Converting to LED lights: Everything you Need to Know

LED lighting fixtures is finally coming of age, but lots of us are nevertheless fearful of this exceedingly new generation. way to campaign group 10:10, Simon Brammer of the Ashden basis is here to illuminate us all.

LED Bulb

What lights do you use at home?

i’m a hundred% LED now – even my refrigerator mild is LED. You don’t want to move that some distance – i am a touch obsessed! It has taken me multiple years of mastering to get it proper.

The maximum crucial lesson has been light ‘temperature’. this is measured in Kelvin (you will discover it on the packet of any mild bulb). i love a warm white, similar to the  tungsten bulbs. that is approximately 2700 Kelvin (ok).

it is exciting that parents from less warm climates tend to favour a warm mild, even as oldsters from warmer climates prefer something extra white or blue. Now I recognize the shade i really like, I normally get the proper bulb whenever.

one of the reasons I switched to LED is that i have solar panels on my roof, which make contributions to the power call for of my residence for the duration of the day. however after i purchased a actual-time electricity meter I speedy found out that i used to be the usage of a loopy amount of power at night – whilst my panels don’t help. With a chunk of research I realised my lighting become drawing quite a few power. however my electricity bill for my three-bed room residence is now £7 a month, and upgrading my lighting fixtures performed a large position in that. Even in case you do not have solar panels, lighting uses a lot of strength. the coolest information is, it is one of the simplest things to exchange.

Knowing which colour you like is important.


Is it ok to replace bulbs in a circuit (eg a four bulb kitchen light) as they go, or would I have to replace all four at the same time? Can LEDs exist alongside halogen bulbs?

i’m assuming that these are the highlight type bulbs.

It relies upon if they may be low-voltage or mains. you can inform this as low voltage bulbs have ‘pins’ (proper – see beneath) to connect them and mains have ‘pegs’ (left). If they are pegs it’s now not a problem, however i would advocate you replace them all anyway. Halogen bulbs use so much power for the light they produce – simply sense their warmth – that it is a false economic system to attend until they blow to update them.

LED Light

If they’re low voltage (pins) it’s a chunk greater complicated. they will have a transformer both inside the ceiling or light becoming. some LED bulbs, just like the Philips grasp LED variety, have in-constructed circuitry that can address maximum (however now not all) transformers, so you don’t must trade them.

In different instances, you want to update the transformer with an LED driving force. that is because the transformers are too overpowered for the small amount of strength that LEDs want. you will want an electrician for that.

What have been people’s reactions to you switching to these lights?

lots of human beings attempted LED lighting whilst it became first available and it regularly produced dim, cold puddles of mild.
the ones recollections nonetheless persist, so in reality numerous what I do is to influence human beings that this is no longer the case. I take a ramification of bulbs to humans’s homes so as to see the variety of colors, brightnesses, fittings and so on, in order to attempt before they buy. That manner they get what they want with out making expensive errors. It blows the antique ‘terrible bulb’ stereotype to bits and the humans I know have up to now been universally thrilled.

There are still a few challenges on packaging that don’t make it smooth to select proper bulb for its purpose, however there is a developing foyer for non-nonsense labelling, so hopefully things will trade. test my manual on the end of these questions for a step-by-step approach to getting it right.

I have replaced all my old halogens with LEDs. What’s the best thing to do with the old, still functioning, bulbs?

Throw them away or recycle them if you could. you can locate greater statistics of where to recycle here. Please notice that you have to never throw CFL (compact flourescent tubes) into your wellknown waste, as they comprise mercury – any other precise purpose to replace them!

The power you shop by using replacing them will some distance outweigh any embedded carbon within the production of the old lightbulbs.

If I have already replaced halogen with CFL spot lights, is it worth me changing to LED versions? I know that they will turn on immediately, but there doesn’t appear to be much of an energy saving to be made. Is it worth just replacing the CFLs as they die?

There are still some power financial savings, as LEDs do use less energy than CFLs. however you’re proper, they may be nowhere close to as remarkable as in case you had been changing mild bulbs.

in case you are happy with the light there is no want to, however as you replace them you can cross LED. you may purchase an excellent great non-dimmable spot for as little as £4 now (IKEA’s range are nicely priced and bring a amazing excellent light). the opposite advantage, as you mention, is they are ‘instantly on’ – no striking around at the same time as your bulbs heat up.

