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Health and the return of smell
“I do not cough at all when I cough morning and night. I found the taste, I put less salt and pepper. I feel a smoker at 100 meters, it’s amazing. I tried to shoot two puffs on my wife’s cigarette and found it despicable. I was immediately washing my teeth. I can not stand the smell anymore. Thanks to the electronic cigarette, it becomes humanly acceptable to stop smoking. (Philippe, 56 years old)

“My state of health is a real miracle: no more coughing, no more breathlessness, (…), whiter teeth. (Dominique, 65 years old)

To be perfectly honest, it’s probably better to breathe the fresh air of the mountain than vaping, but it’s clear to me that” vaping “is a thousand times less harmful than cigarette smoke. I ran for several years with even a few marathons to my credit. I feel perfectly that at the cardiac and pulmonary level things have greatly improved … And the chronos confirm me. (Damien, 33)

“My hair, clothes, apartment, vehicle now smell better than an ashtray and I avoided the four or five annual bronchitis that Virginia tobacco offered me gracefully. »(Fabrice)

“It is very quickly pushed back of the lungs: I found full of breath; finished coughing in the morning and the impression of having two carburettors in the chest. (Patrice, 42 years old)

“I started the e-cigarette 8 months, 26 days and 20 hours ago. A small application on my computer allows me to know that I saved 1 903 euros by not smoking 16 314 cigarettes. It’s pretty huge. Before, I smoked the equivalent of three packs a day, for a budget of 250 euros per month. (Philippe, 56 years old)

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“As a daily smoker (one and a half packets per day), the price of the package to 7 euros has been too much for me. Certainly, my addiction to nicotine could have pushed me to continue buying traditional cigarettes, while increasing my budget cigarettes monthly but with the appearance of the electronic cigarette, I decided to give a chance to a product “revolutionary “. On the advice of my tobacconist, I took a taste close to that of the cowboy brand and I admit that I was not disappointed in the least. (John)

Efficiency compared to other methods
“After several attempts to stop smoking (patch, erasers, nothing at all), I met the electronic cigarette in September 2012. Never a stop seemed so easy, I did not gain weight, I did not had no side effects, I very slowly decreased nicotine doses and ten months later I stopped vaping. I am now a non-smoker. (Sophie, 33 years old)

“Until now, nothing else had made me win: working a lot at home in front of my computer, I needed to smoke especially at home, which is not very pleasant for others (and for myself !). Now, I’m a little vaping, but not that much, especially at home. I do not even want a real cigarette, it seems very aggressive now. “(Shewam)

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The feeling of liberation from tobacco
“I am almost no longer dependent on nicotine, I quickly went from 16 to 6 mg / ml. I happen to leave the house without anything on me. But I like vaping. It’s my right, my choice of responsible adult. I’m no longer a smoker, I’m a vaper, I want this distinction. The tobacco is behind me, but it’s prowling. (Pascal, 48 years old)

“The vapote has changed my life, for a month I have not touched a cigarette, my” ejaculatory “does not leave me and I ejaculate 18 mg in high doses, this is enough for me to calm the lack and keep the gestures. I am thinking of reducing the amount of nicotine and going to 11 mg within two months, and I am aiming for total cessation by the end of this year. (Eric, 50 years old)

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Pleasure and quality of life
“I replaced one addiction with another: like babies, I suck my” tutute “all the time. But this winter, I did not freeze when I went out to smoke at parties at non-smoking friends’ or family meals, and I found the pleasure of having a drink with friends at the bistro! To assimilate the “vaporette” to the cigarette and to forbid it is a puritanical heresy without rational justification. (Anne, 55 years old)

“My wife is no longer bothering me with the smell of tobacco, no more” going to brush your teeth “or other nice compliments. »(Gérard)

“I’m slowly reducing nicotine dosage, but I’m not sure I want to switch to 0mg. Instead, thanks to the absence of anxiety linked to this sword of Damocles that is cancer and guilt related to the bad image of smokers, I measure my consumption with confidence and task to make vaping a voluntary moment quality rather than reflex, after the meal with friends or during a very concentrated work for example. By switching from reflex consumption to episodic, thoughtful and mature consumption, I find a new, reasoned pleasure. (Thomas, 47 years old)

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