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Graphic Card PCI-E 16X 3.0 GTX1060 GPU 6G DDR5 for nVIDIA Ge
The advice of Guide Gamer
Check the size of your graphics card to make sure it fits in your box.
Adapt your diet with the need for power of your graphics card.
Adapt the resolution of your screen (s) to your graphics card. (Do not take a 4K screen if your graphics card only supports 2K)
The preferred connection is the Display Port but it is not mandatory.
If you already know the brand of graphics card you want, you can directly view one of the following articles:

Nvidia graphics cards for a gamer configuration
AMD graphics cards
Our graphic card selection

Entry Level for a PC Gamer: The RX 560
AMD RX 560 Average price:
Chipset brand: AMD
Graphics chip: Radeon RX 560
Frequency: 1226 MHz
Interface: PCI-Express 16x
PCI Express version supported: 3.0
Amount of memory: 2 GB
Type: G-DDR5
Memory frequency: 6000 MHz
Bus width: 128 bits

Third AMD graphics card based on a Polaris chip, it stands out for its price / quality ratio which makes it particularly interesting for an entry-level configuration.
The Radeon RX 560 is a good graphics card for greedy games like League Of Legends. Be careful, however, for newer games or FPS, you will need to slightly lower your graphical expectations and you will quickly be limited to 30 frames per second. online shopping in Pakistan

The GeForce GTX 1060 is a fairly small graphics card with 21 centimeters long and this allows a perfect cooling of the graphics card with its two fans.
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The GTX 1060 graphics card is based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture and is the most interesting graphics card at the performance level for its price.

Note also that the GTX 1060 graphics card makes VR accessible to many people with this relatively accessible graphics card.

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