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How to choose a men’s watch

Regarding men’s watches, I used my experience of mixing the bezel for almost ten years to answer! ! !I don’t want to say something like other respondents. I want to give more to the working class, to the masses, not to show off, but also to meet the identity traits. The straightforward point is that some cost-effective ones, I think it is worth recommending Everyone has a variety of watches and brands. Watches belong to one of the rare accessories for men and men. Unlike women, they can have a variety of accessories. There are words in the circle, poor cars, rich play tables, too expensive, not to go on this topic because of pay attention to this problem. 99% of the friends, they may not be able to afford it.

Return to the topic, first talk about the mainstream division of the watch: mechanical watches, electronic watches, quartz watches, and relatively rare light kinetic energy and solar energy.Today, I will focus on the mechanical watch and quartz watch, which is more suitable for the working class, and the solar light kinetic energy is all Japanese technology. Traditionally, Chinese people prefer to buy mechanical watches, especially for the older generation. The mechanical watch saves the trouble and does not need to change batteries. Unlike quartz watches, batteries are changed every three or two years. More importantly, they are changed. The battery is troublesome, you have to find a professional master to change, the change may not affect the waterproof function of the watch, and may also encounter the replacement of the poor quality battery.

But in my opinion, mechanical watches are not necessarily more economical than quartz watches. Mechanical watches need more maintenance. People who have worn them for a long time should know what I mean. The simple point is that the maintenance of mechanical watches is much more troublesome than the maintenance of quartz watches. .As the name suggests, mechanical watches definitely use mechanical movements, which have complex structures, gears, racks, springs, etc., so it needs a thing called lubricant. This stuff is also going to be re-started every few years, and the cost and process of getting up is more complicated and expensive than changing the battery.

Some people will say, then I can’t! Hey, you don’t, you can imagine that your car will not be lubricated. The two are the same. If you don’t get the lubricant, the gears and bearings will be abnormally worn. The accuracy of the long-term time will be It will drop, and you have no way to solve this problem except to replace the worn parts. If you are lucky, you can replace the parts and have bad luck. This watch is equivalent to the scrapped watch.

And to be honest, mechanical watches, the cost is high, so the price is very high, you have to buy cheap, the quality is really good. As far as I am concerned, I don’t think I will buy a mechanical watch with less than 10,000. The price I said is still the price I can buy. According to the average domestic price, this figure should be at least 14 to 1.8.

Speaking of the price of 10,000, I will talk about it again. Many young people in China especially like the Longines series. Longines really made the mechanical watch very thin and small, coupled with celebrity endorsements, attracting many young people around 30 years old. people.

How do you say this? Although I personally don’t like Longines, Longines is good if the lady buys it. Male, Longines is also a good name for the men’s watch in the series. But the price, to be honest, the money can buy TAG Heuer, and even buy Omega.

On brand and quality, TAG Heuer is better than Longines. It should be said that it is a higher level. At this price, I would recommend TAG Heuer. This brand is not particularly popular in China, so the price is not high, but TAG Heuer Carrera and Lincoln, including the competition, are very good watches, and the price is close to the Longines. It can be said that it is very popular in Europe and the United States.

I went to Australia, the United States and other countries, foreigners still very TAG Heuer, generally like to bring a little expensive watches, choose a lot of TAG Heuer, very common. Of course, there are more people like Citizen, G-shock, and Japanese watches. This brand of TAG Heuer used to be the endorsement of Tiger Woods. You know that golf is a high-end sport there, and there is a difference in the civilian sport of basketball. So, the high status of Tiger Woods should be imaginable. After the sex scandal, I changed to Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems that Chen Daoming is the endorser in the country. Of course, it is not clear whether there is a substitution. Of course, Omega is also good, but the price is a bit high, and no matter how good the watch, I have not bought it, I have not worn it, I will not smash it. Omega I still buy it for others. I can say that I am the best. I am going to TAG Heuer or a special price. I bought 300 meters for the $900.

Next, let’s talk about the American favorite – the Japanese watch. I know that many people have heard the two words in Japan, and they have to have a variety of climaxes. Nothing, you can buy them domestically, I absolutely support you to buy them. Before that, I want to tell a story first. In the 1970s, the Swiss watchmaking industry experienced a Great Depression. It can be said that the Japanese watch of the year swept the Swiss watchmaking industry like a nightmare.

I never felt the feeling of copying and pasting is so cool, but for everyone to understand more about my intentions. Maybe everyone will spray what I recommend for the dog-small thing, the above quotes, and what I want to express next, I will say plainly, after reading it, I want to continue spraying.I just want to express the technology of Japan. This piece of human thinking is not to promote small Japan.

Borrowing the words of the fast-moving Daxie Wang Xing – the technology is not guilty

In fact, the Swiss watch has already been technically defeated in the past, and now rises, not so much the rise of watches, it is better to say that the rise of luxury goods. At that time, Citizen (Seiko is a Citizen) group is the world’s No. 1 watchmaking company, and today Swatch is the world’s number one. I experienced a process of marketing to defeat technology and quality. I bought Swatch’s watch and bought it for my sister. The price is very cheap. The RMB is a hundred pieces. It takes two years, it must be bad, and the price ratio is fixed in China. The new one I bought abroad is still expensive. Just such a brand, now the world’s watch leader, has a number of Swiss brands including Omega, covering high school and low-end. It is precise because of the business of a woman who does not understand the watch, selling bargains, fashion watches, plastic watches, got the first bucket of gold. Then Swatch acquired a large Swiss brand that was in trouble at the time, repackaging, and then raised the price of the mechanical watch, took the exaggerated route, and got the world.

However, if I am worth more than 100 million, Patek Phillips must buy one, haha, bragging is not guilty.

