaver purchase guide
Philips is the most famous electric razor in Haitao, because the difference is too big.
However, Philips has a large number of product lines, and how to choose is a problem.
In this guide, the PT series will not be listed first. With RQ11, the Philips Norelco in the RQ12 series is the focus of choice.

1150, 1160 is the RQ11 2D series of cutter heads, economical entry. The RQ12 3D cutter head is the 1250, 1280, 1290 series.

The suffixes after each series, such as: Philips Norelco 1150×46, simply represent different combinations of accessories, brackets, washing buckets and the like.

There is no cleaning bucket for x40 or x46, and a cleaning bucket for x42 or x47.

Philips Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100
Comments: There is no doubt that Haitao artifact, the US Amazon price is around 70-80 US dollars per year, domestic licensed goods to more than 1,000 soft sister coins. For the first time, many men have dedicated to the cheap 1150, and they have experience and upgrades in the future. (Thinking classmates please face the wall)
Therefore, 1150 is also the most easily discarded electric shaver. With RQ11 cutter head and 2D veneer design, the fit is not high enough. Really worth the price. The 1150×46 with stand now has a 20-knife coupon on Meiya, which is $69.95. Is Black Friday cheaper every year? At most 10-15 dollars.
Cleaning bucket: excluding
price: less than 70 dollars
Disadvantages: no Timmer hair trimmer, need to buy extra, long beard will be difficult to cut.

Electric Men Shaver
Electric Men Shaver


Philips Philips Norelco 1160X/42
Comments: A little longer than the 1150 battery, the most important thing is to wash the bucket, the rest are the same.
Cleaning bucket: including
price: less than 110 dollars.
Disadvantages: no Timmer hair trimmer, need to buy extra, long beard will be difficult to cut.

Electric Men Shaver
Electric Men Shaver

Conclusion: Buy 1280 cleaning children’s suit, or the flagship! 1150 is your novice show, you have to change sooner or later.

Braun Braun Electric Shaver Buying Guide
The same as small European appliances, Braun’s reputation is not Philips. However, Braun has German descent, and the reputation and design of motors and home appliances are first-class. Among the three razor brands, Braun feels the best.

The Hailang people love to buy the Braun 790cc, the domestic and international price difference is huge, but also the British men’s products award. Braun is also interesting. People say that the 3D veneer system is good. It says that the reciprocating contact area to the skin is small and does not cause additional damage.

Braun’s product line is also quite complicated, using 70s reciprocating cutter head, in addition to 790cc, there are 760, the difference is not obvious.

Braun Braun 3Series 390CC-4
Review: Entry-level 390cc, 4 cutter head reciprocating. Haitao people should not buy more, because the difference is not so big, the brain does not produce enough dopamine to the extent of impulsive consumption.
Cleaning bucket: not owing.
Price: Below 70 dollars is fine.
Disadvantages: Compared with the rotary type, the vibration will be relatively large. Looks like it is made in China
Braun’s 5 and 7 series products are all native to Germany.

Braun CoolTec CT5cc razor
Comments: Very wonderful Braun series. Cooltec is Braun’s world-renowned icy structure that cools the skin when shaving. Can a cool feeling be eaten as a meal? Braun said, Cooltec can also make your skin less susceptible to damage. You can also think of it as a simple version of the 5 series, just a little more cool.
Cleaning bucket: affordable for you.
Price: 90 dollars?
Disadvantages: The material and display functions are relatively simple, and the sense of technology is frustrating.

Comments: In addition to no ice, 5090cc is the original CT5cc twin brother, but also the original 590cc upgrade. Braun’s reciprocating cutter head is a classmate who is more suitable for beards in all directions. The 5090cc cutter head is not as good as the 7 series, and the feel is slightly down.
Cleaning bucket: Yes.
Price: 100 US dollars
Disadvantages: 790cc price reduction every day, who still sees 5090

