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As a long-time fun old driver and a new Taobao small seller, I am writing a popular article when I am busy with no one shopping.

Write an article about delayed spray first. After two days of busy business, there is no time to write these summaries.


After entering this line, I found that the papa delay was really just needed. I was asked many times about the delayed spray on the line. Some friends want to borrow time delay but don’t know if there is a delay spray. Some friends know that there is a delay spray, but there are doubts. I don’t want to use it. I want to buy it, I don’t know where to buy it, I am afraid of hurting my body, I am afraid I will be embarrassed. And so many questions.

Many of the problems are similar and similar, so I have sorted out some common problems related to delayed sprays for reference by those who need them.

Insert one sentence: I am only an old driver with some experience, not a professional. If there is any delay, please let me know. Let’s start with self-answering



2. At the beginning of the pa life, the time is very short, the female ticket is not satisfied, can be improved with delayed spray?

Not necessary.

When men are living in pa, the time is short, even the countdown is normal, but it will also improve with the female body, and the familiarity with the partner’s body will naturally improve.

If the two sides are not in the same place and have not seen the papa for a long time, they will often be too excited and the time will be shorter than usual. This will also return to normal within a short period of time after re-adaptation.

For such problems, it is recommended to fully communicate with female partners, and almost every newcomer is like this. If a woman sees this article, please give him some progress time and patience. The harmonious relationship between the two sides is also very helpful for papa to be harmonious.

When men are fully familiar with their partner’s body and their mindsets and levels are stable, if you still want to improve some, then it is recommended to consider using delayed spray to increase the fun.

3. My friend said that he can get his female partner to get 8 gc. Is he bragging?

He is not bragging, I don’t know.

But many women are characterized by the fact that the ciji needed to get a second GC is much less than the first.

If a man gives a woman a GC after a certain amount of time, then the subsequent GC will come relatively easy. It can make her get 2 times and get 10 GCs. The skills and skills that men need are not very different. Of course, for women, the sense of sensory is very different.

4. Does fitness help delay?

Physical exercise can improve your physical fitness in all aspects, and can make your mind clearer, have faster emergency response, better cardiopulmonary function, and are less likely to get sick and many other benefits. Of course, it also includes enhanced ability.

But if you just want to improve your pa ability through fitness, you will get half the effort.

Just like a professional weightlifter throwing a javelin, of course, it is better than a normal person because his physical fitness is fully won. But if he is a javelin thrower than a professional javelin thrower, even if it is a world-class weightlifter and a national or even provincial athlete, even if both are sports that also require upper and lower limb strength, world-class weightlifters also It may not be able to win.

This is because the muscle groups and skills responsible for different types of projects are different.

Papa also has its special muscle control and special skills. Those who are physically strong have certain advantages over those who are physically weaker on the basis of physical strength and physical fitness, but the special ability may not be better than the one who has done special training. The local training of pa ability special, the most popular, and the most effective one is the PC muscle, and some special tips.

The old driver is guaranteed by 20 years of driving experience, strong PC muscle and proper pa skills, making it possible for a woman with general sensitivity to obtain multiple GCs.

It’s really not private or marketing. I’ve really been aware of some related content before, but it’s blocked for a while, and the friends who need it can trust me.

5. Does SY have a negative impact on pa ability?

The right amount of SY has no harm to the body and also contains the ability of pa.

SY causes a short period of time, mostly due to the pursuit of a fast biubiu that causes the body to form a memory. That is, it is not sy itself that causes the papa time to be short, but the SY method that is unreasonable has a problem.

A lot of data shows that more than 90% of men have had sy, which is higher than the proportion of medical ZX.

Just like you eat very healthy food every day, but you eat too much food every day, or have a meal without a meal, the result is a problem in the stomach, you can not blame the cause of the disease on the food itself.

Moreover, if we do the opposite, we can even use SY to train to reduce your sensitivity and increase the biubiu threshold.

So what if SY is excessive ?

