What is a good salesperson / Salesperson? How to be a good salesman / commercial?

Nowadays, to be a good salesperson or a good salesman it is necessary to have or develop certain skills and particular traits.

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Here are the 5 qualities of a good commercial. (To find out where you stand in these 5 qualities, you can do the online business test.)

First quality of a good salesperson / salesman: he is an educator
With the evolution of the market, the tensions related to competition and the internet, the commercial function has definitely entered a new era.

We are now in a world of information. The one who wins is the one who owns the information. The salesperson must now be able to provide information. Customers now need to know everything to make their decisions. They need advice. Being themselves under pressure, they have little time to train.

The service of the company must of course be of extreme quality. If the service is not in perpetual progress the company is in a bad position. But in the usual way, if the salesman wants to escape the objection of the price, he must now be a man of information and advice, who knows how to evolve and train his customers. The advisory role is now the key to attacking the commercial function.

The only solution for a salesperson is to stay tuned to the market by going to his customers and always learning new methods and tips he should be quick to take note of. He is also personally developing new approaches to the business for his clients.

Second quality of the good salesman / salesman: it is a personal adviser and a friend
The time when the salesperson visited his customers to talk endlessly about his product is definitely over. Now it’s the client who’s talking. The salesperson is the listener.

The production is now honed and quantity is no longer a problem. The low end seems to attack all layers of production. Customers are now hunting for non-quality. This one is now treated without mercy.

When a salesperson is not able to advise his client and make it evolve, it no longer makes the difference with other salespeople who run in his sector. If they do the same thing as him, the customer no longer has any particular reason to stay his client.

Today, few people have time to think. The commercial has acquired the function of consulting. He must listen and analyze to advise his client. His listening is vital for his client. Is the sales person able to listen and advise his client? Is the sales person really comfortable and able to advance his client?

For this he must have good sales techniques that are more a know-how and commercial know-how than strictly speaking techniques.

Work represents more than a third of our life time. Friends are in our work. What your customers are most lacking right now is a true and sincere communication that allows them to set the bags and take stock. They have to make decisions as they could with a friend.

When a salesperson is not a friend to his clients, he works for a salary and his priority is not to take care of his customers and to grow his business. He is not a reliable collaborator. You have to constantly catch up with mistakes.

If the environment and the people you meet are not people with whom you would be friends in a natural way, you have two solutions:

1. You must learn to appreciate the environment by understanding it completely. That means you have to understand the important rules that make it successful. It is important not to underestimate this approach. (Well trained, a sales person can quickly fill this gap).

2. Search for an area in which you feel confident and enjoy yourself.

Third quality of a good salesperson / salesman: he is a recognized expert
The time when the salesperson was going to see his client for a regular courtesy visit is also over. The sales person who is not an expert recognized by his client must quickly find his added value and train himself to make a requested contribution.

Without this position and this mutual respect that any client should have for a recognized expert, the move becomes something very expensive.

Recently, I met a salesman that his customers avoided disturbing for order stories: “I did not want to bother you, I sent the order directly to your secretary”.

Another salesperson we trained specialized in health and safety issues. Before being commercial, he was an engineer in these fields. He knew perfectly well the ways of thinking and acting of actors in these fields. He had become an intelligence center on the purchase and resale of business in his sector. His communications to his clients were listened to and appreciated. Needless to say, he was doing a lot of sales.

Another salesperson advised his clients on market directions and how to increase their numbers.

A salesperson can waste a lot of time trying to sell without real efficiency. The expert position is vital to sell more effectively. By becoming a recognized expert, the commercial no longer “sells” but advises and his commercial argument is then akin to consulting work.

Fourth quality of a good salesperson / salesman: he has a recognized and irreproachable honesty
Have you ever tried to lie to a friend while trying to sell him something? Have you exaggerated your claims in front of someone who was counting on you? What effect did this have on your relationship with him? Does he still have confidence in you?

A good salesman is honest. Integrity comes from the whole word. When you do not say what you think, you are only half of yourself, especially when it comes to your sales results.

The customer must be able to rely on the advice and information of his commercial / friend.

Fifth quality of a good salesperson / salesman: he is an excellent teammate
In the company, he is part of a team. Customers have become more and more demanding in their modes of operation. The pressures created by the economic environment have become too big to allow room for inefficiency. If his company has problems, it is his problems and he must contribute to their resolution.

The commercial is more than ever the ambassador of the company. When his company fails to satisfy his client, he is the one who failed. If he has the misfortune to say it is “the fault of his company or this or that service” but not his, then his days are counted at his client.

The commercial is now the transmission belt between his company and his customers. It must be able to modify both to obtain an agreement between these two entities in order to obtain the best mutual development. In addition to being part of his business, he is also part of the client’s business.
To become a good salesperson, you have to assimilate each of these elements until it becomes totally natural. Specific exercises exist to acquire the skills and techniques of the best sellers.

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