Having talked so much, now let’s talk about reality. My first push is Citizen’s light kinetic energy and Casio’s G-shock (especially the solar G-shock). These two should be the most popular watches in North America and even Europe and America. In contrast, a domestic Swiss watch is very popular. Even Swatch and Tissot are selling the red fire. It can be said that the choice of watches is still more exaggerated.Let me talk about the advantages: light kinetic energy is more precise than the mechanical watch. It does not need oil, the cost performance is high, the structure is simpler, and it is relatively less prone to damage. Compared to the quartz watch, the price of the battery does not need to be close. It can be said that I believe that at present, within 5,000 RMB, optical kinetic energy is my first choice. Generally, the standard of kinetic energy is 100 meters waterproof. This type of meter can be charged by light, any light, sunlight, fluorescent lamp. I have had several pieces myself, but I have cut it down. Now there is only one piece. This movement is better. It can be fully charged in the sun for 2 hours, or 100 hours under the fluorescent lamp. It can be used in a completely dark environment. The theoretical life of the battery is 15 years. The difference in movement may be less effective, but there will not be a huge gap. It can be said that you don’t need to consider whether electricity will run out of this kind of thing. Of course, you can do it for 7 months without any light, then you win. Moreover, the kinetic energy now has a lot of electric waves, and even the time error will not be there. A fixed time for automatic calibration time every day (G-shock is also a lot now, and G-shock is more powerful, I will introduce later, I personally think that every man who likes a watch should have a G-shock in his life)

And Citizen in the domestic counters, although expensive eggs, the style is so old-fashioned for centuries, there are many sellers on Taobao, the price is still reliable. The most reliable is to go to the Amazon in North America, where the North American model, the style and design and the price are much better than the domestic models, and even the Japanese models. The price is only half. No way, it should be a tariff. Japanese things come to China and prices are very expensive. In fact, the import is expensive, hehe! I don’t have much to say in the pocket where the money has gone.

Next is G-shock, what the brand says, the main thing is sports. The biggest feature is impact resistance, standard 200 meters waterproof. This is a watch that can be used to play boxing. Who likes to bring? Foreigners like to bring. why? Foreigners love sports. Who doesn’t like the watch that doesn’t break? And the army is also very popular, and the American soldiers basically use it as a military watch. Also, when you watch a movie, you should pay attention to those American soldiers, lonely heroes, and policemen. In short, almost 90% of them are G-shocks. How to recognize? Very well recognized, plastic material large electronic watch, basically it is. And G-shock is not only reliable, but also some models are also very amazing, what extreme conditions of motion, a few dozen degrees of a lot of electronic watches are gone, mechanical watch lubricants are also solidified, it has low-temperature resistance. There are also anti-strong magnetic fields. As we all know, watches in strong magnetic fields are not going away, but G-shock has models that resist strong magnetic fields. I like the more features, like Gulfmaster or Rangeman, not only drop-proof, 200 meters waterproof, but also a triple sensor, compass function, air pressure, altitude, temperature. These are very practical features for the outdoors. Especially compass and air pressure, one can be used to find the direction, one can be used to predict the weather, it can save lives. Not to mention alarm, stopwatch, LED lighting, world time query, and travel time switching (that is, you are traveling or working abroad, you have to call back to China, as long as you set it in advance, press a button and you will be able to display the domestic time). Of course, some people may say that some of these features are also available in mountaineering watches, like Garmin or Protrek, and some are more accurate. I admit it, but Garmin is good, Song Tuo is also good, these watches have to be charged, you have to stay in the wild for a few months, trapped, can’t charge how to do? And it takes a month to charge, and there is a fruit watch that is full of charge every day, even two charges, I think that is not for people, but for people to serve them. In addition to the battery model, G-shock and solar models, Protrek and G-shock belong to Casio, but also have solar energy, but usually in waterproof, especially in the case of impact resistance, it is still worse than G-shock, of course, It depends on the specific model.

Then there is a little bit of it that I think is more critical. Need to be reminded, that is, when choosing a watch, the material is very important. Try not to choose stainless steel material, usually, stainless steel is relatively soft, not very wearable, such a stainless steel watch, after wearing for a year or two, it will be seen under the light, the case is a lot of scratches, it looks old. Then glass, do not choose ordinary mineral glass, the same reason, too soft, very easy to scratch. This is why I recommend Citizen. It is true that Citizen is mostly stainless steel and ordinary glass, but Citizen also has titanium alloy and sapphire glass, and the price is not expensive. In Japan and domestic duty-free shops, the low price of about 1700 can buy this. If you go to Europe and the United States and find a shop, I am afraid that 1000 yuan can be bought. Titanium alloy or sapphire glass is not easy to scratch. It can be said that if you wear it for two or three years, you can’t see how old it is. But remember, Citizen also has a mechanical watch, we buy, just buy light kinetic energy, most of the kinetic energy male watch is 100 meters waterproof, but of course you still ask better before you buy. You bought it, you know that it is definitely not Tissot selling more than 3,000,000 stainless steel, plus Tissot Leroy, which is only 30 meters or 50 meters waterproof.

Science is 30 meters waterproof. This is not to say that it can wear 30 meters of diving. The waterproof of 30 meters is only waterproof under the pressure of 30 meters in the static state. In other words, 30 meters waterproof is waterproof and you can only wash your hands. Rain, you have to swim, you can go to the repair shop the next day.

To wear swimming, at least 100 meters of waterproof can be. And the watch is afraid of water vapor, so you should not wear a bath and hurt the sealing rubber ring. Do you know about thermal expansion and contraction?In conclusion, from the perspective of cost performance, we mainly recommend Citizen Light Kinetic Energy, Casio G-shock, and Tiger TAG Heuer. Two Japanese brands, one Swiss brand, are quite popular brands in Europe and the United States


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