Everything You Need to Know About Buying Ski Gloves | How to Choose Your Ski Gloves? | Which Ski Gloves According to Which Practice?

Whoever got cold hands at the top of the snowy slopes? We’ve all seen at least one person complaining about his gloves, blowing indoors or taking a hot drink break to try to warm his hands, or even end the ski day earlier than planned. Conversely, we have all been able to ski without gloves when the weather is mild, under the pretext of being too hot on the hands.

Detail by some, the protection and the comfort of the hands (glove or mitt) is essential to the good practice of ski or snowboard. The ski gloves protection from the cold and moisture but also prevent damage to the hands during falls and have good performance sticks. In high altitude, the extremities are the first affected by the climatic conditions, often manhandled by wind, cold and snow. This is why it is important and even essential, for a comfortable practice of skiing or snowboarding, to choose a pair of gloves in Pakistan. But in the midst of all these pairs of gloves and mittens, how do you choose the ski gloves that best suit you? Do not panic, we explain everything!

I. Why wear ski gloves?

To be hot you will say? Well yes, but that’s not the first reason. We often forget that it is important to wear ski gloves first and foremost for the safety of our hands. Skiing is not a safe sport and it seems useful here to quickly remind the reasons to wear ski gloves.

  • Wear ski gloves for safety

The wearing of ski gloves is at first a guarantee of safety. Every human being, in the event of a fall, will have the reflex to cushion his fall by putting his hands in front. In winter sports and especially skiing, it is easy to damage your hands. The speed, the affluence, the external elements peculiar to the alpine environment and the equipment used are all potential risks. Indeed, just wearing your skis, your hands are in contact with the sharp edges of the latter, can undoubtedly skin your extremities. Wearing gloves or mittens for skiing is, therefore, protection not to neglect, whatever the weather conditions.

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  • Wear ski gloves for comfort

We will not hide it, between us, wearing gloves is also a comfort. Down the snowy slopes in the wind, the cold, and sometimes under the snow, is much more pleasant hands protected. Having your little fingers in a warm and cozy nest is still much more comfortable. The ski requires concentration, it is better to think about what’s in front rather than his hands.

You now know that wearing ski gloves or ski mittens is highly recommended, both for safety and for the comfort of your hands. Once you decide to have one, the hard part starts: how to choose your ski gloves? Come on, we help you! Here is a little topo on all the criteria to take into account to choose his ski gloves.

II. Choose your ski gloves: 6 selection criteria

The criteria of choice are many to choose well his ski gloves. Rest assured, this article is there to enlighten you on the criteria of choice in particular, by explaining their level of importance.

1. Gloves or mittens: which pair to choose?

The first question to ask yourselfgloves or mittens, which model to choose? Both products have their advantages and disadvantages, it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

  • Ski mittens: warmth and comfort

If you are really sensitive to the cold, ski mittens are made for you thanks to their extra heat. Indeed, the mittens gather all the fingers between them, except the thumb, allowing you to warm them up with each other.

Its use is possible for all snow activities (downhill skiing, ski touring, cross-country skiing, snowboarding …) but it is not recommended for all. In some practices such as downhill skiing or hiking, it is best to use Ski Gloves in Pakistan for better dexterity and therefore better-holding sticks.

  • Ski gloves: dexterity and versatility

The ski gloves, which thus separate the fingers from each other, offer less heat than the mittens (with identical characteristics), as explained above. Dexterity, on the other hand, is much better thanks to the separation of the fingers. The ski gloves can be used for all winter sports practices too ( mountaineeringcross-country skiingdownhill skiingski touring …). There are of course models more adapted than others to certain practices according to their characteristics, but we will come back to them at the end of the article.

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Like ski mittensski gloves can be divided into several levels of heat. For the most sensitive, a glove (such as a mitt) very hot can be coupled with a glove (silk for example), trick that we often forget.

2. Choose ski gloves with optimal thermal insulation

The heat of ski gloves depends mainly on the thermal insulation present or not in them. The function of thermal insulation is not to produce the heat in your gloves but to keep the heat naturally produced by your hands. The thermal insulation is more or less important depending on the lining of the ski gloves.

So there are liners technical materials (developed by R & D brands or specific manufacturers departments), such as lining Primaloft®, the polar liners specific outdoor brands and Down liners.

  • Liners with state-of-the-art technology

The liners made of noble materials, equipped with advanced technology, are the most effective liners on the market, they are the ones that will bring the most warmth to your hands during periods of extreme cold.

The standard thermal insulation on the market is Primaloft ® insulation, made of synthetic fibers and one of the best alternatives to down. The insulation is located on an outer layer of the glove, usually in the second layer (if the presence of the impermeable membrane, the membrane will be over the insulation). Primaloft® technology comes in three levels: Primaloft® BlackPrimaloft® Silver, and Primaloft® Gold. You will only find the Silver and Gold series in ski gloves, the Gold Series being the most efficient of all. Their difference is in the finish of the layer. Basic, Primaloft ® Black insulation, provides high flexibility, high compressibility, high breathability and unhindered heat for minimal weight. Primaloft® Silver insulation offers a complimentary water repellent material on the top.

Some brands have chosen to develop, internally, their own technologies, similar to Primaloft® technology. For example, the Racer brand has developed its own Fiberfill thermal insulation, which offers the same functionality as Primaloft® technology. The same goes for Millet with its Hyperloft ™ insulation. 

  • The polar lining

We speak of polar lining when ski gloves are not equipped with a specific technology developed by a brand. The polar lining, therefore, means that the inside of the ski gloves consists only of polar fibers to isolate the hands from the cold.

The fleece lining is an element that brings you both warmth and comfort. Made of polyester, the synthetic fiber is knitted and then scraped to feel fluffy. The heat is brought by the material and its grammage: the denser it is, the warmer it will be. Comfort will be offered by the softness of it (equivalent sensation when you slide your hands in a warm and soft plaid). There are 100% polyester liners. The reference in fleece lining is the Silk ™ fleece lining.

  • Down

In the same way, we speak of down lining when the thermal insulation is ensured by the down present in the gloves. The down is the padding material of the glove. There are many types of down, which among them two large stands: the goose down and synthetic down. The latter has less effective properties in terms of heat, so it brings you a lower level of heat than goose down.

The goose down brings you the very best in the padding of ski gloves, especially with a good heat for minimum weight. There is also the duck down for example, which is similar to goose down but does not equal it (slightly heavier and less hot).

  • The windbreak criterion

The windproof criterion (example: Windstopper® technology ) can be seen as a detail at the level of heat, however, depending on the practice of skiing (fast descents, long intense climbs) or the weather, it can be very useful. It consists of a membrane of two to three layers, on the upper part of the glove. This windproof technology gives you the first level of thermal insulation (even if it is much lower than the insulation seen previously). It also provides you with remarkable flexibility and, as its name suggests, prevents wind (cold) from penetrating your gloves. You will often see the English word Softshell(meaning softshell to emphasize its flexibility) which corresponds to all the windproof characteristics mentioned above.

  • Ski gloves

The heated ski gloves are technical products that offer a very important heat. They work thanks to a battery that allows the heating of the inside of the gloves. These ski gloves bring you several hours of continuous heat to keep your hands warm. This system makes it possible to keep an equal level of heat at the bottom as at the top of the tracks. The most sophisticated heated gloves have several levels of heating to choose the comfort temperature you want. With a comparable heat efficiency, the price of this technology makes the pair of gloves obviously more expensive than other pairs of ski gloves. The disadvantage of heated ski gloves remains his weight, which can be a hindrance for some skiers.

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