Men vs. Women, or Why doesn’t difference mean inequality? | Difference Between Men and Women While Shopping Online in Pakistan

Not so long ago, neurologists found striking differences in the structure of the brain of representatives of different sexes, which have a direct impact on the formation of their worldview. Simply put, men and women perceive the same situation differently and react differently to it… Online Shopping in Pakistan

Colin Shaw, founder, and CEO of consulting company Beyond Philosophy, author of four world-famous business best-sellers on creating unique consumer experience, writes about the opening of the following:

“I was always struck by this huge difference between men and women. I can’t say that my surprise knew no bounds when I read about this study. Quite the contrary: I am almost sure that the reaction of many couples to this experiment will be a sarcastic “What are you saying!”

Judge for yourselves: I started dating my future wife when she was 16 and I was 17. We got married after 6 years and have been married for 32 years. Then it seemed to me that men and women were psychologically no different from each other, but after several years of living together, I realized that I was very mistaken. To be honest, my wife and I rarely argue, but if this does happen, then in 50% of cases the quarrels occur just because of the enormous difference mentioned between men and women… Online Shopping in Pakistan” 🙂

Online Shopping in Pakistan

The difference does not mean inequality

For the past 40 years, since the emergence of the term “political correctness”, proposed by the famous feminist Karen de Crow (Karen de Crow), it is generally accepted that there is no difference between men and women. Of course, this is not so. However, Colin Shaw focuses on the fact that in this case, the concepts of “difference” and “inequality” are completely not equivalent. Let us explain the above statement in more detail.

There is no doubt that men and women should be equal. The use of the word “must” is absolutely justified, because even today you can find dozens of examples of incredibly strange restrictions on the rights of women operating in different parts of the world. For example, in Yemen, a woman cannot act as a witness in a trial, and in the Vatican, women still do not have the right to vote… Online Shopping in Lahore

Often, the fairer sex is paid less than men for the performance of the same job, they are not allowed to take leading positions and they neglect their professional opinion. Moreover: in the USA in 1984 the concept of “glass ceiling” arose, which implies informal barriers to the career growth of discriminated social groups, which include women.

Nevertheless, there is a difference between men and women, and it is quite natural. They are no worse and no better than each other – they are just different. They have different priorities, they live according to different principles and at the same time constantly challenge the behavior, opinions, and beliefs of their partners. 🙂

Allan Peace, the author of the bestselling book Body Language, which has become the communications “bible” of many businessmen, has written an excellent book entitled Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Cards (Why Men don’t listen and Women can ‘t read maps). Here are some interesting and at the same time obvious observations made by the author:

  • A woman spends an average of one and a half to two hours on a trip to the store for a toothbrush, a man spends about 20-30 minutes, taking into account the time to queue.
  • If a woman gets lost, she will stop the car and ask her for directions. A man, considering this below his dignity, will wander around the city and think: “Yeah, I already saw this hotel.”
  • Many men, while driving a car, do not allow themselves to be distracted and demand that the rest of the passengers observe silence. Women find it quite possible to simultaneously drive a car, paint their lips and talk on the phone… Online Shopping in Karachi
  • Men criticize women for excessive talkativeness, inability to separate the main thing from the secondary and for the excessive number of bottles in the bathroom. Women criticize men for insensibility, carelessness, misunderstanding, and socks scattered throughout the house.
  • A man most often makes a decision about shopping, because his sweater has broken, the stereo system has broken or the products have run out. A woman makes a shopping trip in order to relieve stress, or because her friend has acquired new cosmetics. 🙂

What is the reason?

The answer to this question was found by American neuroscientists who discovered phenomenal differences in the structure of the brain of men and women Online Shopping in Lahore.

In an experiment conducted in 2013 with the assistance of the Department of Neuropsychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, 949 men and women aged 8 to 22 years participated. Using the method of magnetic resonance imaging, which measures the movement of water molecules in the nerve cells of the brain, scientists were able to create its neural model and display all the bundles of neurons connecting different areas of the brain… Online Shopping in Pakistan

As it was found out, women have better developed interhemispheric connections of nerve fibers, while men have intrahemispheric connections. This explains why women often do several things at once, and men work much more productively when they focus on one thing.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

But the most interesting thing is that the conclusions made by scientists are closely correlated with the results of various cognitive-behavioral experiments: for example, if a task requires the involvement of both hemispheres, a woman will cope with it more successfully than a man online shopping in Pakistan.

In addition, the representatives of the weaker sex have a better developed associative memory, they show good social skills and remember names and faces without problems. Men, in turn, are well oriented in space and have good sensorimotor skills.

How to use the acquired knowledge in marketing?

When choosing a marketing strategy, it is necessary to take into account the fact that men and women perceive and react differently to the same things. This is especially true of the emotional component of the issue.

As the results of numerous studies show, the choice of a client – whether a woman or a man – is most often dictated by emotions. External emotional triggers, acting on the subconscious and the person’s ability to critically assess the situation, ultimately determine the outcome of the transaction. In other words, a person realizes that he was pushed to this or that decision, but has no idea why he did what he did… Online Shopping in Lahore

From the point of view of Colin Shaw, the following factors influence the satisfaction of emotional needs and the formation of the consumer experience of men and women who once used your services:

1. The difference. Never forget about the psychological and physiological differences between the sexes, look for a personal approach to each client.

2. Empathy. Being aware of the buyer’s problems, before you answer the question asked, recommend or sell something, you thereby have him to the conversation and make it more receptive. At the same time, it does not matter who they are talking about – a man or a woman – nobody wants to deal with a company that does not listen to its customers… Online Shopping in Peshawar.

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