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How to design hair extensions
Who doesn’t want luxury, fullness, gorgeous hair? Well, the days when you really have to work hard and wait for years and years to get the hair length you need are gone. Today, anyone can easily change their hair style and change it immediately in appearance without having to wait for a few months of “hair extensions

Hair extension is not only suitable for people who want longer hair, but also for adding body. These extensions provide a beautiful volume that makes anyone’s hair look luxurious at all times. Extensions of human hair or synthetic blends can be clipped directly onto the hair, glued or stitched with glue.

To make them look more natural and blend with your natural hair, you need to treat it like your own hair. The following style hints will help you set the style of the extension without damaging them.

• Be sure to use a non-alcoholic product before starting the styling.

Use a paddle brush with smooth bristles. When unwinding your hair, be sure to gently brush your head from the head toward the top of your head.

• Never use heated styling equipment such as curling irons, irons and hair dryers on synthetic hair. However, these can be used for real hair extension. Always test the curl first and use an effective minimum temperature level.

• Wash the clips on your hair with a mild shampoo and warm water, then use conditioner to let your extension dry. For tacky or bonded hair extensions, very mild shampoos are used, preferably at a pH not higher than pH 7, and they are washed with a conditioner which would otherwise fall off before their estimated life.

• Avoid overuse of styling products to prevent product build-up on the hair Pkbazaar.Pk

• If you have straight hair and want to wear synthetic fibers, add a lightening serum to your hair before applying the wig. This will help your real hair match the extended luster as they tend to have a smooth plastic look. Keep in mind that when you combine real hair and extensions, the style is more natural.

If you’re trying to grow natural hair, try a haircut and give your personality a new look. Hair extensions give you the chance to try a new hairstyle without having to fix it to a hairstyle; these are also the best solutions for masking bad hair Pkbazaar.Pk

