As nearly 35,000 French every year, you want to create your own Online Shop?

You want to rely on the strength of the internet to start or grow your business and you’re right.

I have met several hundreds of ecommerçants since 2005, date of creation of my first company, and many of them really marked me. Some by their success like Audrey, part of nothing in his garage and now at the head of an international company.

Others, unfortunately, will have troubled me by their failures, as Thierry and Antoine, two young creators with great products but who have spent all their savings (18 000 €) in the creation of a beautiful site … that nobody has visited for lack of marketing budget.

Unfortunately, we met too late and I sincerely hope that this article will avoid you from reproducing their mistakes.0nline shopping in Pakistan 
To create your online store, you have to make very important choices. In this article, I will explain:

How to create an online store easily, without commitment – neither financially nor contractually – and keeping its savings to do marketing and buy its stock

Why you have to get started as quickly as possible to succeed – even if you are not ready yet!

The 8 questions to ask yourself before spending your first penny of advertising

How to get your first sale in less than 3 days

And as a bonus, a piece of important ULTRA advice when you start selling online. The main secret which explains why shops succeed and others do not.

At the end of this article, find its summary video!
Make the right choice, from the beginning
To start selling online, you must first … a commercial site. To create an online store, several choices are available to you.

But be very careful, this choice is important and can determine the success of your business.

For the creation of your shop, you have 2 possibilities. One that I advise in 97% of cases and another that I recommend only in the remaining 3%.


On the one hand, you have SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

These are turnkey e-commerce solutions that bring you a real service beyond the shop creation software.

For example, my company WiziShop falls into this category.

For a few dozen euros a month only you will have:

Your online store

More than 385 features

Innovations and updates all year long

A team at your service to accompany you and answer all your questions by email or phone

Robust, secure hosting that adapts to your needs

Test the SaaS for free
Your email
On the other side, you have Open-Source solutions.

These are e-commerce solutions whose source code can be downloaded freely and for free. Most web agencies and freelancers use this type of software to create online shops for their customers.

Open source e-commerce solutions have an undeniable quality: access to source code. From this source code, it is possible to create what you want (with advanced technical skills, of course).

Still, need to need it. Only 1 to 3% of e-commerce users have very specific needs in relation to their job. Needs that require custom development and only for them.

In this case, the use of Open Source is recommended.

For all others, ie 97% of French ecommerçants, I really do not recommend the use of this type of software.


Getting started is good. To launch VERY fast, it is much better!
The world is becoming faster, more and more competitive.

If you have a good shop idea, the runtime can really make a difference.

This was confirmed to me just a few days ago by Julien, a customer I met on a show. He explained to me how he had detected that the Hand Spinners would become fashionable in France. The day he discovers this, he does not waste time. He spends the day finding suppliers and at night setting up his site.

The next morning (so in less than 24 hours) he officially launched his online store.

His luck … no … his Talent is to be the first to launch a website dedicated to Hand Spinners just before the media seize the phenomenon!

When he heard about the Hand Spinners, dozens of other entrepreneurs had the same idea as him. But whoever launched the site the quickest won the battle.


Even if you do not play on fashion phenomena, today a good entrepreneur is a fast and agile entrepreneur. It is better to get started very quickly by focusing only on the most important things at first.

The importance of the first sale

Having your first sale in the first 3 days is an important goal.

This first sale will free you and prove to you that it works.

To get a quick first sale, I strongly advise you to go through Facebook Ads, the advertising network of Facebook.

It’s really the most effective thing right now.

Facebook knows everything about us. Over the years, he has collected so much information about our tastes that he knows exactly who we are. Maybe he knows you better than your best friend!

The advantage for your online store is that the American giant makes you enjoy all its data. It is now possible to target your future customers with a precision never seen before.

For example, if you sell baby bibs with a unicorn on it, you can easily target all French and Belgian, mother of a child from 0 to 3 years, who love online shopping and who particularly likes unicorns.

Yes Yes. I assure you, you can really do that.

In a few seconds, you’ll know how much Facebook has people in this very specific target and how much you could reach each day for just € 5 or € 10.

To quickly reach your first sale, I advise you to do between 3 and 5 different ads with 5 € for each. Of course, if you increase the budget or the number of ads, you can sell much faster …

Remember to install the “pixel” facebook. This is a small line of quick code to install (on WiziShop it is done in a few seconds) that allows Facebook to track what is happening in your shop.

After a few visitors sent, Facebook can help you increase your sales by presenting your advertising to all those who visited your site but not bought. And, even stronger, finding common points between all your customers to target new ones on their network with precision.

Sales will increase. The cost of acquiring a new customer will then fall and you will start to be profitable.


Create your shop and make your first sale!
Your email
The advice that will make you an E-commerce Champion
You now know how to create your online store quickly and how to get your first sale. But are you sure to sell the right products/service?

There is a constant in ALL successful sites. A good practice that really makes the difference and that I have seen hundreds of times since 2005.

I could not conclude this article without sharing this advice.

Become the best expert in a very specific field.

That sounds stupid said like that. But it’s really, really, very important.

Let’s take an example. Do you sell cars?

Great. You have a real specialty. But there must already be several hundred merchant sites that sell caps. Difficult to stand out on the term “Cap” on Google or convince Internet users that you are the best.

And if you specialize even more to become the one and only on the web? For example, you can only sell checked caps or customizable hats! There you will become the absolute expert of the field, both in the eyes of your customers and at the same time in the eyes of Google.

After a few months, are you # 1 checked caps? Okay, now you can switch to striped caps and so on … Start as many new shops as you need!

In summary, unless you are a known and recognized the brand or have several million in front of you, never go on a too wide range of products. Amazon, Cdiscount, RueDuCommerce, La Fnac are indelible.

If you sell everything you have no chance.

On the other hand, if you become a super expert in a very particular field, big brands will not be able to face you!

You do not know what to sell? Do you have any ideas? Do not panic…
By reading the article How to find products that people are getting away from you will never have this problem again!

I still have one last piece of advice to give you.

Do not hesitate.

Start or you will regret it.

Start now.

And in 90 minutes you will finally be an entrepreneur with your own online store.

And within 3 days, following our step-by-step tips, you’ll get your first sale.

Life belongs to those who try, who believe in them and who do not let go of anything.

And it’s THE RIGHT MOMENT for you.

You only have to register on WiziShop below to start your new life.
In less than 90 minutes, you will create your professional online store. You will not regret it.

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