MAKE-UP – As a confirmed makeup collector, your beauty products accumulate and transform your bathroom into a real battlefield whose organization becomes mission impossible.

Lucette your beauty consultant online reveals 10 ingenious tips for organizing your beauty products. What save space, time, and add a colorful and feminine decoration to your home.

1The makeup organizers
To put away your beauty products, For Sale, In Pakistan, there are plastic make-up organizers that can organize and sort them. Very practical and available in different formats, they will allow you to easily access your products.

This is my essential to store my collection of lipstick, they allow me to sort by colors and brands, and so to find exactly the color I want when I need it.

2Cake stands
To display your favorite nail polish or creams such as Barnangen’s Sensitive Soothing Body Milk, you can place them on a cake rack that has floors, like a mounted piece. Choose one in which the trays are rotating, you will just scroll through your products to find the right, without the need to move the display.

3The cutlery storage
Divert your cutlery storage to make storage makeup. The separations are already present in the storage, you can directly insert your pencils, your blushes, which will be sorted inside yo

4The brush pot
To put your makeup brushes in a nice container, I advise you to use the pot of an empty candle. You can also use flowerpot covers. You can find pretty cheap ones.

And to top it off, put small balls in the bottom of the pot so that your brushes hold in place.

5The jars with varnish
Forget your sweets! The trick decorating trend to store your varnish is to arrange them in a transparent candy box.

6Hail doors
Are you tired of seeing your pallets stacked on your dressing table, ready to fall, at the risk of breaking? In order to avoid disaster, take a mail storage. The latter is equipped with several separators, it is an ally of choice to classify your pallets.

7Varnish shelves
The varnish shelves attached to the wall are practical storage that will allow you to expose and organize your varnishes. By marks or by colors, classify them For Sale In Pakistan as he sings. This tip will allow you to have a real overview on your varnishes and facilitate your c

8The filing boxes
You probably have filing boxes, arranged on your desk, to store your sheets and documents. Why not divert them to make-up storage in Karachi They can be used to store your creams, foundations and hair heaters for example.

9The trays
To expose your perfumes or creams, while being able to move them as you wish, you can arrange them on a decorative tray. A convenient way to have easy access to your products while dressing your bedroom or bathroom. And for an even more successful effect, use a mirror effect tray that will be even more beautiful.

10The transparent pockets
Hang on your bathroom door a transparent pouch usually used to store shoes. Thus, you will have easy access to your products and will be able to organize all your makeup paraphernalia.

That’s what, literally, do you mix brushes!

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