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If you are interested in the idea of buying a device to massage the feet, you have probably noticed that there are a large number, with many technologies, making the process a little complex. Also, it is on the basis of this observation that we have set up our buying guide for devices that massage the feet, in order to deliver you all the essential information to help you choose. We opted for the question-answer format that we found adapted to answer all the questions you may have about foot massage machines.

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What are the different types of massages offered by these devices?

Each foot massage device offers massage techniques that are unique to it and that can sometimes be used simultaneously. These techniques are primarily intended to activate the points of foot reflexology or acupuncture that will have a real effect not only on classic issues related to your feet or legs (relaxation, fight against heavy legs …) but also, given that it is about strategic points for the circulation of the energy in the body, coming to touch aspects like the sleep, the stress, the management of the emotions etc.
The purpose of these technologies is primarily to simulate manual massage by trying to touch the key points, but also from a more global point of view to massage a maximum of areas related to your foot.

Shiatsu massage for the feet
The shiatsu massage is concretized by the presence of various technologies, but it most often it is about balls or balls of rotary massages which will come to make an action on a more or less important part of your feet. The goal is obviously to reproduce as faithfully as possible manual shiatsu massage to draw its benefits.
Depending on the intensity offered by the device to massage the feet, this type of massage can thus generate a deep massage in the tissues, which allows to release the tensions concretely.

Kneading roll
Kneading rolls aim at how their names indicate kneading your feet, mainly at the heels and in the instep. The kneading process thus obtained makes it possible to have a relaxing effect, particularly if it is associated with infrared heat. The number of models that incorporate kneading rolls is quite unimportant, so do not hesitate to refer to them if you ever have the opportunity to buy one. Their price is often a little higher than those who do not integrate this massage system but the result in the long term is worth its investment.

The technology of air cushions
You will find many devices that offer a technology that is based on air pressure, which is illustrated by the fact that the presence of cushions in the device that will come to inflate to generate a phenomenon of acupressure. The cushion will therefore inflate on each side of the feet and then deflate. The effect is surprising at first but is interesting enough to get a release at the moment of decompression. This technique uses the acupuncture points of the feet, which can be beyond the surprising side somewhat painful during the first uses. However, once you have used your foot massager several times, you will not feel the pain and will only enjoy the relaxing and relaxing dimension of the treatment.

Infrared heat
Very common in devices for massaging feet, infrared heating is independent of the massage modes, so it can as much activate during a shiatsu session as a compression session by air. The interest of having a foot massage device that can deliver you heat is interesting to give an even more relaxing aspect to your massage but also to promote the penetration of the massage vis-à-vis points acupuncture. The heat diffused temperature is perfectly adapted to the massage, which allows you to really add an extra dimension to your massage experience.

Some models can control the degree of temperature that can be generated with his foot massage machine, knowing that we all have not the same sensitivity to heat. Since the infrared heat offers a real plus in the context of a massage whether shiatsu or air compression, we invite you to buy a massage device that is equipped with, so with the possibility if possible of adjust the intensity of the heat. The models marketed and that we offer in our selection are obviously free from any risk of overheating, the temperature can not exceed a certain level for safety.

Hydromassage / foot bath device
Based on the use of remouds baths, the use of foot baths can be interesting for people who would like to massage in the water. Indeed, the advantage of the purchase of a footbath is above all to enjoy the benefits of remouds baths (blood circulation, relaxing feeling), knowing that these devices also incorporate massage devices, at the same time. like conventional massage apparatus. Plantar reflexology is thus activated through nopps, massage pulleys which offers a very interesting result. It should also be noted that foot baths are less expensive than conventional massage machines.

What is the price of a massage device for the feet, what budget to allocate?

What are the areas that can be massaged by a foot massage device?
In theory, a device for massaging the feet is able to massage the toes, ankles, the arch, the instep, the soles of the feet. Then, depending on the devices, some will only make a message on certain areas, when others will be able to treat all areas of your feet.

 I am sensitive enough feet, is it possible to adjust the intensity of the foot massager?
Yes, it is true that from a total point of view, you will encounter a fairly large effect and can be initially uncomfortable when you start using an electric foot massager. This aspect exists much less with foot baths that feature softer technology in terms of massage. However, be aware that air compression type devices can be quite intense at first.

You can therefore find warnings on this dimension from electric foot massager brands. Be aware that after a few uses, you will not feel the pain of the device because you’ll get used to it. This pain is simply the stimulation of acupuncture points that engender a real physiological reaction, same thing for the reflexology points.

Since these points are not used to being stimulated, you may feel some unpleasant sensation that will disappear as you use your foot electric massager. In addition, for you to get used to the use of a foot massage device, you can use socks, quite simply!

What are the tips for getting used to shiatsu type foot massage?
Foot massages are generally quite tonic, although the type of massage offered depends on the model you want to buy. We advise you to start with a weak intensity, with a short session to test your reaction. 15 minutes to begin seems adapted, knowing that with the usual, you will be able to prolong the session (30 minutes maximum) and why not do several sessions a day.

 What is shiatsu massage?
Shiatsu massage is an ancient massage technique in Asia that involves targeting specific points with the fingertips, hands and elbows. The goal of shiatsu massages is primarily to rebalance energy, reduce stress and tension but also a global strengthening of the immune system.

 Who are the foot massages for?
First of all, to all the people who like to be massaged! Then, people who have a job where they have to work a lot (security …) will find a real relief through the purchase of a foot massager. In addition, people who have problems with foot pain, blood circulation or rheumatism will find concrete relief with this type of device.

 What is reflexology ?
You will find that the purchase of a foot massage device is intended to provide reflexology foot care. This is a discipline focused on foot massage which considers that each area or points of the feet would be directly related to the functioning of organs or physiological processes. This is the reason why, beyond the foot massage, the foot massage machines allow a stimulation of its points, and thus interesting benefits for example to improve the quality of the sleep, to reduce the stress …

Are foot massage machines suitable for all foot sizes?
No Unfortunately. Although brands of foot massage machines will tell you that their device is universal, it must be recognized that some devices are not suitable for people who wear more than size 42. Also, if you have small feet, no problem, you will find an electric foot massage device that will fit your feet. On the other hand, it can be more annoying if you have big feet. Also, it is imperative if you put on top of the 42 to make sure that the device is suitable for big feet, knowing that you will easily find this information in the customer reviews. Know that there are open models, which solve the problem of size of feet as shown in the photo below.

Is it easy to take in hand this type of device?
Yes, very often, a device that massages the feet is quite easy to use since there are often 2 or 3 massage modes, and several levels of intensity, with a button to turn off and on the machine. Overall, the grip will not be a problem, the foot massage devices are quite intuitive. On the other hand, some models are more ergonomic than others because they propose the possibility to change mode with the feet! 🙂 If you want to buy a foot massage machine for a senior, this may be an aspect) take into account if the person has back problems to stoop.

 Are foot electric massagers compatible with anyone?
No, some people should not use this type of device. These are especially people who have health concerns in the feet. For example, it is not recommended for people who have an algus valgus to use a machine to massage their feet. Same thing for people who have a metal object (pin …). If you have specific diseases in the feet, legs or blood circulation, we advise you before buying a foot massager to refer you to a health professional for advice so he can tell you if the use of the device is adapted to your problem.

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