What to do in Dubai? Our tips for visiting Dubai

Dubai is THE luxury destination to visit that makes you dream. But do you really know what activities you can do on site if you visit Dubai? We are often asked the question on our travel blog and you will discover here what to do in Dubai and activities not to be missed if you come to visit Dubai.

Since we were able to visit Dubai in 5 days, we will be able to answer you and give you the 13 activities not to be missed in Dubai, a beautiful city full of surprises. Dubai has emerged from the sand in a few years and is now one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. You will find in this article free activities, but also paid activities.online shopping in Pakistan

For starters, some do not know how long to stay in Dubai. For our part, we recommend you to stay a few days, 4 days in Dubai are a minimum if you want to do some activities on site. Dubai is a very good stop if you are going to Australia or Asia for example. You can make a stop of a few days before taking the road.

But you can also decide to go discover the emirate during your holidays of course! There is plenty to do on site.

What can you do and visit in Dubai?
In a few days in Dubai, time flies, so do not hang out too much. I recommend that you organize your week in Dubai before your arrival, otherwise you will not be able to visit everything and schedule.

So here’s a glimpse of what you can do in Dubai, the 13 must-see things to see in Dubai that you must try during your stay.

Go to Dubai and not to see the tallest tower in the world? It is unthinkable! 🙂 The 828m high Burj Khalifa will offer you incredible views of the golden city. It’s really an activity not to be missed! A tip, book for the next day so you do not pay the high price: the rates range from 125 AED to more than 400 AED depending on the affluence and the time you book.

By cons, if you do not want to bother to know if there is the room where just to organize your stay a little in advance, I advise you to buy your ticket directly.

You can book your ticket here to get to the 124th floor of Burj Khalifa. The site is reliable in French, you avoid the queue to buy the ticket on site (there are often a lot of people) and the price is really good. We used it for our visit of Burj Khalifa. We should have paid double the price of the reservation if we had not booked to be able to get there the same day.
And when you see the same day the queue inside to buy a ticket … you do not regret your purchase!

You can even choose a later schedule to enjoy the view from the Burj Khalifa at dusk in

Now comes the fateful question 🙂 When to visit Burj Khalifa? Everyone at their best, but for us our part, we strongly recommend you to go there for the sunset, you will enjoy the view of day and night.
In addition, this view is not it incredible? If you really do not know what to do in Dubai, I recommend this activity as a priority.
It’s a paid activity, but it’s really a unique activity and you will not have the opportunity to do it many times in your life 🙂 (Yes, there is only one highest tower of the world )

You can climb even higher than the 124 and 125 th floor if you wish, there is VIP ticket to go up to the 148th floor (of course with this VIP ticket you can also go to 124 and 125 the floor). To book this ticket it is online directly on the same site:

Generally, the Burj Khalifa is the typical activity that you can do if you are wondering what to do in Dubai during a stopover for example!
2 – Rest in a 5-star hotel
Dubai is first and foremost a city of wealth and luxury, but hotels are not too expensive. Remember to book in advance to benefit from the best prices! For the flight, the price is not too high, it’s more the price of life on site that can quickly be expensive if you’re not careful. 🙂

For example, it takes about flight Paris-Dubai with Emirates if you book in advance.

Once the flight booked, it will, therefore, find a hotel on site. Here are two hotels that we recommend:

The Melia Hotel
Our experience at Melia Hotel was perfect, a real pleasure to have for a few days an amazing room in a 5-star hotel. Our first test of a 5-star hotel in one of the most luxurious cities in the world, what more? The standard was very good, the modern hotel and the gigantic room! A very good value for money.

A beautiful room, a beautiful pool, a beautiful view of Dubai. A very attractive price during the month of August for our part. In short, a really nice hotel!

You can find additional photos, rates, and book your stay at the Melia Hotel here.

The Rove Downtown
If you are looking for another hotel in Dubai with an excellent location, not far from the tallest tower in the world, you should book at the Rove Downtown, a hotel conveniently located in the heart of Dubai’s city center. Interesting rates if you avoid big periods. Around 100-120 € per night for an exceptional hotel. It’s perfect for a few days stay in Dubai.\

3 – Beach + sunset on the Burj-Al-Arab
If you visit Dubai, be sure to visit the public beach to watch the sunset over the Burj-Al-Arab. This is the best place to have a good view of the only 7 stars in the world! The public beach is not a beach paradise, but the sunset is still beautiful. Little more? The moment is magic and free.

It is a free activity and easily accessible by public transport. You can also enjoy the day without a problem, the beach of Umm Suqeim Beach is safe and quiet.

On the whole day you will have families. You can, of course, swim in a swimsuit, it is allowed and there are cabins and toilets to change you on site.

Go in the late afternoon and enjoy both Umm Suqeim Beach and the sunset on the Burj-Al-Arab 🙂

4 – Discover the Dubai Mall
Shopping fans or just want to see what a gigantic mall looks like? This mall is the largest mall in the world and frankly, there are many shops. See the aquarium also, it is worth seeing with its many species and its tunnel that will plunge you into the heart of the ocean. Why not go for some shopping while visiting Dubai. If you do not know what to do in Dubai, the aquarium is a really nice experience especially if you have children.

The Dubai Mall activity is free, but the visit of the aquarium is not free. The underwater tunnel is really nice, even for adults. A very nice experience with an emblematic place of Dubai. We find it absolutely necessary to visit it and discover the largest transparent wall in the world. It’s still a super nice activity to do if you visit Dubai.