If it is excessive, everything will be harmful. If you eat too much, you will get out of your stomach. If you drink too much, you will be poisoned by water. The harm of SY is mostly that it can be satisfied by DIY. Some people will lose the motivation to go out and fight to win the opposite sex, not sy itself.


Spray related issues:

6. What is the delay spray? Can you treat zx?

The delayed spray is not a medicine, it is a sex toy, he can not treat zx.

Whether the original papa time is half a minute or half an hour, if you want to extend the papa time you can use it.

An effective time-delay spray is sprayed before each accident to increase the launch threshold of the papa and extend the papa time. But it does not permanently cure zx. If you don’t spray it next time, it will restore the previous level.

7. Is it suitable for my spray?

For most people, spray is a sex toy that improves the quality of life for couples.

But delayed sprays are not drugs. It can help solve some problems, but it is by no means a problem, and it is not suitable to cover up some problems.

The short time is essentially because men are too sensitive to ciji given by women and have low tolerance. So the reason for low tolerance is functional or organic? Need to figure out first.

Functionality: If you are a young and very close to a woman, then the initial intimate contact will take too short a time, even if you have not yet entered and ended. This kind of functional time is short, and it is easy to happen after a period of time between men and women, but it will recover soon. Functional time is short, and it can be greatly improved through multiple contacts and multiple trainings.

Organic: If there is inflammation in the relevant body parts, such as prostatitis, urethritis or other related organs, there may be a short period of time.

Judging whether it is functional or organic, the most authoritative is of course to go to the regular hospital to check, do not go to private small hospitals. There is also a simple way to judge: it has been normal before, and suddenly the time is short in the short term, it may be because the body has an organic problem. And if it has not been long, the reasons for functionality are mostly.

The problem of organic quality can only go to hospital for treatment. Even if other means (medication, spray, etc.) are used to cover up the problem in a short period of time, it is harmful to the body and will delay the illness.

So if you are functional for a short period of time, consider using a spray to help, but if you feel it is organic, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital immediately.

8. What is the composition of the delayed spray and what is the principle? Why can I extend papa time?

At present, the reason why biubiu is too fast in medicine is not clearly defined, but at least it may include psychological factors, dd sensitivity, various types of inflammation, and nervous system diseases. Among them, the sensitivity of DD is the most common cause .

Studies have found that many males with short pa time have a relatively high sensitivity to dd, especially GT. The neurological excitability of DD, especially GT, is relatively high in sensory nerve excitability, so that the stimulation is in papa. The feeling is too high to induce an earlier biubiu, which means that it is easier to reach the threshold of biubiu.

Therefore, the application of desensitizing substances by dd or GT reduces the sensitivity to stimulation and prolongs the arrival time of orgasm, thereby achieving the purpose of improving biubiu too fast.

If roughly divided, there are two main types of delayed sprays commonly available on the market:

The first type is Western-style, and more alcohol, ethyl p-aminobenzoate (alias: benzocaine), dicaine hydrochloride solution and the like are applied to dd, paralyzed neuronal cells, thereby making neurotransmitters ( Responsible for the transmission of pleasure) can not stimulate the synapse (the part of the neuron cells to receive stimulation), thus achieving a delay effect. These products generally work quickly, waiting for 2-5 minutes to start combat, but this type of spray can easily lead to dd paralysis, which may lead to short-term bq problems.

I used to use too many brands of such chemical sprays on my tongue to start numbness in a short period of time. Then the numbness will rise, feeling the tip of the tongue is big, and it has a slight tingling sensation. After a period of time, the numbness will decrease, and finally the numbness will basically disappear, but the tongue still has discomfort. And if you apply this kind of spray, it is like the feeling of DD playing an anesthetic. Sometimes you can only feel an organ that is not your own, sometimes even the dd is missing.

This is why many brands of sprays will not be numb as the biggest selling point, because numbness is really negative for papa experience.