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Tips for an Ideal Hairstyle
Do hairstyle satisfaction, also known as the heart of “to be the ideal hairstyle nine skills”
First, to consult with friends and good reputation salon
someone said, “haircut can make people become relaxed mood,” perhaps because the hair is really ” Three thousand troubles silk”! Cut off some, the troubles are less; change a hairstyle, the mood changes.
When you want to change your hair style and have no experience in choosing a hairdresser, you should first patrol the hair style of your friends. Who is better, ask where she cut it? Then try it. Don’t blindly follow the trend.
Second, as usual, how do you decide which salon to go to? Be sure to dress as usual, knowing that the first impression you left on the hairdresser, if you get into the door with a unkempt face, he is likely to perform only the duties of the street barber.
The most important thing is that a good hairdresser will make different hairstyles according to your temperament. Therefore, your makeup and dress must conform to your daily style and habits.
Third, talk to the hairdresser.
Don’t let him go to the shawl! Even if you are coming to this store for the first time, you don’t have to fight, and a good hairdresser will usually come over and talk to you. “Sit down and talk to him first! Then try to let him know your personality and hobbies through conversation. Of course, your hair.
In the conversation, you can answer according to his question, or you can introduce yourself by yourself. like the topic can chat between friends around the following points:
1, every morning going to spend much time to take care of hair must tell the truth?.
2, what was once chemically treated hair done?
3, the first road often change or Since childhood, this article?
4. What
are the special features of hairpin ? 5. Is there any special prescription for hair style in school or company?
4. Listen to his opinions about hair style.
This will help you understand his professionalism. The average hairdresser knows to design a hairstyle based on the customer’s face. You can listen to his analysis and see if he has any new insights.
5. Don’t make him reluctant to act.
Remember: Don’t let him completely move to you and barely act. The hairdresser could have completely rejected your request from a professional point of view, but it was difficult for the customer to move, trying to satisfy the customer’s wishes. The result may be counterproductive.
Therefore, if you have already seen a few hairstyles, then show him what you are looking for, tell the hairdresser what changes you want to make on this basis, and then ask for his opinions and suggestions. If you haven’t already, then it’s best to read a few hair style books together, let the hairdresser pick out his satisfaction and find out what you want.
In short, you must listen carefully to professional advice. Even if you don’t agree with his analysis, don’t stick to it. You can find another one to try.
6. Accurately describe the hairstyle you want.
Unless you follow the hairstyle book completely, you must accurately describe the hairstyle you want. The following examples can give you some inspiration.
Don’t say: I want to cut short hair.
It should be said: I want to cut short hair about 3 cm in length.
Don’t say: I want a haircut that looks like a mess.
It should be said: I want to break the hair, the shortest point is about the same distance from the longest point (hand-to-hand).
Don’t say: cut my hair, but don’t cut too much.
It should be said: Please help me to repair the hair tips of about 2 cm.
Don’t say: I want to perm, but don’t wear the kind of wool.
It should be said: I think I should burn a big wave, curl up as large as possible, naturally,
know that the more accurate you describe, the more the hairdresser can understand what you want, that is, the more successful your communication Your final satisfaction will be higher.
7. Determine the color of the hair color according to the skin color
1. The person with dark skin color is not suitable for too light colors, such as golden yellow and light red. These bright light colors will make the skin color appear deeper. The hairdresser recommends dyeing deep purple, that is, grape color, which can whiten the skin.
2, white-skinned people, in fact, suitable for a variety of colors, the best choice is light color, such as rose, light brown are very colorful.
But there are also two situations, one is that the skin is white and red, which is more suitable for the color of the brown color; the second is the pale white with a cool color, which is more beautiful with purple-red hair.
3, the person with a yellow complexion is not suitable for dazzling colors, it will contrast the skin color is yellow and dark. The more suitable colors are those in the warm color system, such as copper red, dark brown, etc., which are visually very comfortable.
Eight, electric hair is more knowledgeable
The most important thing for electric hair is to master the degree of curling and the position of hot. Be sure to express the following points:
1. What is the height of the hot? Is it a half-hot, or a full-head hot, you can see the effect from the hairstyle in the book.
2, hot waves? Big waves or small waves can find the most satisfactory curl from the book.
~~~ In general, before you burn, you must know the effect of your hot today~~~
9. If you don’t want to be angry, don’t be angry. We often say, “ I’m afraid of 10,000, I’m afraid of it.” Even the best technology, there may be mistakes, if you are dissatisfied with the status quo, you should calmly say what you think is not right. It is best for you to analyze the causes of the mistakes together and solve the problems, so that you can avoid them from happening in the future. A good hairdresser will listen carefully to the customer’s opinion, because customer satisfaction is their purpose. In short, don’t get angry. . .

The combination of hair style and face

type is very important. The hair style and face type are appropriate, which can express the person’s personality, temperament, and make people more attractive. There are seven common face shapes: oval, round, rectangular, Square, equilateral triangle, inverted triangle and diamond shape;
(1) elliptical face shape: is a relatively standard face shape, a lot of hair styles can be fit, and can achieve a very harmonious effect;
if your face is oval, Then there are a lot of hairstyles to choose from.