For the aquarium you can book your tickets in advance directly, the price is about 25 € and you will avoid the long line once there (that’s a BIG advantage anyway 😉)

5 – A safari 4 × 4 in the desert
The city of Dubai is coming out of the desert. If you drive a few kilometers, there will only be sand around you. Why not take the opportunity to go on a half day safari?
Visit Dubai enjoying a tour of 4 × 4 in the dunes, sensations guaranteed! Well the driver, of course, adapts his behavior according to the passengers and their preferences. 🙂

During the desert safari, you can introduce yourself to “sandboarding”, surfing the sand dunes! A real treat 😉

You can also take the opportunity to take a camel ride. In the evening you will enjoy a barbecue around a spectacle of whirling dervish. You can also smoke the shisha and why not make a henna tattoo. The departure is every day from 15:00 and the return to the hotel will be around 21h-22h.

This is a very good activity not to be missed in Dubai. You can book on this site (which we have used twice already for this activity) a safari 4 × 4 in the desert:

Flight over the city of Dubai by helicopter
This is an activity we have not tested but I heard good from friends. An overview of Dubai and its main attractions by helicopter.

If you have a free day to enjoy with the kids or spend time laughing as a couple, we suggest you visit the Aquaventure WaterPark Dubai.

Young and old alike will have a good time enjoying giant slides and other thrilling toboggans. You will also have the opportunity to visit the aquarium of Atlantis, incredible atmosphere and decors worthy of the lost city. You can get close to sharks and rays and relax on the large private beach.

It’s a daytime activity that I recommend if you do not know what to do in Dubai.

I loved the slide vertically from the pyramid. I must say that even for adults, this slide gives a good dose of adrenaline. 🙂

To book your Aquaventure ticket, click here.

If you have always dreamed of swimming with dolphins, know that you can make your dream come true at Aquaventure Waterpark! They sell tickets to swim directly with the dolphins and enjoy the water park for the rest of the day after this unforgettable experience. You stay about 1 hour with the dolphins: 30 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of interactions with the dolphins.

To book tickets for swimming with dolphins + ticket for the day at Aquaventure Waterpark it’s on this site directly.

For unforgettable memories, it’s pretty cool 😉

8- What to do in Dubai? Skiing of course!
Do not know what to do in Dubai? Why not a little skiing! Direction Mall of Emirates for Ski Dubai. Skiing in the desert? They did it ! You can rent all the equipment on site, no need to bring your own skis, you’ll understand. 😉

The ski slope is huge and it is located directly next to the Marina near the Burj-Al-Arab in the Mall of Emirates.

We must admit that it’s rather crazy to ski in a place where temperatures exceed 45 ° in summer 🙂 But it’s all possible in Dubai you’ll understand.

As in the mountains, you will even find a bar in the middle of the track for a drink or coffee before leaving. Beware of thermal shock when leaving 😉

Better to book according to the seasons because it is a popular activity in Dubai. You can book directly on this site.

what to see in Dubai

9 – The fountains of Dubai
It’s a magical show and especially free. The fountains are at the foot of Burj Khalifa, go there at night to see the show with sound and light. On Arab music or on Conte From, the show is really nice. Here again, it is the biggest show of fountains in the world with not far from 85.000 liters of water.

You can watch this show several times a day, from Saturday to Thursday at 13:00, 13:30 and 18:00 to 22:00 every 30 minutes. There is just the Friday when the shows are staggered at 13:30 and 14:00.

This is a free activity to do in Dubai and you can take the opportunity to eat at one of Dubai Mall’s restaurants after the show.

The show is interesting and you can go there at the same time as your visit to Burj Khalifa if you do not have much time on your trip.

We enjoyed the show and then for the meal, the Mango Tree has a nice terrace if ever

10 – Dubai Creek
The creek is one of the oldest areas of Dubai, do not hesitate to go there at sunset. Enjoy your crossing, the call to the resounding mosque and the sunset wrapping the city in a soft orange color. 1 dirham for the crossing.

It’s really confusing, because it’s not the “new Dubai”, here you are plunged backward for a moment. You will discover the souk on the other side of the creek.

It’s a fun activity to discover as you visit Old Dubai.

visit Dubai by boat

11 – Visit the souks of Deira
On the other side of the creek, you will discover old Dubai, in a totally different world of the great towers and skyscrapers of the new Dubai.

While visiting Deira, you will see the traditional buildings of the old historic district at a time when Dubai was just a fishing port.

I advise you to opt for a visit in French historic Dubai. It’s interesting and at least you know what you see 😉 What is not necessarily the case if you make the visit by yourself.

You can book the visit in French by clicking on this link.

It is a day trip and you will discover all the traditional and historical districts of the city. They pick you up directly at your hotel. It’s very useful.

There are different souks to visit. The most amazing being the soul of gold. You will find many shops selling jewelry, rings and other gold necklaces. It’s impressive to see.

The windows are filled with bracelets, necklaces, watches, gold, diamonds and various precious stones. We do not know where to turn. Some estimate that there is consistently more than 10 tonnes of gold in this market. The souk is particularly impressive at night.

Otherwise, you can also visit the spice souk or the perfume souk. You will find small stands at every corner.

A cheap activity in Dubai for half a day.

12 – Dinner on the water on a Yacht

If you want to have a good time and eat one night in Dubai, you can choose to dine on a boat and discover Dubai from the waters while enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet (without alcohol of course) ).

Quiet and pleasant, it is possible every day and the departure is at 17:00 for a return at 20:30.

You will have a magnificent view of the Burj Al Arab, but also on the site of Palm Jumeirah.

For the fare, you need about $ 50 per person, but with that you will have a dinner cruise on a beautiful yacht and a buffet and non-alcoholic drinks at will.

It is here that you can book this dinner cruise.

13 – Discover Abu Dhabi and visit the Great Mosque
Abu Dhabi-mosque-

For the last activity you can do in Dubai, we suggest you to discover Abu Dhabi on a day.

It’s not really an activity on the city of

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