Exchange in the heart of the Internet and the service of traders

For years if not siceles trade was only material and traders did not hurt worse.
But in recent years things have changed, models have moved, wavering with them many certainties.

A bad interpretation is quickly arrived, so let us be clear: the web was not created by a coalition of merchants in need of customers, it is a tool based on the exchange of information that was subsequently used by the traders.
At the foundation of the web we find the connection:
Linking information first, then connecting users.
But the trade is also based on this connection between an actor, the producer or the merchant, and another actor the customer.
It is therefore natural that the web has been used by merchants and that e-commerce has emerged.
Indeed the web, by its lack of geographical borders, was rightly perceived by many as a huge potential market: imagine a city that can be crossed in a few tenths of a second bringing together several hundreds of millions of potential buyers, a real bargain!
It is here that lies one of the major assets of the web: its incredible ability to connect in less than a second millions of users.

The barriers to the development of a “classic” business are precisely the difficulty of establishing a relationship between the trader and his future customers: how can a craftsman from Brest come into contact with a future client from Marseille without going through the virtual world? Possible but difficult.

Selling on the internet PKBAZAAR.PK can open the door to a formidable market: millions of potential customers, instant transactions, huge growth prospects.
In France alone there are nearly 25 million Internet users and this number will triple in the next 20 years.
More than two-thirds of these 25 million Internet users bought on the internet in 2007. Why do you deprive yourself of such a windfall?

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