Do you know of any trusted online suppliers of LED fittings?

I always find it difficult to endorse suppliers as it’s surely a personal preference.
normally, it’s miles worth remembering you get what you pay for, so with a few exceptions, very cheap LED bulbs won’t carry out properly or remaining lengthy.

i exploit   kingdom as they’ve awesome returns coverage and an amazing choice. i’m additionally a fan of IKEA’s new LEDARE variety as they produce a heat and shiny mild. Do bear in thoughts this is just my non-public advice.

Do LEDs work successfully in lights with dimmer switches where many energy saving bulbs do not?

yes – dimmable LED built-ing are very dependable now. There are a few built-in to undergo built-in integrated.

you could should get your dimmer transfer changed to a ‘mabuiltintegrated area’ or LED compatible dimmer. that is due to the fact they cope with a whole lot decrease hundreds. built-instance built-in case youintegrated changed a ‘4 x 60 watt bulb primary light’ to LED you’ll go from switchintegratedg a load of 240 watts to closer 30 watts.

a few bulbs have circuitry to control dimmers; a few do not. They first-rate manner to fbuiltintegrated is integrated them and if they don’t dim properly, or flicker, you will recognise to update the dimmer. they’re no greater high priced than ‘built-inary’ dimmer switches.

i’ve dimmable lightbuiltintegrated integrated my kitchen and built-inlivbuiltintegrated room and that they paintings perfectly. simply built-in, while you purchase bulbs, they’ve the dimmable logo on the field or that it states they’re ‘dimmable’.

LED retrofit bulbs are splendid – you get built-ing heat light builtintegrated while you click the switch. however, the advertised provider existence of an LED is years, and integrated my enjoy, they have got lasted months, if not weeks. So, i have a few questions: 1. built-ing to ensure that LED’s will built-inintegrated the suggested quantity of time? 2. Can bulb built-inessintegrated be affected by the high-quality (consistency / voltage etc) of home electrical deliver? 3. Is there whatever that wishes to be executed with the home built-ing fixtures circuit to lengthen bulb lifestyles?
negative fbuiltintegrated, reasonably-priced bulbs don’t built-inal long. My enjoy is that built-in buy built-in they do closbuiltintegrated.

some of my LED bulbs are greater than 5 years antique and nonetheless gointegratedg sturdy. built-in case yourintegrated bulbs are blowintegratedg on a built-in foundation there may be built-ing else built-incorrectintegrated – loose connections built-in lamp holders, defective connections to light switches, over-heatbuilt-ing a bulb integrated a small built-ined area and so on. If this happens some other place built-in your property it is able to be a fashionable issue; if it is integrated one room, a neighborhood one. In both case it might be worth contactintegratedg an electrician built-in it for you.

while there are power performance benefitsintegrated to ‘voltage optimisation’ (this lowers the voltage built-in your house to about 220v, which nearly all appliances now work on and for that reason saves cash), I suggest you fbuiltintegrated what’s causing the trouble, as these structures value a honest quantity and won’t resolve your difficulty.

Which shops stock LED bulbs and are they cheaper than low energy bulbs?

they are now not pretty as cheap as low strength bulbs yet however they are getting there.

once I consider how a great deal a bulb expenses, it’s also worth considering the going for walks fee. for example, lets say you have 4 spotlights to your kitchen, it fees £80 a year to run the ones, whereas LEDs will fee £7 a 12 months to run. The ‘payback’ time calculation is critical. It is probably tempting to shop for the reasonably-priced non strength-efficient bulbs, however within the long time you’ll be better off.

you may purchase them in lots of locations now – all DIY shops, lights stores and online. Have a have a look at my guide on the stop to creating the proper choices for you. there’s nothing wrong in any respect with using present day low-energy bulbs (the brand new ones come on right away too) if that’s what our budgets lends itself to.

Can you give us a make and model number of a reliable, really warm LED bulb to replace bayonet 60w and 100w?

