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branded electric men shaverLike women, men also have their own daily beauty rituals. Women see hair as something disgusting and dirty. This is why they regularly epilate their whole body as if their life depended on it. But the priority goes always to the male. Unlike women, men have hair all over their faces, which is not always pleasant to watch.

Every morning, or at another frequency, men must shave their beards. It has become like a ritual because for the most meticulous, not a day goes by without their beards being shaved very closely. Not long ago, there was even a barber’s profession, dedicated to those who only maintained the beard and hair of men, with traditional objects. But today, this profession has almost disappeared because we live in a modern era, where technology has taken over the traditional. This explains why many men prefer shaving their own beards with an electric razor.

But the choice of the ideal electric shaver for sale in Pakistan is not as easy as you think. There are many factors to take into account (your skin type and the importance of voting hair, your shaving frequency, the budget you have planned for the purchase of your electric shaver, whether or not you use products before and after shave, the features you are looking for, etc.). Before you start, you need to ask yourself the right questions, including:

What are my real needs?
What type of electric razor I am looking for?
How much money am I willing to invest in this purchase?
What are the ideal features for an electric razor “to my taste”?
How often should I use this device?
How much is my hair important?
What products for the skin type I have?
It is true that the guys are not very inclined to ask all these questions. From the moment the device has the right characteristics, they are filled. And yet, your choice should be more meticulous than that.

Once you have asked yourself these questions and you have answered, the choice of your electric shaver or sale in Lahore will only be more obvious. This article gives you some tips on how to choose your electric shaver.

How to choose your electric razor?
All the questions listed above are intended to guide your decision. But to be more precise, you must have in mind 3 main criteria. Depending on your needs and requirements, studying these criteria will help you make an appropriate decision.

Indeed, the electric razor man has everything to please men. Practical and easy to use, it guarantees an excellent result, which goes through a fast and secure work. Moreover, it is quite soft and elegant of its kind. In the long run, the use of an electric razor will be more economical than a manual razor, because you will use it longer (months, even years). So, among the multitude of choices that will come to you, you can select the tool that suits you by focusing on very specific criteria (the type of razor as well as features sought).

First of all you should know that there are two kinds of electric razors on the market today namely the rotary razor and the grid razor. To choose one over another, it is better to know the characteristics of each of these electric shavers and the benefits they offer you.

Electric shaver for sale in Karachi with rotating heads or razor?
From a technical point of view, these two types of electric shavers perform exactly the same function, that is to say, the removal of hair. However, the process is not the same, depending on the case. The real difference between these two types of razors is the ability of both to remove facial hair. It all depends on how they are both designed.

Shaver with rotating heads
The rotary shaver is equipped with a shaving head that also has smaller, circle-shaped heads. These small heads perform a fast and constant rotation movement. It is thanks to this circular rotation that the electric shaver with rotating heads succeeds in trimming the hairs. The most used models do not have more than three rotating heads.

The particularity of this type of razor is that they are relatively quieter than the razors grid. Many users have opted for this razor precisely because it is not noisy. But this is not the only attractive point of this tool. Opting for an electric razor with rotating heads is opting for the following features.

Efficiency on short hairs and also on longer hairs: whatever the length of the hair (beard of a day or 10 days), this type of razor your will always offer a satisfactory result;

Good reputation among users: they are the most used and the male particularly appreciates electric razors with rotating heads. It is certainly because of their effectiveness;
Easy shaving and ultra fast: thanks to its 2 or 3 rotating heads equipped with blades, razors of this kind offer a close shave in a period of time. You will find all the pleasure of shaving without making any effort;
Suitable for all types of face: it perfectly matches the outline of your face no matter its shape. The risk of hurting yourself by shaving your beard with this type of razor is very small.
Definitely, many reasons can convince you to choose this type of razor. Not only is it fast and very efficient, but it is also economical. Nevertheless, it is a type of razor that is more suited to men who have soft bristles. In this case, it is more efficient. So, if you have stubborn hairs that are rebelling, opt for another electric shaver model than the one with rotating heads.

Choose a razor with two or three heads depending on your hair. If you have a young beard just two days old, a 2-headed razor will do the trick. On the other hand if the beard is older, a razor with three heads will be much more appropriate.

Electric shaver with grid
This type of razor is different from his cousin mentioned above. Not only do they have different shapes, but they are also designed differently. Grid razors are equipped with a rectangle-shaped head, which is composed of several vibrating blades.

In contrast to rotary head razors that are equipped with a triple head, this other model (grid razor), is equipped with several blades, which are covered by a metal grid. It is thin enough and dimpled to let the blades move back and forth, to trim the hair close up. Even those who are encrusted in the pores do not escape. Depending on the brand and the range, the razors are equipped with 5 bla

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