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How much do you get the cake from the market? Now, if you still don’t know how much the hair extension is, how big is the hair extension market, how to enter the hair extension industry? Then you are afraid to really miss this round of beauty upgrade! However, it is not too late to make up for it!
On August 18th, Shanghai, the new force of the US industry – the four countries to send masters show, shocked stage, send and receive technology, performance, marketing and sharing, to explore the future of the news industry, open a new model of the United States, set off the United States The new fashion, the new forces of the US industry, the four countries to send masters show. The performance team spoiled in advance.
I. 3 AM Performance Group

Theme: 3 AM Future Technology
Performing Master: Zhichao, founder of 3AM HAIR SALON, well-known stylist, senior brand education consultant, professional lecturer, China’s new fashion designer, judge of the modeling contest, its unique thinking mode and guiding innovation to promote the new era of China’s beauty industry.

Master of Performance: Zhao Xinran, Director of 3 AM National Training and Education, and one of the chief training instructors of the Ministry of Education. In 2015, he was rated as the youngest force by Sina. In 2016, he was rated as “having a pair of magical hands” by the industry. His hand, the representative of the post-95 hairstylist “the young is not terrible young power is the most terrible.”

Performing Master: Lu Yifei, 3AM Artistic Director, Shareholder, Training Instructor, Weibo Well-known Stylist, China Top Ten Hair Stylist, China Hairdressing Trainer Qualification Certificate, Artist’s Royal Stylist, Color Equation Founder, Color Expert, Photography Master With unique insights into color, it has become the annual fashion color with its hand, and is in the front of color philosophy. With a strong sense of fashion and creativity, the design and thinking of technology and communication proposals have earned customers a high degree of trust, and have always insisted that their creative ideas are recognized by many insiders.

Second, the US industry Internet star speech

Theme: New America’s differentiated marketing
Speech Big Coffee: Guan Yujie, Chairman of Nanjing Maruyu Investment Management Co., Ltd.; MEET High-end Retro Oil Head Brand Founder; AHA Asian Hairstylist Association Chairman; China American Internet Reality Pioneer Mentor; M+ Beauty Industry Incubator Center Leader;; founder of Super-fine Learning Institute; MARUI uses Internet + micro-marketing, single-store monthly marketing performance has broken millions; opened more than 100 practical marketing courses, trained hundreds of thousands of trainees, and helped thousands of salons to successfully transform;
2017! The new American godfather Guan Yujie brought the “new American industry consumption upgrade” to the shock, opened the Internet salon to operate the new 3.0 era, and painted the new map of China’s US Internet Internet combat education!
Third, the fastest picking master in Japan

Theme: Change evolves!
Performing master: Akira Saito, the Japanese hairdresser, super-carved hairstylist, Japanese senior hairstylist, director of the Japan Hairdressers League

Representative course: Superfast hair technology! How many minutes have you received your hair?
Use the “change” of the hairstyle to change the daily routine, bring “evolution” to your lifestyle, and infuse the active every day with the heart and fashion!


Freedom, perseverance, rebellion, debauchery, street dance, HIP-HOP, rock and roll, underground culture is a unique way of life, keep casual, uncompromising! The underground theme show is to break through this attitude and open the horizon. There is a group of people like us in the world: I am me! Chasing our dreams in a rebellious way!

Performing Master: Lisa (Australia), majoring in hairdressing in Australia’s largest hairdressing headmaster in 2006-2008; and participating in a large hairdressing competition, winning the first place in the Creative Awards;

In 2009, he started his own hair extension company AUSTRALIA DREAM GIRLS PTY LED;

In 2015, we created the high-end brand FOREVER-LENGTHS HAIR EXTENSIONS;

2015 TVB Global Chinese Miss Hairdressing Partner in Melbourne, Australia;

Cooperating with TVB Global Chinese Singer Rookie Competition in 2016;

In 2016, Miss Chinese Miss 7 hair extension style.

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