The second type is plant sprays. The main ingredients of these sprays are plant extracts (commonly known as maca, clove, cistanche, damidiana, etc.), although they also reduce the sensitivity of the relevant parts, but The method of desensitization is relatively mild, the numbness is weak (not completely absent), and some sprays also have a little burning sensation, but it is difficult for men who are not sensitive to feel it. I have also been exposed to a variety of such sprays that are common on the market. The same is true, some have a touch of faint medicinal wine, some Chinese herbal medicines are more intense and bitter, but there is basically no numb feeling. Applying on dd, the feeling of different sprays is not exactly the same, some have almost no feeling, some are slightly warm, some have some slight spicy, but if you are not allergic to the product, if you don’t pay attention to these feelings Many are hard to detect. Since such a spray is mainly a plant extract, its effect time is generally longer, ranging from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. In actual combat, the delay effects of such sprays vary from brand to brand and the success rate varies. But the feeling of numbness is generally weaker than the first type of spray, while the pleasure of papa is better than the first type.

There are still many first-class sprays on the market, and the prices are relatively cheap. The second type of spray is relatively expensive.

9. There are so many kinds of sprays, how to choose?

First, it is not recommended to choose the first type of Western chemical spray. As mentioned above, the experience of numbness for pa is really poor.

Then the second type of spray, there are many options on the market. So how do you choose? It is recommended to consider the choices from several dimensions:

First of all, you must buy products produced by regular manufacturers, you need to have relevant approvals, and have a formal anti-counterfeiting mark. You can also go to a treasure or some east to search for time-delay sprays. The sales volume is generally not three-products;

Secondly, we need to consider the effect of the spray, which is also the purpose of our spray.

I divide the effect into three dimensions: the first delay effect, which is easy to understand, is to extend the effect of papa time; the second onset time, that is, how long after the spray can work, can start the actual combat, the second type of spray The manufacturer’s declared efficacy time is generally between 15 minutes and 60 minutes, but even if the manufacturer claims that the effective time is 15 minutes or even shorter, it is best to wait a little longer, and then the active ingredients are fully absorbed and used again. The effect will be better; the third is the duration of the effect, which is the effect within the time after spraying. This effect dimension is very intimate in some special situations. For example, in the afternoon, you need to go out to date, but you will return to the hotel papa at night, and the spray with a long duration will have an advantage. For example, for some long-distance love, you can spray it before you leave, and you can calmly papa after meeting. The spray I have seen with the longest duration of action can last up to 12 hours, so in theory, even if you are in Shanghai, your girlfriend is in Paris, you can fly to Paris to cope with it. In general, the effect of the second type of spray lasts for several hours.

In terms of effects, in my experience, so far, no spray has been found to work for all people. It is possible that the composition of a certain spray is not suitable for you; there may be the above described, the short time of pa may be caused by many reasons, and you may not be short of DD sensitive. I have done statistically able to achieve more than 90% of the efficient spray is already the market or the leader. Therefore, due to the non-100% effectiveness of the spray, it is best to find a spray that can be used for a sample, or a spray that can be tried, and find a spray that is effective for you at a lower cost.

Third, about numbness and hot burning sensation. Even the second type of spray, due to the difference in the active ingredients and the proportion of the formula, there will be different degrees of numbness and hot and burning sensation, and the strength of these feelings is also related to the physical fitness and acceptance of each person. Also related. At present, all sprays are theoretically numb, but the spray that is right for you may be barely noticeable. Therefore, the solution to this problem also requires a little bit of the solution, that is, the provision of the trial package.

Fourth, allergies. The spray I sold had a slight allergic reaction with a very low probability of mild redness and itching on the skin, and the probability of this occurrence was extremely low. In my years of sales experience, it only happened once. This is allergic skin, I asked him to change other brands or simply return, but because the plot is not serious, the student is too lazy to return, and then continue to use, but there is no similar phenomenon in the future. The probability of an allergic reaction is extremely small, but you may wish to do some allergy tests on the back of your hand before use.

Therefore, based on the characteristics that each spray is difficult to be effective for 100% of the population, I will give a few words of feedback to the best brands of sprays, and make a trial bag, so that you can find it easily and at low cost. Suitable for your own products.

