The most exciting in history! MAC limited edition 128 color lipstick evaluation,Thai small strawberry lipstick true and false how to distinguish _mistine color lipstick how to see true and false


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This is the exclusive content of Netease Aesthetics, the most exciting in history! MAC limited edition 128 color lipstick evaluation 丨 joint evaluation VOL.1 2, the content is longer, it is recommended to first praise / after collection!

Charm (MAC) 128 color limited lipstick kit, the price is about 2w, only 10 sets in China, NetEase aesthetics won the lipstick for the first time, and carried out a comprehensive evaluation! What is the difference between this 2W lipstick?

Tips : The following content contains a lot of real-life color test pictures, please have enough power, stable wifi, and transfer to an environment that can be excited and screaming at any time. Feel the magnificent scene before you make a big move.

Do you recognize what you want? In addition to the 128-color full-color test of it in the first time, we will also perform three kinds of skin color test on the popular color number, and let us go to the pit!

The evaluation project was extremely large. In order to present all the colors, the entire aesthetic project team was dispatched! What technology Ouba, HR sister, visual designer, operating sisters, marketing department fairies, etc..

And a mysterious person (Bigs) who strongly urged to apply lipstick, also participated in the most exciting evaluation

And a mysterious person (Bigs) who strongly urged to apply lipstick, also participated in the most exciting eval

Look at the appearance of this 100-point value, people can not control, expecting to pick up a small hand.

The rectangular leather shell, when opened, sees the high-grade burst of fluff, wrapping the bullets. The three-drawer design opens and has a large mirror that allows the box to change into a dressing table for a second.

Think MAC is too dry? This may be an illusion. We deconstruct the texture, coloration, and durability of the bullet lipstick one by one!

MAC lipsticks are available in a variety of colors and are divided into 8 textures. Each texture has a difference in color development and moisture:

Summary: texture and color:

For the coexistence of moisturizing and color rendering , you can choose Satin ,Amplified, Cremesheen . In pursuit of color saturation, choose Retro Matte or Matte , MAC’s many fires are the two series. In pursuit of moisture, Frost and Glaze are generally light in color, and many of the demon colors come from these two series. The choice is limited, and Lustre is ideal for moisturizing and rich colors.

The durability of the MAC lipstick was checked by a cup test, and water was dripped 10 minutes after the application, and the stained cups of each texture were observed.

Persistence sorting :

Retro Matte > Matte > Satin > Lustre > Amplilfied > Cremesheen > Frost > Glaze

The two Matte textures of Retro Matt e and Matt e can achieve the basic non-stick effect, but the general moisturizing paste is more than the fate of the cup. The following test color film is coming! The test color includes the most recent hot color and 128 full test colors

In order to restore the true color of the lipstick as much as possible, we compare 3 different lip colors & skin tones and take a photo test in the natural light of the room.

Popular area lightning protection Tips

1, red is arguably the safest, and Russian Red and Ruby Woo are once again proven to be popular lovers , and Lady Bug and Chil i are not too picky red.

2, most of the “eat earth color” is not very suitable for Asian skin color, especially the fairy with a slightly healthier skin color, it is easy to make the skin look yellower, it is difficult to express the beauty of “eat the earth color” when using it. The makeup effect is also achieved with the makeup effect.

3, “aunt color” looks very heavy, in fact, it is difficult to control, the entry selection Dare Yo u is good.

4, the popular color of the yellow skin friendly : Russian Re d , Ruby Wo o, Chil i, Dare You, Brick-ol a, while the white skin is not very pick color.

64 mouths, 128 colors, the full content of the page content up to 3.8 meters is here! The shooting lasted for a full day, and the color of the picture was slightly different due to the natural changes in light. Even so, we will use the untoned photos to present the most realistic colors (Dare to find out, how many are straight men’s lip test colors?)

Well, the problem is coming! After reading so many test colors, which one should you start? We sorted out the color schemes that were not the most popular, but praised a lot in the color test process, for your reference purchase! (Recommended for the popular color number, please return to the third part)


Thai small strawberry lipstick true and false how to distinguish _mistine color lipstick how to see true and false

Thailand’s small strawberry lipstick recently became colder and the wind is getting bigger and bigger, but the small strawberry lipstick is easy to use. The fake is not only difficult to use but also has side effects on the body, so everyone should polish their eyes and don’t buy it. Go to fakes.

Authentic Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick is packaged in a transparent plastic bag, which is basically the standard for Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick. The authentic color-changing strawberry lipstick bag is just enough to hold a lipstick, while the fake color-changing lipstick bag has a long cut (pictured).

In this bag will be affixed with a caption of the label to sign. Overall, genuine products are simple packaging, but the quality is very good. The fakes don’t necessarily have this layer of plastic bags, and the labels will stick.

Speaking a few more easy to distinguish the true and false details of Thai color strawberry lipstick, we can look at the size of the lipstick. The authentic Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick has a length of 80 mm and a diameter of 8 mm, which is quite small. The size of the fake Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick was measured to be 84 mm and the diameter was 9 mm, which was larger. In addition, the authentic Thai color lipstick needs to be rotated at least 7 or 8 times to reach the top, while the fake Thai color lipstick can be turned to 2-3 at the top, and the design is very careless.

The little fairies can see that the flower pattern of the authentic Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick is bright and beautiful, and the blossoming is distinct. The fake petal pattern is lighter in color and the printing is blurred. At first glance, it is the finished product of the small cottage.

The top of the Thai color lipstick tube can be identified as true and false. Take a closer look. The genuine one on the left can see a small dot at the top of the lid. Then look at the top of the fake on the right without the small dot. Instead, it is next to it. A long strip of bumps has been replaced.

Now we are paying attention to the bottom of the lipstick tube. From here, we can also see the true and false of Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick. The bottom of the authentic Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick is printed in English and Thai, but the bottom of the fake is empty, nothing. This point is very well discerned, but there is no description that it is genuine, because the counterfeit color lipstick will be updated.Pkbazaar.Pk

 .Another version of the fake, although the bottom is a label with English and Thai, but the lack of stickers, there is a very rough feeling.

The fairies pay attention to the color of the true and small strawberry lipstick: the color of the genuine tube is dry rose, but the bottle of the fake is indeed the color of the bean paste. You can’t find too many differences when you look at real or fake goods, but you can tell a lot of differences by comparing the genuine and fake goods.

If you can’t judge the true color of Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick from the outer packaging, you can look at the lipstick paste. By comparison, it can be seen that the authentic Mistine strawberry lipstick is more transparent and has a better gloss, while the fake can see the whitening and whitening of the cream, and the gloss and moistness are also inferior. Then there is that the edge of the genuine small strawberry lipstick is better, but the fake has a

Authentic Thai color lipstick is a strawberry smell with a pleasant smell. The fake Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick has a bad smell, some of which resembles the taste of the house after renovation. If you look at the paste, it doesn’t feel like a layer of wax.

Authentic Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick close-up This is a genuine Thai color-changing strawberry lipstick cream close-up, the little fairies can see the lipstick high-tip white. After applying it, you will find that the person’s paste changes color according to the temperature of the lips and the pH value. With a touch, you can create an exclusive pink color for the lips. The same color is also on the lips of different people. Will transform the different effects, is a very new color lip balm.

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