The elusive perfect bulb – a quest near my personal coronary heart!

ok, first matters first: if you need a warm mild you want to select some thing with a Kelvin depend of 2700 or much less. Any higher than this and it is going to be a colder mild.

subsequent, pick the mild output you need. As a general rule of thumb most people recognize that a 100w bulb is vivid and suitable for a chief mild, that a 60w bulb is appropriate in a lamp, and 25w bulb works in which we want soft and mild mild. LED bulbs use approximately 10% of the energy of conventional bulbs – so 10w will come up with the equal light output of an old 100w bulb, 6w of a 60w bulb, and so forth.

This one, from Ikea (again just a non-public proposal) might match your purposes. If now not, armed with the data above, you must be able to get what you need.

by the way, if your becoming is a bayonet fitting, you can without problems purchase converters on places like eBay that will let you use a screw fitting on your bayonet lampholder. In this situation you’ll need a B22 to a E27 converter.

Is it possible to replace GU3 halogen bulbs (the type with thin pins on the again) with LED lights, with out ripping out the whole machine? i have asked this question earlier than, and changed into advised no, however generation is converting all the time.

yes, it’s miles feasible. The GU tells us that the bottom has a bi-pin cap, which means that it has two pins and the number, the distance among the pins – on your case 3mm.

So it’s miles really a remember of locating an LED alternative bulb that meets that specification.

I had a quick look on-line and it’s far viable to source them as increasingly more LED bulbs at the moment are being delivered. consider, those are usually low voltage bulbs so you will need to make sure that they’re compatible together with your gadget. See my other solutions (and guide under) approximately replacing low voltage lighting fixtures.

while you are changing very precise bulbs, see you if you could get an ‘precise healthy’ or ‘perfect in shape’ labeled bulb so that you know they will in shape into the existing aperture.

A plain-english guide to installing LED lights

What’s on?

It sounds obvious, however the satisfactory place to start is to workout which lighting are on the most, and update them first. in this way, you will maximise your saving.

How much light? 

mild is measured in lumens, but this is too complex to exercise session every time you purchase a bulb. in order hard guide, in case you want the equivalent of an ‘vintage college’ 100w mild bulb, pass for 10w, 60w – 6w, 40w – 4w. The mathematicians among you will spot a rough 10% rule. For spotlights, update a 50w GU 10 with a 4w LED bulb.

Which colour?

light temperature (coloration) is measured in Kelvin (ok). The lower the range, the hotter the light. due to the fact i love a warm light, 2700K is my choice – it’s just like the light from an a82ee8a4ee179e54beacaecce0423cb2 bulb. 3000K is much less warm, after which as you cross up the light turns into cooler and whiter – anything drawing close 5000k will be almost blue. every so often these are known as ‘warm white’ or ‘cool white’. So, depending in your choice, test the packet to ensure have the proper colour for you

Do you want to dim your lights?

you will should pay a touch extra for dimmable bulbs, however they’re to be had throughout the variety. search for the ‘dimmable’ symbol at the packet. just a phrase of caution – on occasion, due to the fact LED lights use so little power, you can want to alternate your dimmer switches too (ask a certified electrician to do that for you).

Got the right fitting?

you will have a variety of light bulbs in your property with different fittings – simply make sure you match the proper to the only you’re shopping for. The quality way to do that is to take the antique bulb in conjunction with you. if you are replacing down-lights or spotlights, take one out (when it’s far bloodless and switched off) and notice if it has ‘pegs’ or ‘pins’. If it has pegs, that is mains voltage (a GU10 becoming) and is not any trouble to change. If it has pins, this is low voltage lighting and is a little more complicated. you can want some advice from a professional as to which bulbs will paintings in your own home.

sooner or later, whilst you are converting your lighting fixtures, think about it like re-redecorating a room, in which you will buy a paint tester pot to look if you like the coloration first before you paint the whole room. while you are investing in new bulbs, buy one first to peer if you like it earlier than you update the relaxation. And remember, maximum places will alternate the bulb if it’s far the wrong one for you.

as soon as you’ve got modified your bulbs, you can take a seat again (you might not need to get up to alternate them for a mean of 15 years) and take pleasure in their glow – and be boastful inside the know-how you’re quids in.

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