You are there, in front of your screen, the fingers hanging above the keyboard. It’s time for you to write your first publications and implement a marketing strategy. This is the white page syndrome, or almost. You wonder what will please, what works, what is best for your business … in short, you are not too used and you need inspiration. In this article, I present you different types of marketing that you can adopt online and that you can adapt in your publications.

We agree, there are as many different strategies as companies, as many strategies as objectives, as many strategies as products, brands, targets, niches etc. So yes, we agree, this article will not be an exclusive list of what you can do online. On the other hand, I commit myself to do my best to open you to new horizons. I am here for young web marketers, young employees, uninitiated entrepreneurs, in short, all those who need a helping hand and a small dose of inspiration.

We will see here 5 types of Online Marketing possible, with their advantages and examples. Your strategy will surely be a “mix and match” of all that, to you to see and adapt according to your needs.

Product Marketing

As the name suggests, product marketing builds its message around the product. In the broad sense of the term, this may involve working on the product in general, the mix, the target, the market, etc. In our context of implementing an online web-marketing communication strategy, we focus on the different types of messages around which we can build our communications.

When it comes to online product marketing of any brand like women’s fashion products or, it’s about being fairly pragmatic and following traditional marketing techniques by presenting C.A.B: features, benefits, benefits. This means highlighting the products ahead, its features, its characteristics and its impact on the life of the user.

The C.A.B can also be less factual and more emotional by putting forward a negative emotion filled by a positive emotion thanks to the product. For example, instead of saying that heating a house will allow you to not get cold (done), we can say that heating gives you the freedom to stay in a t-shirt at home and feel good and comfortable (emotion / sensation).

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is more subtle because not to mention products directly, without a sales message, the message promotes the brand. This can be done in several ways: By conveying the values of the brand or its identity. Showing the bottom of the business (#behindthescene), introducing the employees and making them more human. For example, at the time of #mannequinchallenge, many companies took the opportunity to participate and show their premises, their teams and to say “we are also in the game.” This was the case of Hubspot, a very famous blog in marketing. Just by watching the video, we have a very good image of the brand and we almost want to go to work for them! Is not it?

Promotional Marketing

Promotional marketing is a much more basic technique that involves using the system of offers, promotions, scarcity and time limit to push for the purchase. In marketing, although there are several strategies, they all have one thing in common: differentiation. A company may decide to differentiate itself by its brand marketing (same product but brand image / different values / identities, see above), by its characteristics new / additional products (same type of product but improved, see product marketing) , or by its price. Promotional marketing plays on the tariff accessibility of the product, the exceptional offer not to be missed, etc. This is often the case with communications on essential products in supermarkets.

Tribal Marketing

When I was a student in my Masters in Marketing, my teachers swore only Tribal Marketing (and sensory marketing). Traditional tribal marketing is based on the sense of community and belonging that customers have. Customers are part of a “group” and recognize each other. It may be the case, for example, of the Harley Davidson brand whose motorcycle customers are very recognizable, it goes beyond the bike, and it becomes a way of life. More recently and more subtly, we can observe this feeling of belonging among Nespresso customers. There is Nespresso, and “the others”.

Content Marketing

Finally, the star of marketing, the essential, the essential . I kept the best for the end . I do not present it anymore … content marketing! This type of marketing is based on the principle of giving before receiving, giving before asking, giving before selling. And when I say give, I’m not talking about pretending, “for the principle.” No no! I speak of true generosity, genuine and pure. I’m talking about really wanting to bring value to its prospects and customers. Because to contribute, in a (almost) purely disinterested way, it is good.

Obviously, we are in business, we know that our content marketing strategy, if it is well done, it will be appreciated. We know that this will create links and proximity. We know that it allows “warming up” the prospect, and then selling. Yes, but sell a valuable product, in the continuity of content marketing that offers value, coupled with a valuable after-sales service, and that makes happy customers and successful businesses. Content marketing, it conveys a message that educates, informs, moves, distracts or inspires. So, content marketing, we say yes! I have already written two articles on content marketing, explaining what it is, the forms it can take and showing examples. Now it’s your turn to play! is one of the biggest website for Online shopping in Pakistan, which is providing one stop solution for online shopping of electronics products, women & men’s fashion products, health & beauty products and many other technological needs of the customers.

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