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How do fishing beginners choose fishing gear and bait? What are the primary skills?

I like fishing very much, but I don’t understand it at all. I hope to start with the initial level and buy what brand of fishing gear bait. There is no sea in the inland.
Lazy for a long time, decided to write a beginner tutorial on fishing (handcuffs). Written in front: I am not a god of fishing. The purpose of the article is to let the boys and girls who are interested in fishing open their heads. Everything is difficult at the beginning, and many interesting things are very disappointing once they start unhappy. “Fishing is not an exercise for the elderly, fishing is not very patient, fishing is very exciting.” It is true that disappointment is disappointing. The fish on the picture I have never even seen, let alone teach you. It is probably these two kinds of fish to teach everyone to fish: squid and 9
The two kinds of fish in the white strip are abundant in the waters of the country. It is unnecessary to say that the squid is the one that crosses the river. So that the fisherman is annoyed. These goods is too much in the water! Gossip less talk, beginner fishing needs equipment, really not expensive. Probably: fish  is the kind of fishing rod that does not have any wheels, so to say, “The boss comes to the FRP, ten 20 pieces, to three meters six” probably takes 10 to 20 pieces. Fishline, novices directly buy a complete set of fishing groups “convenient fishing group” Note that the length is consistent with the fishing rod

This thing has everything because you are a novice, you have to see what the owner has, what to buy, probably need 2 to 5 yuan. What else? Fishhook! The fish that you want to catch is all about one palm, so the hooks are very small. Recommend to novices to use this
Remember to tell the boss clearly “Boss, come to pack the gold sleeves, No. 2 and No. 3”, a sharp small scissors, mainly used for cutting and threading. There is one more thing, lead skin! Just buy one. Finally to the bait, the first: second: pull the bait, what brand of what kind of brand, for the novice recommended “field blue field refers to wild fishing, nothing else. Really. There are also important little Maza, the novice scorpion is heavy, and will not catch, most of the time you need to send it. Well, there are things, and you need to learn some knowledge before you go out. In the first lesson, how do you put the thread on the fishing rod and find the one that has nothing? The line group that you buy is usually much longer than the fishing rod. If you cut apart, the remaining part is probably 30 longer than the fishing rod. The cent then knots at the end, the two knots are about 10 cm, this way:
The second picture is the method of connecting the fishing line and the slight rope. The black one is slightly rope. Generally, the new fish is not tied with a slight rope. If not, it will be an ordinary knot. If you are connected, you must pull them all in. When you are finished fishing, pull the small ring and pull it down. Ok, the long line that I just connected is called the mainline. The section on the tied hook is called the sub-line. Now I teach you how to connect the sub-line with the eight-character ring on the mainline.

That’s what it looks like, the metal is called the eight-character ring. This connection method is very advanced and can very well avoid the damage of the sub-line. What else do you want to know? By the way, how to hang the disgusting cock on the hook, this way:

That is, cut the scorpion into small pieces of more than 5 mm, the middle of the cockroach is empty, and pass through the hook, so that the cockroach stays in the most bend of the hook, so as not to run away. Just said, there is also a kind of bait, called the bait, according to the above description 1:1 reconciliation, do not rub your hand. It’s good to be a group. Then take the size of the soybeans and pack the hooks as much as possible. Ok, now I’m going to understand the habits of squid and white strips. I don’t have to know too much as a novice, knowing which layer of water they are in. The squid is at the bottom of the water, and the white stripe is in the water. that’s it. Ok, eat enough, bring good water, choose weather with a temperature of around 20 degrees, preferably sunny! Now finally come to the water! As for the big water, where is the novice fishing? Of course, I am looking for a grandfather! Then smoke, then, then sit near him. Try to keep the distance between the master and the master more than 3 meters. The first time the boys and girls catching the fish will inevitably scream! Grandpa doesn’t like it. The first step is to open the bait or take the donkey out of the small box and small pocket. Connect the mainline and the subline. Think about what fish to fish? White strip: Good luck, you can see the white lines in groups on the water, so many white bars, novices are not good at fishing for other fish, so they catch white bars. As I said before, the white strips swim in the water. So, we have to keep the hooks near the water. !! Steps, take a small amount of lead, the rods are black and hard on the line group, full of winding. A small amount needs to be adjusted. The adjustment method is to move the fish float to nearly black and hard, and the strand does not hinder the position of the fish float. Put the hook into the water (you can learn it with your grandfather I found the fish drifting, and I didn’t know what to do! , Little by little to reduce the lead (scissors) when the belly of the fish is gone, revealing a few squares. Ok, the basic adjustment is good. This state is called semi-water, and the four hooks are suspended in the water.
Well, the white stripes are used as much as possible to pull the bait, which is the red group you and. As mentioned above, hang up. Hang it in the water! It is possible that the fish are gone! Method: Reduce the amount of lead and expose the float. After the final adjustment, you can start fishing! ! If you don’t understand, ask the uncle in time. I have never seen any uncle who is not enthusiastic about novices. The second fish! The squid, as said before, the squid is at the bottom of the water, then the line set of the result of the previous step is twice as long as the lead. So can lead not go on? Wow, the float is gone! This time, pulling up and floating a little bit, revealing some lattices. Start fishing
I don’t have much to say about the fun of fishing. I’m going to explore all the games. At least let me quit World of Warcraft and so on. There are too many fishing techniques! The above tutorial is what I think is the best for newcomers to master as soon as possible. For example, there are ten kinds of hooks for a hook, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The positional relationship between the line and the hook is also very particular. In short, there is too much attention. Including the quick line group recommended for everyone, all the organs above a veteran are installed by themselves, and involve a lot of tie knots, in a word, too much. The bait and my hundred-hundred-fishing method of fishing is a joke in the face of a hand. Have the opportunity and energy. Be sure to write a special class of Taiwan fishing (Taiwan fishing method). I hope everyone can enjoy the joy of fishing in their spare time. If you have a female reader, please call and teach.


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