Braun Series 7-790cc
Comments: The flagship razor that Braun should start with! Other series of campaign promotions are not as strong as 790cc. The price of the 760cc is even higher than the 790cc. It seems that Braun’s flagship to deal with Philips’ hegemony is still effective. If you have a long beard, you will like your classmates. The reciprocating cutter is too suitable for you. The 790cc has four reciprocating cutter heads that smash the beard back and forth. The self-contained cleaning bucket will prompt you if the 790cc is clean, and will tell you how much the cleaning fluid has. When you need it, press the button to start working. If you use no more than 15 minutes a day, there is no problem with 790cc for more than a week.
The most important thing is that Dongge is priced at 5,595 yuan in his own shopping mall. Haitao does not discount 1,000 yuan.
Cleaning bucket: must have.
Price: Below 150 dollars, even if the price is good, 130 is better, 90 dollars is already a classic yesterday, can not come back.
Disadvantages: The vibration is a bit big. The noise of the cleaning bucket is large (it will not be too picky).
Comments: This is the new flagship of Braun listed in 2014! Braun is also fighting, can’t make 8 series, get a 799cc. To say how different the 799cc and 790cc are, you might like to be a bit speechless. The most powerful improvement of the 799cc is that you can shave directly with a shaving foam! Although the 790cc claims to be wet and dry, it is no problem to wash the cutter head. It cannot be used together with the shaving foam. That is the unique selling point of Panasonic. Like the German-speaking classmates of Braun, this is finally liberated, and 799cc can do the same thing as Little Japan.
Cleaning bucket: standard.
Price: Compared to the price of 790cc, 160 can be an early adopter price.
Disadvantages: The cutter head is small and easy to carry, but the area of the skin that can be cleaned at the same time is limited. The current price will make you vomit blood.
Conclusion: If the new 799cc also has 790cc promotion efforts, it can be upgraded. Otherwise, 790cc is the best. The key to the icy Ct5cc is that the price can’t beat the big brother, otherwise it is also very fun.

Panasonic electric shaver purchase guide
The Panasonic electric shaver can represent the top three in the plaster country and does have its own technical strength. The Panasonic razor with 5 heads is one more than Braun. You say how much the 5 heads will improve the shaving. In theory, the running distance of the multiple cutter heads is short and the skin feels more delicate. However, our skin sensitivity is limited, but in fact, the psychological feeling is different. Most of the consumption is excessive consumption, and the accumulation of technology will also stimulate the brain to secrete dopamine, which has a feeling of earning. The vibration frequency of Panasonic is 30% higher than that of Braun. The entry level is 13,000 rpm, the flagship is 14,000 rpm, and the 10,000 rpm Braun is very sacred.

In addition, you said that the reciprocating cutter head can handle a limited amount of skin at a time and is inefficient. Panasonic will simply be a big head. Push the past and ensure that efficiency is not bad. But in this case, the portability is limited.

Panasonic’s product line is also growing to you crazy. However, it is not without trace. Panasonic is similar to Philips’ naming strategy. Use the tail number to distinguish whether the product has a cleaning bucket. For example: LA93 is a cleaning bucket, LA63 is not.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3
Review: 3 entry-level electric shaver. Panasonic’s ultra-portable gadgets are selling well in the US. Dry and wet, high efficiency, good feel, reciprocating cutter head. I don’t know how many ES8103S I bought for the Chinese yak. Don’t forget that the 1150 doesn’t have a Trimmer hair clipper, and the 8103 can be standard. By the way, 8103 is still lithium battery.
Cleaning the bucket: Do you still expect to have this configuration? No. Its cleaning bucket kit model is 8109s , I promise you will want to escape when you look at the price.
Price: Below 50 knives, the silk fruit is broken. Personally think that it is much stronger than 1150.
Disadvantages: The entry level, the physique, and the automatic fit of the gods are not, and there is no three-stage adaptive structure of Braun.

Straight Man Essentials: N Things to Shave Correctly

Women’s daily routine is nothing more than skin care, makeup, and dressing. So for a man, although the man | “rough” does not matter, but the heart of beauty is there. For a man, a clean and tidy face is the most basic, so shaving is a man. The place we are most concerned about.

Urban people have a fast pace of life, and traditional blade shaving takes time and effort. It is easy to cause a bloody case if it is not handled properly. Therefore, in the way of shaving, many urban men began to use more efficient electric razors. However, in order to let more people know the common sense of correct shaving and make your beard “scrabble” more scientific, we can take a look at the following small tips.

Do you know all about cold knowledge in shaving?

A healthy male has an average of 385 beards per 6.45 square centimeters. These beards grow at a rate of about 2.5 centimeters per 8 weeks. Because of the rapid growth, shaving has become a daily compulsory course for men, but many People did not take this compulsory course seriously, and if they were scraped, the cleanness would be over.

In fact, the shaving of the beard is also in order and time, so that not only can have a comfortable shaving experience, but also protect the skin of your face.

The correct time for shaving

After getting up in the morning, it is the best shaving time. The metabolism in the sleep is accelerated, the reproductive function is strong, the beard grows fast, the body function is consumed after getting up in the morning, the male hormone is not so strong, the beard grows slowly, and after a night The madness, the morning is also the best time to “cut down”, and the skin is more relaxed in the morning, shaving can also reduce the chance of being scratched.

It is worth mentioning that many boys like to take a shower after shaving, because they can take care of the face that has just been shaved, but can this be said to be lazy? In fact, the skin after shaving is more sensitive. At this time, the bathing, bathing liquid, shampoo and hot water can easily cause the sensitivity of the shaving area, even redness and irritate the skin.

