Fashion: What Are the Trends of the Season? Blazers for Women 2019: Top Trends of Women Blazers 2019 From Fashion Brands

To know the fashion trends of the season, head for the podiums of Fashion Week! In addition to offering breathtaking shows, the major fashion houses directly influence the shapes, colors, and patterns of clothing you wear this fall. Review of the trends of the fall.
In the fall of 2019, fashion is oversize. In other words XXL Blazer Coat In Pakistan! The dresses are adorned with ultra-wide belts while the coats do not finish to lie down and the sweaters to extend. In short, the return will be placed under the sign of the amplitude. Side trend heavy, we note not without a slight smile the unexpected return of the 1980s. Yes, yes! Epaulets and blazers resurface, creating more prominent and ostensibly better-looking female silhouettes. Supported by the come-back of fluorescent and pop colors, the “eighties” should certainly wake up the rays of ready-to-wear signs. Warning: a wind of madness is blowing on fashion!

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As for the pattern, the tile is about to take everything in its path! Pied-de-poule, tartan, checkerboard, gingham … It’s very simple: the tile is available in all ways and there will be something for everyone! Of course, animal motifs such as the python, the snake, the leopard or the zebra always retain their place of choice in the rank of almost unmountable, but will still be enhanced by flashy colors, just to stick to the pop trend of the moment in Lahore. The textures of the back, as for them, are meant cozy and warm. Comforting, in short! Faux fur, for example, will dress long coats, while colorful feathers will bring a couture style to your evening dresses. On the material side, silk is the big winner of the autumn of 2019! Light and vaporous, it is ideal for off-season clothing.

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  1. Wide Belt
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  3. Tank Nina Fluo Print
  4. Women’s blazer jacket
  5. Faux fur coat

Trend 1: Oversize Style

Ladies, to be in the trend in this autumn 2019, you will have to set your heart on loose pieces, even XXL! A bit like you was wrong and you took three sizes above your usual size. Coats, sweaters, pants … None of them escapes the magnifying glass! Fully embracing this trend, the cape is back on the scene. At once romantic and practical to wear, this sophisticated coat comes in a multitude of shapes and lengths. Want a look at the Game of Thrones? Go for it! Side accessories, we will be tempted by large leather belts that perfectly draw the silhouette by refining the waist or elegantly enhance gauzy pants.

Trend 2: The Tile Is Invited On The Podiums

Do you like tiles? Well, rejoice, because, in this new year 2019, you will be served by a tile pattern that comes back in strength and in all its forms. From the famous Prince of Wales motif to “Scottish tartan” to the unmistakable houndstooth, the tile is everywhere, big, small, transparent, ostentatious. He is inevitable. On coats, jackets, shoes, skirts, pants. Fashionistas will soon see life in a tile because geometry seems to have a bright future ahead of it! Even accessories are no exception to this rule of “all diamonds” and are now adorned with the star motif of next autumn. It is found on the handbags, on the branches of sunglasses on scarves and other scarves. No chance that you can miss this year 2019 especially in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar and other major cities in Pakistan!

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Trend 3: The Big Comeback Of Fluo

The autumn of 2019 will be resolutely … colorful! As if the fashion designers had wanted to delay the arrival of the autumnal greyness as much as possible by putting on their clothes in flashy colors that one would rather have attributed to a summer collection. But against all odds, we even see the comeback of colors that we thought forever gone: fluo! Yes, the fashionistas are preparing not to go unnoticed, because the ready-to-wear pieces will now display shades ranging from pop acidulated fluo clearly assumed. Between a flamboyant fuchsia and a yellow with two fingers of phosphorescence, your heart swings? It is that you are stack-hair in the trend!

Trend 4: The Revival Of The Eighties

After the seventies and the hippie-chic look of this winter, here in the 1980s let the tip of their nose appear! This autumnal season celebrates the return of the eighties in great pomp by revisiting the great monuments of the genre. Impossible, for example, to miss the famous epaulets that draw an ultra-structured X-shaped case and represent so well this decade. Also worthy of note is the faded denim jacket, a bit too wide, worn by all the stars of the American series of the time. In terms of colors, we also focus on bright colors such as emerald green, cobalt blue, and lemon yellow. Some fashionistas may prefer to give in to the temptation of silver or walleye, which also fits perfectly in this period. And on the feet, we do not forget to put on his sneakers!

Trend 5: Fur … Yes, But Wrong!

While many fashion houses have already given up on real fur, they have not abandoned the concept! On the occasion of the last Fashion Week, many of them created fake fur parts with a realism quite stunning. Long-haired and short-haired, the coats now imitate the almost fur of animals once used. So, ladies, fake fur is now dubbed by the greatest designers, you will be able to find it in your favorite stores! Another texture in vogue for back to school: the feathers! But here they dress rather dresses and evening wear to which they bring a touch of glamor, fantasy and sensuality.

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