10. How much is the spray?

This is also a question that varies from person to person and is also a problem related to sprays.

Sensitive people need less, and insensitive people need more. Some people use the A brand of sprays to use a larger amount, and the B brand sprays use less. So you need to find the right amount yourself.

The first time you use the spray, the amount is less. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can increase the amount later. If the first time is too small, consider diluting with water and applying. And if it is not sensitive enough, you can also consider using a towel to heat the small dd first, to promote blood circulation, and then spray, more easily absorbed.

11. What happens when I spray more?

It may be difficult to biubiu out, but don’t think this is a good thing.

When you have worked hard for an hour, both men and women have a sore back and are exhausted, but there is no way to biubiu, only big eyes and small eyes, watching the little dd slowly go soft, but the heart is unwilling but also in vain.

There is another possibility that if the hardness itself is not very good, there may be a weak phenomenon.

However, don’t worry too much, just this time, after the effect is over, everything will be restored.

Therefore, it is still appropriate to spray the spray according to its own situation, not to mention, good spray is generally not cheap, spray more, could have used 50 times, can only be used 30 times, but also not?


12. Can I use the spray for a long time? Will there be any side effects?

So far I have not found any relevant rigorous articles.

But with me, some friends around me, and my customers’ experience, many people started using sprays for about 14 or 15 years. The feedback to me is that after finding the spray that suits you, whether it is The first type or the second type will achieve a delay effect after the current use, but if the spray is not used next time, it will return to the level where the spray was not used before. That is, the trial of the spray does not reduce your pa ability and does not cause dependence.

I have also read related papers from some medical universities in China. Whether it is the first type or the second type of spray, after using the spray for a long time, the follow-up tracking only found that the spray has improved the long-term pa ability. No effect, but no significant side effects were found.

13. Can I use Viagra at the same time as Viagra?

can. Viagra is a prescription drug to help your dd stand up, delay spray is a sex toy, help dd station longer, the two do not conflict.

14. Delay set or delayed spray, how to choose?

The principle of the delay sleeve is actually similar to the spray. The head of the delay sleeve is coated with a time-delay substance, but since it is usually in the actual combat, the papa is started immediately after the sleeve is applied, so the first type of chemical delay product mentioned above is mostly applied in the delay sleeve. . Therefore, the experience of the general delay set will not be very good.

15. What should I do with my boyfriend?

This question is not a technical question about the spray, but someone has asked me this question.

In fact, many men are unwilling to find their own use of sprays, which is why many of the spray packaging trademarks are foreign languages, and there is no tempting pattern display.

However, women tend to have a better sixth sense. They will find some signs from various clues. (Including one sentence, I also know a female friend. She and the male ticket are in a long-distance relationship. The male ticket just broke, she found that his pa ability suddenly changed. Strong, I suspect that the male ticket accepted the training of Xiaoshan or outsiders. Fortunately, my male ticket is also a friend. I know the inside story because I sent him a spray, or I don’t know how to end it. But in fact, in many cases, men are trying to give women a better experience, see if they break, or are good friends.

16. After spraying the spray, it is suddenly inconvenient to papa, will it hurt the body?

I have been asked this question many times. The answer is: the delayed spray is not the yin and yang in the “Dragon”, it will not burn, the fire will burn, a pillar of the sky. It does not help Boss & Help, no harm, no need to wash away. What to do. You can understand that sunscreen is applied before going out in the morning, but today there is no sun. Sunscreen does not work, but it doesn’t matter.

17. In addition to the delayed spray, is there any other way to delay?

I have little psychological scruples about taking medicine, I have never tried it, I dare not assert.

There are also some PC muscle training methods. The muscle dd desensitization exercise is very helpful for the delay. In addition, some pa techniques also have a good effect on the delay. In the same way, these have been sent before, but they can’t be saved. I want to talk to me privately.

18. Where can I buy a good time delay spray?

Isn’t this a sub-question? My name is the name of the TB store, you can search for the store name to find me. I can also know private.

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