After shaving, you need a clean and refreshing face. Is it a good exercise to say that you are walking away? If you really think so, congratulations on “winning again”, the blood circulation of the body is accelerated and the hair follicles are enlarged during exercise. A lot of sweat will irritate your skin after shaving, creating a burning sensation.

Shaving order

Many men are always in a mess when shaving, and the walk is over, but is your beard really clean? In fact, there is a sequence for shaving the beard. It should be kept from left to right, from top to bottom, first order the pores, then reverse the pores. After shaving, use a hot towel or wash with warm water. Check if there are any beards. Be careful not to shave your beard without any rules.

There are many blood vessels around the beard and the nutrients are very abundant, so the beard grows faster. Men need to clean their beard every day, but not once, they can “clean up”, so many men will choose to attack the beard from different directions. The result of this is that the shaving of the beard is too short and eventually forms a whisker, which of course affects the image of the man.

In addition, many men’s faces will have hair particles, in order to be more handsome, many people choose to remove them, but we can not put the cart before the horse, because although the removal of hair particles will be more clean, but it is also easy to stimulate the skin to form a whisker, affecting Handsome face.

Need care after shaving? This may be a question many men want to ask. Many people have the problem of dullness in the triangle of the face. In fact, this is caused by long-term shaving without skin care. The skin of the “beard area” is easier to dry than other parts. Even the shaving is skillful and actionable every day. After careful stimulation is inevitable, then after-treatment is particularly important.

How much shaving care knows, please distinguish between aftershave and toner

Never confuse the concept of “aftershave” with “toner”, although it is water, but the effect is different. Aftershave is used after shaving, and the main area of care is the skin of the beard area. The toner is used after cleansing and is a post-cleaning treatment for the entire face.

Use aftershave to care for the skin in the beard area. Do not share the shaver with others. Many people like to share razors with family, friends, etc., perhaps for the convenience of the map, but this is really unhealthy, the razor fits the face work, it is easy to carry the bacteria on the face, and it is easy to scratch the skin and contaminate Blood, sharing is easy to spread bacteria, infectious diseases endanger health, so don’t share razors with others.

A handy razor is especially important for men

There are currently two types of razors available on the market: electric razors and manual razors. As people’s attitudes become “lazy”, more and more people choose electric razors, then electric What is the difference between a manual razor and a manual razor? Is it good for a man to shave with a manual razor or an electric razor? First of all, the author will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of electric and manual razors here!

The electric shaver uses a motor to move the cutting edge to the fixed blade for relative movement, and cuts the beard or hair entering the mesh, which is composed of a stainless steel mesh cover, an inner blade, a micro motor and a casing, and can be divided according to the action characteristics of the inner blade. It is available in both rotary and reciprocating modes. The power supply used is dry battery, battery and AC charging.


1, fast: no need to use shaving foam, just open the switch to the beard, you can quickly smooth the beard.

2, multi-purpose: general electric shaver comes with long hair and angle trimmer, shaving can also be a shape for the beard.

3, more safe: electric shaver basically do not have to worry about the risk of the face being scratched, the use is more worry-free.

4, easy to clean: do not need to clean every time, the slag will not fall on the sink.

5, the loss is small: the general razor has a knife net cover, so that the loss of the blade is relatively small.


1, shaving is not thorough: there is a certain distance between the knife head and the skin, leaving a residual space for the beard.

2, shaving noise: electric shaver shaving will produce vibration, but also accompanied by noise.

3, need to charge: shaving to half of the lack of electricity is very crazy.

4, the price is too high: the price is several times or even ten times higher than the manual razor, making people buy very tangled.

5, cleaning is more troublesome: Although it is not necessary to use cleaning every time, but every cleaning and maintenance is very thoughtful.

6, irritating the skin: repeatedly circle on the face, press hard, so that the face triangle area appears dull.

Manual razor

Manual razors use physical principles to shave beards or other excess body hair. They are self-service tools that not only meet the needs of cleaning, but have also evolved into a trend of fashion. It consists of a cutter head and a boring tool holder. To ensure smoothness during shaving, the cutter head generally has a lubricating strip for moisturizing and calming. When used, the cutter head is mounted on the tool holder, and the holder is held. The handle can be shaved.


1. Thorough shaving: closer to the roots of the beard, the shaving is more thorough and the shaving cycle is shortened.

2, easy to operate: the operation is more intuitive, more convenient to use, easy to master.

3, protect the skin: to avoid squeezing, rubbing the skin of the sputum, so that the face triangle area to restore the curvature.

4, easy to assemble: the components are relatively simple, and the disassembly is more convenient.

5, the price is cheap: the price is relatively cheap, the price is relatively high.

6, easy to clean: cleaning is very convenient, direct water rinse, the appearance is small and easy to carry.


1, long time: need cleansing, shaving cream, skin care and cleaning razor after shaving, so it takes a long time.

