Which country to choose to sell online with dropshipping?

It is perfectly normal to wonder which country to target to sell in dropshipping. When you import products from China with Aliexpress for example, you can sell them in France, but also in Canada, Brazil, Germany, etc. So I will list the 10 countries where e-commerce is most present to help you define where to sell drop shipping.

How to know in which country to sell in dropshipping?

Today, many dropshippers are wondering if they should sell in France or other countries to earn money. The advantage of dropshipping is that this practice gives you the opportunity to deliver products and items worldwide. If you order on a site in China like Aliexpress for example, on most products, you will have the opportunity to deliver to all countries of the world!

Of course, selling in another country requires some adaptations and reflections. First of all, if you are already in a country, you need to recreate a fully translated dropshipping e-commerce store for the new country you are targeting, or have a domain name per country, which can sometimes be quite complicated. The graphic charter and the design of your online store must also meet the demand of your audience.

Next, communication and marketing strategies must be tailored to the buyers you target. You will have to take your different levers webmarketing: natural SEO (SEO), paid search (Adwords), market places, etc. to stick to your new audience. You should know that some countries do not have the same business practices as France, whether in terms of payment methods, means of delivery, but also at the product level.

Apart from these constraints, creating a site to sell in a foreign country can be a real added value for your business! In some countries, competition is much less present and there are great opportunities to seize. And if you are agile enough to have multiple stores targeting different countries, you will be able to increase your turnover and increase your number of buyers considerably.

Sell in France

Doing dropshipping in France is surely the first idea that came to your mind. And you are right ! The turnover of the French e-commerce reached 81.7 billion euros in 2017. Comparing this figure to the year 2016, it increased by 14.3%! France currently ranks third in the European countries generating the most sales on the internet.

In 2017, the French spent, on average, 2184 euros and there are 37 million buyers in this country.

As much to say that France is a great opportunity for you and your online business dropshipping. The French are used to buying and when you know that a French buys an average of 33 times a year in 2017, there is a good chance that some of them make purchases on your e-commerce site.

Sell in Pakistan

As the other countries are moving toward online shopping, Pakistan is also increasing trend in online shopping in the past few years. Pakistani customers are very keen to get quality products from internet. As the rising trend of online shopping, the e-commerce business will capture the retail market of Pakistan in coming years. Pakistan major cities like, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar are increasing in the online shopping in Pakistan. Karachi is in top in this list.

Sell in Germany

Germany has a very strong potential for dropshipping. It is not for nothing that this country is one of the first world powers. 89% of Germans use the Internet and more than 70% buy online! This indicator proves the country’s potential to launch its online site there.

As for many countries, the performance of German online shops is increasing every year. The consultation of websites on mobile is also becoming increasingly important. To give you some figures, 107.6 million smartphone connections have been identified. More than 60% of the merchant sites that sell in Germany are responsive. The trend of m-commerce is therefore present in this country.

Sell in the UK

92% of the UK population uses the internet! Many online sellers have already turned to this country to sell in dropshipping. About 80% of British people say they have already made an online purchase. M-commerce is one of the reasons for the strong growth of e-commerce.

British buyers buy on big marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, but they will also shop at small niche sites. The opportunity is therefore present for e-merchants wishing to do business in this country.

Many e-tailers are focused on mobile sales in this country so if you decide to create your dropshipping site, think responsive and UX on smartphone!

Sell in South Korea

The Korean market is doing well in the online sales market. With more than 50 million people generating a GDP of about $ 1.4 trillion, it can become attractive to sell on the internet.

Although its performance has been slightly lower in recent years, the country remains encouraging. Internet is more and more used and online transactions are more and more present. It is noticeable when we analyze the figures and especially the increase of 25% of internet purchases in a few years.

South Korea can be interesting to launch its dropshipping site. And for the trick, the favorite sectors to please Koreans are travel, fashion, electronics and food.

Sell in Russia

Russians love to shop online! E-commerce is a real habit in Russia. Loan 90% of the Russian population has already made a purchase on the internet. This target is particularly present in Saint Petersburg.

If we analyze a few figures, we can notice that Russian buyers make many orders on foreign sites. A dropshipping site that will export its products to Russia is not a brake for the population.

The Russian e-commerce market is growing and in a few years, online sales will double. And when we know that cross-border shopping is more and more popular, we understand the opportunity to target this market.

Sell in Japan

How not to speak about Japan if you do not know yet where to sell in dropshipping? Japan is one of the most attractive countries in terms of online sales.

The network infrastructures of Japan are very important and allow a very high speed as well as an omnipresence of Internet in the life of the Japanese. To share some numbers, more than 100 million users are used to shopping online … A figure that dreams of future dropshippers. Each year, the online sales sector is in perpetual growth so enjoy it.

Sell in China

China is undeniably one of the most advanced countries in terms of digital. It is constantly developing new systems and processes to promote online shopping. Cross-border trade is also very present, an undeniable advantage for people wishing to sell products in dropshipping.

As with many countries, there is an annual growth in online commerce of $ 550 billion. More than 480 million Chinese shop online, so you can tell you that you have room to target your audience!

Knowing that Chinese consumers are quite picky about the quality of products and services, you can take advantage of this added value by selling good and beautiful products.

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