Effective solution: Whether you choose to leave long hair or short hair, it is best to keep the same length, otherwise too many layers will form many unnecessary hair rolls.
Many of these face-shaped ladies often have a common feature, that is, they have a petite face. If you are making a big wave of hair, leaving a sea of the right length on the forehead, the effect is even better.

(2) Round face shape: The round face gives a gentle and lovely feeling. More hair styles can be used. Just make a little modification of the hair on both sides, such as long and short edging hair style, Xiuzhi hair style. It is not advisable to make a hair style that is too short;
what kind of hair style is a round apple-shaped face?
Girls with round apple-shaped faces will look childish, and they want to be mature and old-fashioned. The forehead is fully exposed, and the face shape can be lengthened. The hair is divided into two sides, which makes the face feel narrow and long. The girl with a round face should have a little bit of curvature, but don’t bend it outwards, which will increase the roundness of the face. Don’t be childlike, nor mushroom, round bubble head is not suitable. If you perm, you can burn the triangle to dilute the circle. The head seam can be divided into two parts, and the side can be slightly divided inward to cover the cheek slightly. The longer side can make the outer wave from the forehead, which can damage the roundness of the face.
(3) Rectangular face shape: Avoid exposing all the faces. Make a row of bangs. Try to make the hair on both sides have a fluffy feeling. It is not advisable to keep long straight hair, such as: long mushroom hair style, short show hair style, student hair style
rectangular face. What kind of hairstyle is good?
The girl with a rectangular face gives a feeling of maturity. It is generally suitable for natural and fluffy hairstyles, which can be mild and lovely. You can leave your hair to your chin, leave your bangs in front of your forehead, and cut your cheeks short, which will shorten the length of your face and strengthen your face. You can also make your hair soft and childlike, and make your hair full on both sides, and it looks like a rounded face. You can also fluff the hair on both sides of the face to make the face look wider, and the hair can reduce the length of the face. If there is a feeling of innocence in the hair, then there is a cold arrogance in the hair
; (4) square face shape: the square face lacks softness, should pay attention to soft hair when doing hairstyle, can leave a longer hair style, such as: long Hair, long hair or Xiuzhi hair style, long straight hair should not stay short hair;
square hair to do what kind of hair?
The initial impression was similar to a round face, but the “corner” on all sides was relatively straightforward and not soft enough. The inner contour of the hairstyle should be partially obscured to the face to weaken the square. For example, the hair on the forehead can be covered obliquely, covering a corner of the forehead, and the hem of the hair can be occluded from the hem of the original side. The entire hairstyle can be a little corrugated, which can increase the femininity of the model. Care should be taken to avoid short hair and straight lines. The hem can be longer and asymmetrical. The top is naturally soft and not too scalp.

(5) Positive triangle face shape: Liu Hai can be thinned and thin, hanging down, it is best to cut into the length of the eyebrow, so that it faintly expresses the forehead, and uses more hair to modify the ankle, such as: student hairstyle, shoulder Hair style, should not stay long straight hair;
triangle (melon face) what kind of hair is good?
The girl’s face is very classical and very delicate. The face is wide and pointed. They can make straight hair styles that stick to their hair, such as a comb. Perm is also suitable. When doing hairstyles, pay attention to the top of the head. Do not fluffy, expand, exaggerate should be the lower hair close to the cheeks, use the extended sides of the hair to expand the face chin, so that the thin chin and cheeks are three-dimensional. You can use the side of the hair, the longer side to make a wave-like sweep, the length of the chin should be chin, let the hair naturally hang down the inner roll but cover the cheeks and chin, so as not to appear sharper.
(6) inverted triangle face shape: when doing hairstyle, focus on the forehead and chin, bangs can do a row, the length of the hair is more than two cents of the chin, and curl inward, increase the width of the chin, the length of the hair exceeds the chin, two centimeters should be And curling inward, increasing the width of the chin, inverted triangle (pear-shaped face) What kind of hairstyle is good?
Pear-faced girls often worry about their big cockroaches, and the pear-shaped face is not only large but also narrow. The girl with a pear-shaped face is very suitable for perming, the upper part of the hair should be fluffy, the lower part should be shrunk, and the hair can not be made like a melon seed face. You can use your hair style to block the shadows of your ankle hair so that the fat bulging crotch has a thin feeling. You can also comb the hair back into a wide shape, leaving a little hair behind the neck, balancing the face so that the ankle looks less wide. Remember, the hair on the top of the head can’t be attached to the head with mousse, and it can’t be tightly slid. Liu Hai wants to have some, but don’t make the cocks-shaped high bangs, which will make the forehead sharper.
(7) Diamond-shaped face shape: This type of face-shaped cheekbones is wide and wide. When making hairstyles, focus on the place where the cheekbone is prominent. Use hair to modify the front cheeks and make the forehead hair fluffy and widen the amount of hair, such as: raw hair, short Ear hair and so on.
What kind of hairstyle is the prismatic (diamond-shaped face)?
The girl with a prismatic face has a pointed chin and a pointed chin. The cheekbones are tall and look very powerful. The age is also easy to appear big. They want to give others a gentle image. They must be permed, with large waves or small waves. To remove the sharp edges and corners of the face. Liu Hai, it is good to cover the amount, the bangs covering the amount can dilute the tip of the head, and will appear younger. The hair on the head is fluffy, and the hair on the cheeks should be fluffy. It is not advisable to comb the bangs.

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