2, easy to get hurt: the blade is in direct contact with the skin, and accidentally there will be a risk of scratching the skin.

3. Frequent replacement: The blade needs long-term maintenance and regular replacement.

4, high cost: the blade, the cutter head and the shaving cream used in the later period are all a fee.

The electric shaver was developed from the single-headed knife of the 1970s. As a product of modern industry, electric razors save people a lot of time, but its shaving degree and enjoyment are not as good as manual razors. The high price, noise and irritating skin also make many It is difficult for people to accept, but the shaving speed is faster, safer, and suitable for different environments. At the same time, it is favored by many men. However, the author hereby prompts users who use electric shavers to use the electric shaver to lightly apply the wheel face, which is not the “cleaner and cleaner”.Pkmarts.com

The razor is not a one-off, the PC teaches you how to clean

The cutting edges and pores inside and outside the cutter head are easy to hide the shavings and dander, and should be cleaned with a small brush after each use. Since the solidification of the shavings and skin oil can hinder the movement and sharpness of the blade, the dirt remaining on the cutting edge should be removed frequently. In order to maintain the performance of the battery, it should be used in the range of 0 to 40 °C. When not in use for a long time, the dry battery should be taken out and stored to avoid damage to the internal parts due to leakage.

Cleaning electric shaver head

The manual razor is easy to operate, easy to use, and more thorough shaving has always been the reason why men like manual razors. It not only avoids the electric razor squeezing, rubbing the skin, but also restores the curvature of the face triangle. Say goodbye to dullness, it has always accounted for more than half of the market sales.

As consumer habits change, more and more enjoy the pleasure and relaxation of manual shaving, more and more consumers choose manual razors, and the status of manual razors is gradually rising. Of course, the manual razor needs a shaving cream before shaving, and the blade is in direct contact with the skin. The risk of scratching the skin if it is accidentally restricts the purchase of some people.

Manual razor head

Tip: Experts have found that the number of bacteria on the razor is more than 1000 times that of the banknote. Manual razors and electric ones are prone to bacteria. Manual razors need to be replaced after 2-4 weeks. Do not use blunt blades. . It should be rinsed before and after use. It also needs to be disinfected frequently. It can be disinfected by mixing the alcohol and water at a ratio of 7 to 3 to eliminate bacterial growth.

How to buy a razor, please see here

Although the advantages and disadvantages of electric and manual razors have been analyzed, there are certainly many small partners who don’t know how to choose a razor. For men, a good razor is a prerequisite for success, so choose the right shave. The knife is especially important. In pursuit of the ultimate cleansing, it is necessary to use a manual razor, the pursuit of convenience and speed, that is not electric shaving. As for the good and the bad between the two, in my opinion, there is no clear dividing line, only suitable and unsuitable points.

According to the thick condition of the beard

If the beard grows slower and has a longer cycle and plenty of time, the manual razor is more suitable for you, not only to provide you with a more efficient shaving experience, but also to shorten the shaving time. If the beard is thicker and thicker, one or two days, then the electric shaver will be more suitable, it can save you time for shaving, and it is more than enough for a fast-growing beard.

According to personal habits

Choosing a razor can also be chosen according to your personal habits. If you like to take a bath and shave, then a manual razor is a good fit. You can apply a shaving gel to your beard while taking a bath. Not to be mistaken, and the manual razor is small and comfortable, and it will not slip.

If you are a “lazy cancer” family, or travel a lot, then an electric razor is very convenient, no need to use shaving foam, just open the switch to the beard, you can quickly smooth the beard, easy to live and easy to carry, Keep a clean face anytime, anywhere.

According to health

For a man who chooses a manual razor or an electric razor, it is a very headache for men. Maybe you like the convenience of an electric razor. Maybe you think people around you are using electric shaving, so you also Use, but what kind of razor is used also affects our health.

Don’t think that men’s skin must be indestructible. If you don’t pay attention to details, it will also cause skin problems. The electric tremor of the electric shaver can play the role of tremor massage, dredge the blood of the meridian, and enhance the vitality around the lips and cheeks.

However, for sensitive skin, the use of electric shaver is a little careless, it will cause a lot of skin allergies, redness and swelling, and the triangle of the face is dull and dull. At this time, use a manual razor, preferably Multi-blade razors reduce skin pressure and scrape, giving men better protection.

Editor’s summary:

Shaving this man’s required lesson, every man should take it seriously, but it is the lack of knowledge of many shavings that has caused a lot of embarrassment that affects grooming. Through today’s sharing, I hope to give you a correct partner. Shaving guides, and scientific razor options.

The fast-paced life of the city, shaving in the mirror is one of the few time left for men, so it is better to give yourself a comfortable and healthy shaving experience.

Straight Man Essentials: N Things to Shave Correctly

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